Thursday, June 25, 2015


...what this is about. :)

Relax. Just having some fun with the guy who constantly calls me "Satan" and who even regularly attacks me from the pulpit. Well this is MY pulpit. 


  1. Good one, Tim!
    Eileen Benavente-Blas

  2. haha..Rudy may be preachin' but Tim is a teachin'. Teaching the facts to the lies you all have been doing. You (AAA and his stupid followers) get all threatening to us Faithful Catholics when document and actual facts appear in the Jungle. Why is that, did you really think we are that dumb. When all this misery started the NEO follower "always` looked down on us "regular" catholics as if we were dirt. NOW they keep quiet and wait to see what will happen. I'll tell're all going to wake up and find yourself alone like the way AAA is feeling. He knows he's made a mistake but is to far into this power game that he's losing. How do I know that? Remember way before all this started how he walks with his head up and can look us in the eye, now if he is seen outside his NEO Chamber he never lifts his head. That sunshine ain't brightening his path. So sad.

    Well, Agat Fiesta is just around the corner (July 11, 2015) We should make it a point to attend just to see how uncomfortable AAA and his seminarians bo-boy's along with Alberto Salamanca ( or whatever name he's using) will be. In fact there are two other fiestas down there. (Santa Ana & Santa Rosa) what a great time for familiar Jungle faces to see in the crowd. I'll be there.

    Flo B.

  3. Where's Rudy? Where's Wadeson? Where's Luis? Where's Claros? Where's WALDO?

    1. @8:48 PM, you mean to tell me WALDO and his dog UDO are not at the home on the hill?

  4. 8:48 pm, they've clicked their heels and got beamed to kikoland. Rudy? Holding on to Vivian Way.


  5. Reports this evening archbishop suffered mental breakdown in complete state of denial of serious problems existing.

  6. Omg is this photo Rudy as a young man.

  7. Rudy with his beard (which he dyed).

  8. Note to Rudy. No more publishing your trashy comments. Just sending them directly to the apostolic delegate.

  9. What the neo membership are taught -- in quite subtle and deceitful ways and manners -- are indeed the heretical teachings of Arianism (as Tim and Chuck have regularly pointed out and given examples of).

    An interesting fact I came across in reading some history of Arianism was this: "Arianism, a Christian heresy was first proposed early in the 4th century by the Alexandrian presbyter, Arius"

    That kiko continues to use the term "presbyter" to explain and describe neo clergy is probably not at all coincidental but intentional and purposeful -- subtly emphasizing the background and root of where the ncw movement's teachings are grounded in and are taught by kiko!