Wednesday, June 24, 2015


A translation by Joe R. San Agustin

To all my brethren here in the Marianas Islands – Christians, Catholics – kindly allow me a bit of your time so I can relay to you my feelings about what is happening here within our Church.  

When my mother gave birth to me (January 9, 1948), she carried me forward to the Altar to be made a Christian.  I was baptized in the Catholic Church.  From that day forward, as I learned to walk, my mother held my hand and led me to Church until I made my First Holy Communion, and later on was confirmed (in the Catholic Faith). I give thanks that I received the Catholic Faith.  As I grew, my parents taught me to be respectful within the community – my elders, my peers, or even younger  - my fellow Catholics. 

When I became an adult, I promised within my heart – as I began to see different kinds of Christians, practicing their faith.  And I respected them all, because they are all servants of the Lord, and do the biddings of God – I promised within my heart that I shall forever – until I die -  remain a Catholic.  Ultimately, regardless of what I see happening, I shall not give up my (Catholic) religion , because that is what my mother taught me – from the time she brought me into this world and  breast fed me -  to now.  That is my upbringing, that is my culture (heritage), that is my language.

It is so sad, such a sad thing that we see happening to our Church these days.  There is so much bitterness within our community, especially within our Catholic community.  

What, Your Excellency!   I will ask all our people to get together, and to pray for you, Your Excellency, that you cleanse (change) your conscience.  Stop deceiving your people!  O Dear God!  When the Shepherd is already disabled (“coho”), the sheep are scattered!  He (the Shepherd) was not disabled because he got sick; he became disabled because the sheep… even the sheep in Talofofo don’t even respect him!  O dear Mother!

You Christians and Catholics – do not leave your Church on account of the Archbishop!  Let us try to direct the Archbishop back, and let us try to make him understand because … perhaps he received his episcopal staff without understanding what his obligations are suppose to be.

The very first teaching (commandment) of the Lord is that we have love for one another, that we have respect for one another, so there can be peace.  When there is any wrongdoing, let us forgive each other.

Why do you do harm to those priests who are doing what the Lord taught us?  It is from them that we learn what we need to do as Catholics!  

On Sundays, I go to attend Mass at Toto Church.  -  Oh how wonderful we have here in Father Mike.  And the poor man – his heart is being ruptured, as if he had committed a grave sin, committed a grave wrong when the (AAA) appeal didn’t meet its goal.  When the (AAA) goal wasn’t met, I think that perhaps it was the Archbishop’s fault himself.   Just as Mr (Ben) Meno had said “Stop your donations, because we are not being shown what the money was being used for – rightly or wrongly.”   I personally feel that if I have but 50¢ in my pocket, I will give it as my donation.  I’ll leave it up to the Archbishop (and to the Lord) – it is he (Archbishop) who will have to give answer for it – and be sentenced for it.

Do excuse me if I should hurt anyone, but… when I was reading that article (in the PDN letter-to-the-editor) which Mr. San Agustin wrote, I couldn’t believe that he will be so disrespectful of San Agustin to stand up and tell the Archbishop that he is lying.  I couldn’t believe that he had the strength, the brash (guts) to say that.  But I believe it!  Why?  Because that man was born and educated, and taught in the Catholic way.  That was why he braved to say such words – because it is true.  Sera; magahet!

So as we continue to evaluate all these remarks on the air (fabulas de aires) we get all confused.  We don’t know now if Mr. John Toves, or Mr. San Agustin or what-you-call that organization (Vanje Lujan, David Sablan, and others) – we don’t know who’s lying, but… O Blessed Mother Mary!

Your Excellency – with all due respects to you – change your conscience.  And if you can no more face up to the truth – as they say in English: Step Down!  Do not wait for the  sheep to gather together and they then edge you out.  O what a thing the Shepherd has done to the Sheep!! 

With all due respect to those of you who are listening, I beg your pardon if my words has hurt any of you.  My name is Candy Babauta Taman.  I was born and raised up in the Catholic Church, and in no way will I leave my Faith, my Church and my religion.  A huge “thank you” and my apologies if I hurt anyone.


  1. Tim, an observation i would like to share. Here is another one of our SAINA's (elders) here on our Island who yet again APOLOGIZES in sharing/expressing their feelings in regards to what is happening in our Church! SAINA Candy hu gos respeta hao! Tadung este siha na palabras ni un sangan! Na pini-ti sa I man SAINAN-MAMI man gaga'gao dispensasion. Na ni na mah'malao! (Elder Candy I RESPECT you! the words you spoke are deep from within! It's painful that our ELDERS are the ones asking for forgiveness. How EMBARRASSING!

  2. Ms. Taman, you talked about the shepherd and the gospel passage of the shepherd leaving the 99 sheeps to look for the one sheep came to mind. And your parish of Toto I would liken to the 1 sheep that the good shepherd in the gospel would leave the 99 to look for it. That is what a good shepherd will do. A good shepherd will go out of his way to look for the one sheep. A good and true shepherd.
    I too couldn't understand why what happened to Fr. Paul and Msgr James remains un-reversed. In the case of Fr. Paul, he acted like a father to a prodigal son. In the case of Msgr. James, he still not has not been served formally the accusations levied on him. And if we are to believe the finance council's defense of Msgr. James (I haven't heard anything yet not to believe the council. The council had, point by point, disproved these accusations.), there was no wrong doing by Msgr James. It is now going to be two years since that injustice was done to Fr. Paul and a year since that injustice was done to Msgr. James.

  3. And we need Rome to tell us what is the right thing to do in regard to Fr. Paul and Msgr James? Really? We still need Rome. Don't you think Rome has more important things to do than to tell us what is obvious. Isn't that what conscience is for? We have a saying in Tagalog that translates to: The hardest person to wake up is the one who pretends to be sleeping.

    Someone went to the confessional box and made his confession. The pastor told the confessor, "I will have to consult Rome first".

  4. Is there any manamko who is a NEO that is willing to speak up? I don't think so... So Pius and the rest of you NEO leaders, nice try! Most of these NEO supporters cannot even get their parents to support them. They are vocal about the "NEO cult" but they are having a hard time getting their elders to follow them. If the NEO saved you from your personal problems, then that's great! But don't push it to others. Most people use their family as a support system to help them overcome their problems.

  5. So sad for our sainas to start coming out and speaking then apologizing.
    never thought this would happen here on our island but it stands to show we need to stay strong during this time that our leaders failed and try to bring our Catholic Faith down all because of greed and power.

    Flo B.

  6. CCOG should continue to seek the truth for all of us Catholics on Guam. Thank you so much. We are hurting

  7. Mr. Taman your heart speak, is truly moving,powerful, truthful,forgiving and truly humble. Mr. Taman, you reflected the feelings of thousands just like you. You were humble yet your message came out resounding loud. Rome, has to open its ears to our plight and our pleas for them to "right this ship". Thank you well said and all of it came from your heart and ours.