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Hafa Adai my name is Lourdes Frances Camacho Suarez. I am a blessed, fully married practicing Catholic, originally from Asan, currently residing in Yona, and a parishioner of San Juan Bautista Catholic Church in Ordot.

I have posted a few times on this blog and have used my aka Lou C. Suarez. I write this to share my up close and personal experiences with the NCW and why it’s important to not remain anonymous. 

We are all born with a yearning to be closer to Christ and in my search to fill that (many years ago) I had gone to two separate (new communities) "invitations to joy" and almost immediately had felt on both occasions that something was not as it should be. (This is something they will tell you when you accept one of those invitations, that "maybe this is not for you" or "the Holy Spirit will touch you if this is meant for you".) 

What really had me taken aback was when invited to a "celebration" (mass) which was held in the basement of San Vicente/San Roke parish, I felt so out of place, lost, and for a lack of better words "freaked out" at how it was so unlike the masses celebrated inside the church. 

There were people allowed to speak after the readings to share how it affected them or correlated with their lives (even after the gospel before the presbyter gave his homily), some of the readings were sung by a person strumming the same lulling notes for each verse, and how communion was distributed. As I was about to consume the host I was stopped by the person who invited me as she said "no we do it together at the same time" (wow! Ok! But I was taught otherwise). 

I was even more surprised that after the "celebration" was over young ladies were holding hands and dancing around the table (which would be to us non-neo’s the sacred altar), I even asked the person who invited me if this was some sort of "virgins dancing around the altar" but was told with a shy smile "oh no they're rejoicing, anyone can go up there". (Ok, no thanks!)

Approximately 4-5 years later I became a volunteer secretary for the Asan parish while under the Pastoral Care of a borrowed priest, Fr. Fidel Tambago. (I was in fact a volunteer under Fr. Fidel and not an employee of the chancery because I recently heard that I was supposedly "fired" as the parish secretary. I can only speculate which "charism" may have stated that untruth.)

Now during that short time that Fr. Fidel was the pastor of Nino Perdido, he had welcomed many who had distanced themselves away from our faith. He was able to bring the church finances out of the negative. He married couples who were cohabitating. He administered the sacraments of initiation to children whose parents had long ago fell away from our faith as well as brought back those same people to the church. 

He had brought a sense of unity back to the parish, and he made it known that you need not be in the NCW to be welcomed there. 

He was mending a broken parish that was already inundated with the NCW (which to me was the cause of parishioners seeking other parishes). The NCW leaders had complained to the chancery that Fr. Fidel had "too many BBQ's and he drank beer almost every night." 

What they failed to mention in their complaint was that those people who he had befriended and spent time with, were those that repaired what needed to be fixed in the church, and voluntarily painted the entire church both inside and out, and most importantly started coming back to Mass!

It didn't take long for Fr. Fidel to no longer want to minister to the NCW and had made that announcement after the weekend masses. Of course, this lead to a big upheaval and most if not all the NCW feathers where ruffled and the rest... Oh, you can guess what took place just days after. 

Let me just say my volunteer duties ended at the very same time that Fr. Fidel was handed his plane ticket by AAA back to the Philippines after he was given the choice to stay and continue to minister to the NCW (and deal with their sense of superiority over the non-neo congregation) or leave.

I was once told “not to take this issue to heart, that this was meant to happen” (of course by a NEO). How couldn’t I? 

I watched for months as this brave priest tried to mend the division in the parish. I watched him welcome lost souls and administer the sacraments. I watched him be bullied and bossed around as if he were a layperson and not the pastor by those who were NCW responsibles and a Deacon

But what I remember the most is what he told me “I will announce that I will no longer be the priest to look after the NCW, they think that I can only be a priest for them, don’t they know that I must be a priest for everyone!” 

Now how could AAA have let someone so genuinely concerned for the salvation of EVERYONE’s soul go? Easy… the Neo Catechumenal Way!

So putting my name on my comments has never been a point of contention for me, even though people in the Asan parish and the NCW community know who I am. Because the thought of telling my side of the story and not having my name to back it up would be like Tim telling his story and not having documents to back them up - hearsay. 

I am sure that I will get more looks and treated as a “second class Catholic” because of this posting. But… “Obviously, I'm not trying to win the approval of people, but of God. 

If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ's servant.” Gal1:10

Lord Jesus, help us!


  1. Thank you, Lourdes, for sharing your experience. You have given us an "insider's" view of the NCW.

    I too have had the impression of superiority coming from the NCW. When the movement started years ago and the "invitations to joy" were being given, the thought occurred to me: These people sound like Super Catholics. I definitely didn't feel called by the Holy Spirit to join the group. If anything, I felt a sense of repulsion.

    Thank you again for your courage to come forward and share your experience. May this inspire others to do the same.

  2. Thank you Lou for stepping forward. Your courage is much appreciated. God Bless you. BTW, I would rather be a 2nd class Catholic than a misguided one. You are in good company. Jesus is with you.

