Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I've had several comments about there being so much content that the blog is difficult to navigate.
I've been searching for ways to make it easier, but the nature of a blog, especially this one, is "what's happening today?"

While I look for a better solution, I'm giving the current format with just the post titles a try. This way you can scroll through the titles quickly and find past post easier.

Appreciate your comments.


Blogger does not permit a table of contents in chronological order which is really what I'm looking for. So for now, I am going to but a cut off after the first line of each post. Also the "most recent posts" in the right sidebar will link you to the top 5 most recent posts as well as the following link which will take you to the most recent 25 posts.

Thanks for your patience while I figure out a better way to access all the data that is on this blog.

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