Sunday, July 12, 2015


...let's make this easy...

Rather than telling readers what our source documents say and going back and forth with this "he said - she said," why don't we help everybody out and you publish yours and I'll publish mine. Oh, that's right, I already did. So I'll do it again. Your documents supposedly exonerate Apuron and state that he is still in control of the property. Our document says he doesn't.

Why don't we both show respect for our readers' intelligence and post the source documents and let the readers read and decide for themselves.

Here's ours:

Jacques G. Bronze. Legal Opinion regarding Real Property Conveyance and Corporate Governance relating to The Redemptoris Mater House of Formation. a Guam Non-Profit Corporation. May 13 2015.

And here's yours: ______________________ (fill in the blank, Diana)

By the way, since you quote both from the Denver opinion and the Legislative Text commission, post both. Otherwise we will have to assume that you are "twisting words."

Let's see who respects their readers.



  1. You're so full of s*** Tim

    1. why not show your documents and prove that Mr. Tim Rohr has the wrong legal opinion, what is so hard to do, you have been saying that Mr.Tim Rhor is just a vindictive person and like the rest of us who question Anthony Apuron's seemingly lose of sanity. Print your documents now or shut up , I have very little respect of people who, like you, talk a lot but can not prove themselves. jesofchalanpago

    2. LOL is right Tim. 2:32 PM knows they don't have a chance against you!

    3. I guess that's an official Diana response Tim. What a bunch of losers. And the floor of hell...

    4. @2:35PM...tell that to Joker's Wild..A picture paints a thousand words.

      -Trump Card

  2. Ya hagu, ANON 3:32PM, laknos, planta huyong ya tali'e kabales na hugan sinia un preba na hafa i on sasagan gai mi'nagahet sa sina tali'e i puntomu. Pues yangin ti sinia un chogue esti, hanao adai ya un tayok gi putan dos amantes.

    1. If I may translate (for the benefit of those who don't speak Chamoru): "And you, ANON 3:32PM [actually 2:32PM], take it out [display], put it out in the open so we can all fully see that yes, you can prove that what you are saying has semblance of truth, and thus we can see your point. But if you can't do this, well then go jump off Two Lovers' Point!"

    2. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaJuly 13, 2015 at 10:54 PM

      Anonymous (July 13, 2015 at 7:59 PM), thank you so much for providing this translation. The only part I was able to decode was puntan dos amantes, so I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness.

      I truly admire those who take the time to post comments in the vernacular — even if I don't understand them — because I believe those messages demonstrate just how deeply people have been affected by AAA's actions. While "Team Diana" and disciples resort to mental gymnastics trying to ridicule and/or discredit Tim, it's clear that his Message of Truth — supported by pages of documentation — is reaching more and more people.

      Thank you again and God bless you for your kindness!

  3. It looks like this archbishop is banking on "diana's legal opinion", cuz its the only "legal" opinion the archbishop can come up with!

  4. Not gonna happen, Tim. He/She/It/They wouldn't dare show the whole documents in their entirety, lest we catch them at their lies again. Like magicians in a circus or carnival, the Dianas are trying to fool us with their tricks of the hand, as usual. They must really think we are that dumb. So what do they do? Why, resort to their juvenile name-calling and hide behind their anonymous postings. So tired of this already. That all you got?

    1. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaJuly 12, 2015 at 9:52 PM

      Actually, F. Leon Guerrero at 6:35 PM, "Team Diana" has indicated that the documents might come in handy when CCOG — or Tim Rohr, according to some claims — files a lawsuit.

      Per "Team Diana's" prediction, the judge WILL rule in favor of AAA after seeing the documents: "If it goes to court and when the judge rules in favor of the Archbishop, that should finally put an end to the opposition's twisting of words." This is an excerpt of "Team Diana's" comment on 12 July at 12:47 PM on More Clarification on Corporation Sole.

      "Team Diana" is under the delusion that we are too dumb to be fooled by their smoke and mirror parlor tricks because — like AAA — they have repeated their lies so often that they have come to believe those falsehoods.

