Thursday, June 25, 2015


Context for comment here.

While the NCW is in itself a scam to deceive the faithful, it is also a money laundering machine. In fact this is where they get their power from. (buying the silence, and/or the complicity of people in power in our Church).

In order to be able to survive, they need to convince some lost souls (the canon fodder), but most importantly they need the cooperation of corrupted leaders.

Why church leaders become corrupted? In many cases it is because like all of us they are not perfect, they have flaws. In Apuron's case the flaws are named power hungriness, pursuit of wealth, delusion, and most importantly not believing in the devil.

Pope Francis this year has warned us several time, that when you fail to recognized the presence of evil, you then open your heart to his whispers and temptations. Believing in God is good, but turning a blind eye to Satan and his legions of fallen angels is a grave mistake.

By allowing for a while at least, as believers, to not recognize the evil from Pius and his legion of fallen angels, we have facilitated the consolidating of power of Anthony Sablan Apuron, and with it, the spreading of a false teaching on our island and in our Church.

It is because we have allowed it in the past, that evil was able to spread its wings here. Anthony, and his minions, Genarinni and Pius have been able to grow and fester, until now.

We have since the removal of Fr Paul and Msgr James awaken to the reality of this evil, to its ugliness and to the damage it has caused.

Thanks to all the brave souls, who refused to go silentely into the night, the veil of deceit, lies and evilness continues to be lifted.

Take heart, do not despair, Christ will help those who help themselves. Pray, and fight every day, every hour against this evil and its representatives, it is our duty as Catholics to do so.

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