Friday, July 31, 2015


While Apuron sucks us dry to pay for his 40 plus boys at RMS to appease the Neo-gods and to the tune of $17,000 per year (his words), there is no money for local kids.

Thankfully, at least the statue of St. Thomas found a home next door with the Dominican Sisters:


  1. I apologize for being off the main topic. Fr. Luis, so incredible.

    DianaJuly 31, 2015 at 10:05 AM
    Dear Eleanor,

    I agree with you that Father Luis used poor judgment. He put himself in a compromising situation. I will remind you that priests are human beings and can fall. You are wrong to think that a priest cannot fall into sin. This is why we always pray for all our priests. Father Luis needs to discern whether the priesthood is for him or not. And being away from the girl is the best way to make that discernment. Surely, even you would agree that it would be best for Father Luis to be completely away from the girl. And the best way is to be out of Guam where he can easily run into her, considering that Guam is a very small island.

    1. Saying that “Eleanor” is wrong - that she thinks priests cannot fall into sin - is setting up a straw man. No one thinks that priests are sinless.

      As for Fr. Luis, his problem doesn’t seem to be a particular girl, his problem seems to be that he was used by Pius and Apuron and was made a priest when he shouldn’t have been because they desperately needed a Chamorro boy to validate their ruse of a seminary.

      Those close to the situation know that Luis’ relationship or relationships had been ongoing even before Luis was ordained. In fact, some say that it was encouraged.

      I personally have seen extremely unhealthy contact between what are supposed to be seminarians and young female members of “the communities”. And if it is not “encouraged”, it is certainly not “discouraged.”

      Fr. Luis does not need to discern his vocation. He does not need to decide if he is going to be a priest or not. Fr. Luis had ten years in the seminary to do that. The problem is that his seminary was not a seminary.

      It is a factory, manufacturing chits and tokens for Kiko to trade for influence, and in Apuron they have found the perfect accomplice: weak, needy, greedy, desperate for attention, narcissistic beyond measure - simply a perfect specimen of a bishop for Kiko to use, and he has.

      Because of Apuron, the local RMS is a depository for seminary rejects. In fact we know that the infamous Jucutan was rejected by his own diocese, but the ever obedient Apuron, took him in per Pius and Gennarini’s orders.

      How many young men are ruined forever because they were lied to and made to believe they had a vocation because Kiko needs numbers?

      And because Apuron is a bishop, there is NO ONE who is MORE culpable. God help him.

    2. Tim you were being too kind, accurate, but too kind. Anon July 31 7 PM, WTH!! I am trying to be Christian about this but your logic, or lack of it, just throws me for a loop! Priest are human? Did someone just explain that to you? Or did you think we are too stupid to know that so you had to explain it to us? I agree, Luis used bad judgement. I agree, he put himself in a compromising situation. However, "Luis needs to discern whether the priesthood is for him or not", just does not cut it. Wasn't he supposed to discern that before he was ordained? Or do Neo presbyters, I don't care about spelling that word right, allowed a trial period after ordination. Wasn't there a psychological examination / review to see if he fit the demands of the priesthood? A visiting seminarian on one of the local talk shows mentioned how he had to undergo a demanding psychological test. Is this what happens at the RMS? The visiting seminarian also said there were phases in becoming a priest and in each phase there was a "discernment" by the individual to see if if that person wanted to continue on. Does that occur at the RMS? Are the RMS boys allowed to discern? "Surely, even you would agree that it would be best for Father Luis to be completely away from the girl". Yes, I agree but for the sake of the young lady not Luis. Luis should be tried in a court of law if there were any civil rights abused by his actions. He was supposed to be "canonically" investigated. What happened there? Is that investigation in the same pile where the Archbishop is looking for the Papal authorization for the Neos to consume the Eucharist sitting? Guam is small but Yokoi hid out for a number of years before he quit his Robinson Crusoe act. Luis needs to face the music like a man. Yes we all make mistakes, but some of us have the gonads to take responsibility for our actions. Even you would agree, that is what a man of character would do!!

  2. This really was a good school, and its students achieved many awards locally and stateside. Many of its graduates attend prestigious universities on the mainland. Its family atmosphere and academic standards will be missed.

  3. In reference to Casanova Luis - The Period of discernment between the candidate and the Church established by Christ should have already happened for someone called to be a priest by God. This I believe is the difference between a real priest called by God and one being formed in the supply and demand process of the NCW Presbyter factory,whose objective it is to crank out as many presbyters, the more the merrier, so that AAA can have the numbers and a red hat. And why is there now a desire to seperate Luis from the girl, what about other girls? Is his presbyter ordination to be lived out in seclusion like the monks, so as to avoid the temptaion of the world? Or is not the presbyter supposed to carry out his ministry among the faithful? Isn't is a bit too late for this. He has already proven that he is unable to control his carnal desires and partook of the forbidden fruit, what else is he trying to discern? I suppose that he has already echoed his sins in front of his community according to the NCW practice and is fully forgiven. Perhaps AAA will re-assign him to another parish as if nothing happened.
    After all he is walking in the way...

  4. Deacon Steve MartinezAugust 1, 2015 at 8:29 AM

    I had the great privilege of working for St Thomas Aquinas School for a short period of time. I wish all the students, parents, alumni, and staff the best!
    Deacon Steve Martinez

  5. Since the Discernment process is between the Church and the Candidate, how on earth is the NCW able to give guidance to these candidates, if their doctrines are not fully in line with the truths of the Church, and since they are not fully in obedience with the Church how are they able to guide a candidate to become a minister of Christ in his Church? Dont you have to have the truth first before being able to give that truth. Its no wonder we are seeing all these improperties with their Presbyters.

  6. The spirit of St. Thomas Aquinas will remain in the hearts and minds of STA Catholic High School alumni. They have more to contribute to our island than Apuron's half- baked presbyters from RMS.

  7. On April 17, 2008 as the founders of Aquinas were deep into their planning for a new Catholic high school for Guam, His Holiness, now Pope-emeritus Benedict XVI, was addressing Catholic educators at the Catholic University of America. He made a plea to those present “to contribute to the good of society through the Church’s primary mission of evangelization”. He asked for the reinstatement of God’s truth and the “fostering of a personal intimacy with Jesus Christ” as the foundation on which to “engage the intellect of the young”.

    The Pope-emeritus called this “intellectual charity”, the responsibility of the educator to “lead the young to truth as an act of love” and to “uphold the essential unity of knowledge against the fragmentation which ensues when reason is detached from the pursuit of truth”.

    This became our cornerstone at Aquinas. All of us, advisory board members administrators, teachers, and parents, became servants in what we can only say was God’s will for the 150+ young people who passed through its halls. How do we know this? Lives were changed for the better. Perhaps others close to these young people were also changed. Those of us privileged to have been there are simply blessed and grateful for all the hard work and commitment of those who stayed until the end.