  5. Fr. Matthew Blockley.July 12, 2015 at 8:33 PM

    It seems to me the real profession of Tony is mineing. He believes everything belongs to him and Pius as personal resources. It's almost a communist philosophy being conveyed by the NCW. In order to protect land assets of the archdiocese loyal Catholics should stand in full support of Tim Rohr and CCOG. This is about protecting the assets that have been given to the church. When a bishop fails in his ability to guard the material goods of the church then the laity must come forward to defend. Tim Rohr will defend the property of the Archdiocese and see it remains in the hands of the next bishop of Guam. let's all stand united for the common cause of defending truth and justice on Guam. Support Tim Rohr for he supports truth.

  6. Frankie Aguigui FarfanJuly 12, 2015 at 11:55 PM

    it seems that every two years tony gets deeper and deeper into the neo-brotherhood

    1999 had his erection signed by denver friends
    2002 forms non-profit on rms for the neo-international brethren
    2004 a very charitable tony gives to his true holy trinity (kiko, giueseppe and pius)

    and the last two years, everyone on Guam knows our "tony" is not the award to be proud of

    1. LOL. Not sure if u actually meant to say that he had his erection signed, but that's pretty funny. :)

  7. Frankie Aguigui FarfanJuly 13, 2015 at 2:30 PM

    Page 5 of the Bronze Report reads as follows

    (1) Where the granting language is ambiguous, recitals in the deed may be relied on to interpret the grant
    (2) a clear and distinct limitation in a grant is not controlled by other words that are less clear and distinct

    I find it funny that kiko and company are NOT satisfied with JUST re-interpreting the Liturgy of the Word, and the liturgy of the Eucharist, but with kiko’s 50 years’ of brand marketing experience against the Church, now they as a kiko-corporation are diversifying their portfolio by applying their ambiguous perception of words towards the field of Civil Law….

    I believe it has to do with “in God we Trust” in the courtrooms, he (kiko) thought they were referring to HIM….

    To be polite I’d say, I’m thankful that our tony is just a lost and misguided little shepherd and NOT a tony appointed a “judge” in the court of law (for it is a life term), if his mismanagement of the Church, and its affairs are an example of his work (there’s this saying “if this is the quality of your work… you’re a lousy…..)

    judge (anthony s. apuwrong) in his misjudgment, hereby sentences Mr. Rohr, the CCOG Members and all JW subscribers to …

    Life in prison, life terms for all at the neo-house formation prison, its prison location “top secret” in Yona, Guam
    day 1; repeat after me “kiko is … I am for kiko”… day 2; repeat after me “kiko is … I am for kiko”… to repeat that for life… give me the needle ….

    Who would you appeal to; kiko has re-written the law to his interpretation “whoever is not with me is against me……

    I’m sure 1 and 2 above will be considered by the diana’s as “twisting words”, as we have seen in the past…….

    1. Nobody twists words around here. Diana's perceptions are twisted, that's all. She is grasping at straws because that's all she can do now.

  8. Ah, the madness of The Diana! Thank you so much Diana for providing comedic relief in the face of very serious allegations against puny tony who continues to believe he can lie and gloat until he gets exonerated and declared innocent. My ass! He cannot even lie consistently despite his best efforts to clam up so nothing gets exposed to the media of his true intent. Unfortunately those who try to defend him are ill-equipped to lie continuously and consistently. No one succeeds, by the way, in dumbing down the truth. So lie on, my little neoettes, lie on - how amusing to hear you spout off like little goof balls for the mighty kokobutt and scam-pini.

  9. too funny but should be considered. I don't know if you remembered me calling for a silent rally the day of the Agat Fiesta that passed this weekend. Well I was there but the rally didn't happen. It was just for my curiosity on what would be said by anyone. Found out Fr. Alberto heard about it and questioned why would they want to do that, they should just stick with Agana. Those who read our Jungle blog were looking around and really wanted something to happen. Still have 2 more fiestas coming.
    COG should hold a meeting in Agat soon.

    Flo B.