  3. Janet B - MangilaoAugust 1, 2015 at 8:09 AM

    Thank you Lou C for your powerful sharing. You have beautifully put to words what many people feel in their hearts. May the hearts of those in the NCW also be touched that they may see what they are doing to our island community. Sister, may the Lord bless you and keep you!

  4. BRAVO LOU SUAREZ!! Thank you for sharing your story.

    1. Dear Anonymous August 1, 2015 at 8:32 AM, your comment is very nice but I think you missed an important point that Lourdes Frances Camacho Suarez is making by not putting your name to your comment. To Tim Rohr: Have you considered or would you consider to list those of us who put our names to our posts? It might also be a sign to the NCW buffoons that can critically read, that our numbers are far more formidable than they spew from their blog and it may enCOURAGE others to start putting their names to their thoughts and comments. It would be nice to have those who show up at the CCOG meetings sign a circular asking for permission to post their name to those who oppose what is occurring on Guam with AAA. Not everyone has access to a computer and not everyone knows how to find your blog, it may give them a chance to "stand up and be counted" in this battle for our Church...just a thought.

  5. Thank you, Lourdes for your sharing. It is important coming from someone other than Tim. This collaborates what he has been telling us all this time. How they can not see anything wrong with the way they celebrate the Mass is beyond me. And thank you for letting us also know of this brave priest, Fr. Fidel Tambago. May God bless the two of you.

  6. I applaud your courage in speaking out and sharing your experiences with the NCW. You articulated yourself so well, and you gave clear insight as to what happened in your parish.

    It was a pleasure meeting you the other night, and I appreciate all your help. When we all band together for the good of our Catholic Church, I am hopeful that better things will happen.

  7. Thank you, Lou! We Catholics are many, but not confident to move out of our comfort level. I hope your story inspires others to bravely step out for Truth and our Faith. God bless you and Fr. Fidel.

  8. Lourdes, thank you for sharing. I pray that more Catholics who were in the NCW will come forth and report on what they observed and how they were treated. The NCW is making a mockery of the Catholic Church by it's deceptive and abusive practices, ruining souls instead of bringing them closer to God. Contrary to their claim, the Way is not the right path to salvation.

  9. thank you for sharing the truth. i hope your example will inspire others to do the same and witness to the faith.

    it's also inspiring to learn more about the courageous and true priests who have served our island through the years. it's important for us, the flock, to hear such stories. let's continue to pray for them.

  10. Fr. Matthew Blockley.August 1, 2015 at 11:21 AM

    Thank you Lourdes for sharing your in sights into the dangerous dark inner life operating in the cult. I hope others who are in silent suffering will see the need to come forward and share their horror stories with our readers. The final liberation of Guam from its longest oppressor of life and culture will happen when the people rise up in nationalistic spirit against the enemy from within and out.

  11. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaAugust 1, 2015 at 11:38 AM

    Lourdes Frances Camacho Suarez, may I add my sincerest Thank you so very much for your courage in sharing your personal experience with the NCW. I'm sorry I never knew Fr. Fidel Tambago. He was clearly one priest who was not willing to kowtow to the NCW and, while he was spared an arduous and painful closure to his ministry here on Guam, he was whisked away so that most of us never even knew he had spent any time here. Your testimony proves once again that anyone who does not support the NCW will be disposed of by AAA.

    I wouldn't be surprised if your testimony shows up on the "Delusional Dianas'" blog where they will tear you apart. The important thing is that you are willing to bravely articulate your personal experience in your account and you clearly identified yourself, knowing that you will have to endure being treated as a "second class Catholic."

    I pray that others will be emboldened to follow your example and take responsibility for their words by stepping out from the Shadows of Anonymity when commenting on this blog. God bless you!!

    St. Athanasius, pray for us

  12. Dear Ms. Suarez – Like the rest, THANK YOU, LOU, for your very brave words in describing your personal experiences with the NCW “joy”. Let him/her who has eyes to see, open your eyes and see; let him/her who has ears to hear, listen. Ms. Suarez’ comments – I would like to believe – are not intended to disparage any member of the NCW, but rather to issue a warning to Non-Neos to be wary of the very underhanded agenda of the NCW. You need to know what goes on behind closed doors!

    There is very little we can do to counteract the psychological conditioning that is very cleverly employed upon our people who are “looking for something else in their relationship with God”, in order to entice them into the organization* – especially when the invitors (the Neos) profess to be Catholics themselves. “Come, join us,” is their invitation to joy “so you can become even BETTER Catholics”. Any sincere person wishing to better himself/herself, becomes an easy prey. “Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing” is a warning from Christ – not from me!

    Once initiated into the organization* (after undergoing the ‘scrutinies’), one begins to see that (in the words of Ms. Suarez) “something is not what as it should be”. It is then that the neophytes decide for themselves (after due reflection) whether to pursue the Neo teachings and practices, or simply to grow stronger in their original Catholic faith – and become “better Catholics” thereby.

