Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I've had several comments about there being so much content that the blog is difficult to navigate.
I've been searching for ways to make it easier, but the nature of a blog, especially this one, is "what's happening today?"

While I look for a better solution, I'm giving the current format with just the post titles a try. This way you can scroll through the titles quickly and find past post easier.

Appreciate your comments.


Blogger does not permit a table of contents in chronological order which is really what I'm looking for. So for now, I am going to but a cut off after the first line of each post. Also the "most recent posts" in the right sidebar will link you to the top 5 most recent posts as well as the following link which will take you to the most recent 25 posts.

Thanks for your patience while I figure out a better way to access all the data that is on this blog.


  1. A BETTER FORMAT, I THINK. Thanks. - Joe.

  2. I prefer the TMZ "what's happening today?" style not the current format. People who are having difficulty navigating, welcome to the world wide web of internet and the operation of a laptop/desktop. Perhaps a search button just like Spotlight on the Apple computer would help.

  3. A date with the post titles would be helpful , thank you

  4. It was better when we could see how many comments had been made to a particular post without having to open it.

  5. Replies
    1. There is a search box at the top left of this site. It will bring up any post based on key words. Also there is Table of Contents tab above. All the posts are grouped by labels. Additionally the labels on the right side bar will bring up all posts with that label. I am trying to find an easy and automated way to permit quicker scrolling through posts by chronological order.

  6. Sorry for the off topic. There's certain buzz about a big party Mr Ka Ka Argüello is going to throw down at his 5 star hotel in the israeli desert, the Domus Galilae, to celebrate 50 years of the ncw ( I think ncw stands for No Christians Whatsoever).

    If you guys have any info regarding this, I appreciate it.

    Hugs to you all from Mexico City and the Spanish Blog Cruxsancta.

    1. Rodrigo,
      This is certainly the buzz going on.
      In itself claiming to be their 50th anniversary is a big joke. It would mean that NCW was started in 1965. Which is a big fat lie.
      Carmen and Francisco (just like Franco) met around that time, but they really did not start as an organization until the late 60s, in fact they did not articulate it as a movement until 1972. But maybe they are afraid to die before that.
      It is apparently their continuous intent to be a "bridge" with the Jewish faith (after all this is Kiko background) a fascination of Carmen and the Genarinni that they got from their incestuous relationship with the modernist movement.
      Pressure is being applied on many Bishops that owe them favors to attend.
      The idea is to demonstrate their power.
      It should be interesting, since the Rabbis that participated to their latest shingding came under strong criticism, from the mainstream Jewish council as pandering to a
      "suspicious born again Catholic movement".
      Personally I thought it was a great description for NCW... a born again catholic describes all their approach very well.
      It would seem that there is a sense of urgency at the head, with strong disagreements between Carmen and Pezzi on one side, and Kiko and the Genarinnis on the other side.
      If you add to more blow back to their affairs, globally and the growing awareness of the heretical positions they have.

    2. NCW stands for Non Conforming Wastrels.

    3. Yeah, well, over at my side of the pond we just ended up calling the ncw the KKK standing for Kiko's Klan. Anyway, thank you frenchie and the others for your input : )

      Let us know if you guys learn something, whether if Donald Trump plans a partnership with ka ka to run the Domus Galilae All inclusive resort and casino, or anything else! Hugs again to you all!

  7. The October surprise??? Is the Pope attending? He likes listening to Kiko bird.