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Dear R Yaeger, and anons, 

Those that know me would most likely tell you that I am the prince of cynics.
Yet at the same time, I have faith. This is not something that is easy to come to, you have to cultivate it, to nurture it.

For every act of evil around us, you have the choice to either ignore it and hope someone else will handle it, or you can try to do something about it.

To many on this blog, the evidences of AAA and the NCW ilks' crimes are evident. Hence the high level of frustration some might have in this perceived lack of actions.

Lets look at it in a more neutral way. Only a year and a half after the start of the denonciations of the abuses by Apuron, Pius and their minions, Rome did take actions. 

This is actually quite astounding considering the track record of Rome.

We were sent a high level delegation to investigate the issues on island. Not some whitewash commission, like the kikobots in Rome would have liked to, but a real investigative team.

They took the time to meet with everybody, even those, I would say especially those the Chancery had tried so hard to silence.

Now what you have to understand is how things work, after such facts finding group comes back with their report.

We saw this spring, that the Arch was pressured to try to make good with the priests that had been slighted by the Chancery, before Easter. 

The half hearted attempt from Tony and the denunciation by Tim on this Blog of such attempts as sandbagging, ended that initiative.

This means that the corridors of the State administration at the Vatican are the scene of a muted but savage struggle between Kiko and his goons, and the foreign affairs nuncios and several key players against Kiko.

When I met with my connections back in December, they made no secret that Kiko and his defrocked girlfriend were putting a lot of pressure on their allies there, to bury our little problem.

We are a small Diocese, not the smallest of course, nor a big one, but the faithful of this diocese have friends and allies not only in Rome but also close to us in the Pacific Region.

Our Nuncio has done a great job, communicating with the powers in Rome without getting entangled in all the bureaucracy. He is probably our best advocate, but he also knows too well the pitfalls along the way.

Like Tim has said many times, and that Typhoon Toves has underlined in his unique style, it is ultimately up to us to move forward to the next step.

The next step might be a lawsuit, or two or three. It might be a victim or victims of Apuron or Pius that find the courage to face their abusers, it has to be big enough to force the roadblocks and the delaying tactics of Kikos allies in the Vatican. That is the only thing that will overpower them, once and for all. (at least for our small island)

There are also some glimmers of hope regarding the financial shenanigans of Genarini and Co.
But as I was told by officials investigating that side of the story, it might take months, may be years to retrace that complex web of financial coverup, and get some action on the federal level.

Keep the faith.

Pray for help and discernment .

The shadow knows. 

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