    I do not have the stats to show it, but my gut feeling is that over the almost 20 years the Neos have been after us, the vast majority of their neophytes have “come and gone” after undergoing experiences similar to what Ms. Suarez shared with us. Thank God for that! (Anyone with stats may wish to prove me wrong; and I will bow to the facts) But they have done enough damage over the 17+ years that they have been at it – and they continue to do so: especially since they are being supported and led by our very own spiritual leader (“supposed spiritual leader”) – Anthony S. Apuron. (I deny him the title here because he has both lost the respect and the right OF MANY to be called our spiritual leader. For reference I will use “AAA” instead).

    But rest not in your laurels! These people will not go away on their own! They (not the local-grown Neos) will have to be shoved off our island, or at least off our Catholic Church. And that is not going to be easy because the NCW, unfortunately, has a right to exist as a “charism” within the Catholic Church. We just have to make it “unpalatable” for them to continue to exist within our archdiocese. The crux of the problem right now is to stop the cancer from spreading further. And while the “titular” head of our Catholic Church continues in his ways to support the NCW – at our expense - it is going to be difficult, unless the Holy See decides to help us out. (To be continued)

  13. (Continuation: Comments to Ms. Suarez comments).
    What can we do in the meantime? Besides PRAYER (which we must continue to do earnestly), we must show an archdiocesan-wide display of displeasure at the way our Catholic Church is being run by our “supposed shepherd”. Rome is not going to listen to just a bunch of us “radicals” (if our adversaries wish to call us that) who are clamoring for reform – especially since many of us choose to remain hidden (anonymnous) in this struggle to reclaim our Church back to its pristine Catholic beliefs and practices. (Why remain hidden? To each his own reason – with all due respect!)

    This struggle must not be the exclusive doings of Tim Rohr and his Jungle commenters, nor the doings of the CCOG, nor the doings of a few “radicals”. It must be the doings of THE PEOPLE OF GOD, because WE are the Church. AAA is NOT the Church; he is not even the “leader” of the Church; he has abandoned it for the NCW. We ALL need to stand up as a united front, and demonstrate irrefutably that the Guam Catholics want a change – a change toward UNITY: One Faith, One Lord, One Baptism.

    I AM NOT ADVOCATING A REBELLION, nor inciting a RIOT, nor “plotting against the Church”, as AAA had referred CCOG to be), but something positive and concrete needs to happen – not just through words. They say that
    “the pen is mightier than the sword” (take that figuratively!). With the exception of his last sentence re CCOG (I think it should be a “people” action, not a CCOG one – though CCOG could well be a part of it), I see some merit in what an anonymous writer wrote in the JungleWatch website on July 29, 2015, at 4:27 pm:
    “We need to find a George Washington within our Church, one who would take the lead and has the organizing talents to plan, outline and implement a plan that will get Rome to sit up and take notice that the Faithful on Guam are being invaded by alien species (NCW). I think that a political type rally to the Cathedral on a Sunday with a complete agenda of speakers, banners, etc. with coverage by the local media is a step in the right direction. One thing is vitally important, this event must have several village leaders which will be responsible for participation and co-ordination within the villages. The obvious organization that is active is the CCOG. Your move.”
    To which Blogger Tim Rohr responded: “I think you are right. Are you willing to do it?”

    In closing, thank you, Ms Lou C. Suarez, for possibly having ignited the fire of “more active and open participation of the Laity”. May God bless us all, and may the Holy Spirit “fill the hearts of the Faithful and enkindle in us the fire of His Divine Love… that [in all we do] we may be always truly wise, and ever rejoice in His consolation.” Yes; St. Athanasius: Pray for us! St. Michael, the Archangel, defend us against the snares and the wickedness of the Devil… Santa Marian Kamalin, tayuyute ham. - JR San Agustin.


  14. Many accounts of mothers against daughters, fathers against ons, family divisions, fighting .
    Cause of family fighting is NCW and Archbishop.

  15. Thank you Ms. Suarez for your honesty and integrity. There are many of us who began to see the imbalance in the Archdiocese way before Jungle Watch began exposing it for the mainstream. Not only did you give credence to your accounting with your name, you exhibited prudence and fortitude in doing so.

    God bless you and may the Holy Spirit continue to work His gifts through you.

  16. They have a similar problem in Denmark! Click here to read a letter to the bishop of Copenhagen, Bishop Czeslaw Kozon, and copied to their Nuncio, regarding the problems brought on by the Neocatechumenal Way in that country. [you'll need to right-click and translate it into English from the original Danish]

  17. Thank you Ms. Suarez for sharing. I, too, joined the NCW. I went through the very first group when they first established their program in the 90s. I attended their "Mass"and was very alarmed to see how they distributed Holy Communion and worst... how some of the congregation would wipe the Host particles on their pants to get rid of the particles lingering in their hands. Aside from this, we had to confess our sins to Fr. Pius but not in the privacy of a confessional but while songs were playing in the background and where one was visibly seen. I grew up in a very conservative Catholic family and was one of the few able to spot abuses. Needless to say, I ended up leaving the group and noticed that many of the remaining members were aloof towards me. Back then, my decision for joining stemmed from my desire to increase my faith. I learned a good life lesson : be cautious of new movements within the Church and do your research before joining. -- Victoria Perez