Thursday, August 27, 2015


Tim Rohr with Phill Leon Guerrero

Another "Big Farce" from the archbishop.


  1. Interesting interview.

    On a related topic there is an interesting debate on same sex marriage:

    The proponents of same sex marriage take the principle of equality to an extreme and assert that because men and women are equal (under the US Constitution) they are the same. In the above referenced video Dennis Prager makes this point:

    There is no difference between a black human and a white human. There is an immense difference between a male human and a female human.

    The US Supreme Court went off the rails with its ruling on same sex marriage, just like it did with its decision in Roe vs. Wade. The consequences may not be evident right away. Time and perspective will help people see how wrong it is.

    1. Andrew, thanks for the comment and the reference. The topic is of legitimate concern but I don't want to get off topic. Apuron's statement was not released to speak to the issue, but to prop him up. It means nothing. It was meant as a distraction. Let us not let him distract us. Plus, the Supreme Court did nothing that the Catholic leadership has not long since permitted. I will have something to say about this in the future.