Friday, August 14, 2015


His comment on Jerry Taitano's letter to the editor:

It is heart crunching to read in a leading local newspaper about this level of bigotry at CCoG meetings. Does Mr. Taitano have any idea what the word "heresy" means? Or does he only repeat what was given to his mouth by uneducated big wits? A heresy is what church officials declare to be a heresy and not what Mr. Taitano thinks it is! 

I don't even mention the other completely unfounded, libelous accusations that Mr. Taitano entertains us with. Coming up with an anti-colonizer ideology against a fellow Catholic church group is just way beyond the line. Hm, are we not living in the 21st century, Mr. Taitano? Perhaps, you should have lived a couple hundred years ago with this attitude. Please, try to cut back your xenophobic rhetorics that is a shame we have to endure on the soil of an American territory.

My comment:

LOL, Zoltan. As a highly paid University of Guam professor you should at least try to proof read your public comments lest you continue to be an embarrassment to your employer.

"Please, try to cut back your xenophobic rhetorics that is a shame we have to endure on the soil of an American territory."


And a further comment:

You see, ladies and gentlemen, you have to understand. Where "the Zoltan" comes from, free speech is not allowed. Where he comes from, there are speech police. So you have to understand that even though "the Zoltan" has lived "on the soil of an American territory" for several years, he feels it necessary to appoint himself a "speech police" in the absence of communist thugs who normally do the job in countries like the one he comes from. So even though one can find a definition for "heresy" in any dictionary, "the Zoltan" wants us to believe that only the church (his church specifically) can use the word. Remember folks, this guy is getting paid with your tax dollars to teach your children. 

By the way, Danny Sabato had a good response to "the Zoltan" also:

You see here is the problem, there should not be a "Fellow CATHOLIC Church Group", there should be only one Catholic Church, where everybody goes and prays together, if not you may be a sect or a split from the real church.

Danny is right on. The NCW is a sect and IS "split from the real church." And we are going to prove it. 


  1. if your heart is crunchy, maybe it's stony. ezekiel 36.

    sorry, i couldn't resist.

  2. We should rid the Catholic Church of all its groups formed.

    1. At least lay groups which separate themselves with a separate and different liturgy.

  3. Glad to be Back to Holy Mother ChurchAugust 14, 2015 at 2:52 PM

    Dear Anon Aug 14, 1:48PM:

    Groups serve an important and vital purpose. Different movements/charisms/groups are attractive to a differing world and differing global population, so variety is a good thing. Of course, variety always must be extremely cautious not to stray from the Catholic Church. Also, these groups are meant to bring people TO the Church, not rip them away from it.

    Each person can judge the effects of the NCW, but must do so prayerfully and with an honest and open heart. While the majority of people on this blog discuss their great disdain for the NCW, you should realize that the communities foment even greater distrust of the Church and regular Catholics not formed in the Way. They do believe they are superior, and it is being taught to the members by the catechists and responsibles. I know this from an inside view as a member for quite a few years.

    Each can judge what is heresy, but judge with an open heart. Zolton - do you think "Jesus was a sinner and received forgiveness from the Father" is heretical? Just an example of why people are frustrated at our Archbishop for allowing this to be taught in our seminary. Very dangerous, and little is done to fix the problem that we can see.

    But aside from the heresies I believe the NCW promotes, there is the additional problem of what it does to the Church community. As a member of the NCW, we were encouraged to make our community our family, thus separating us from the parish and from the world. The often arogant attitude of members elevates their ego to dangerous levels.

    For good members, please understand this does not refer to you. But you, too, can reflect on how many believe that the path to salvation is through the Way. Many in the Way believe that the mass is not a sacrifice, even our Archbishop calls it a banquet but denies the sacrificial reality of the mass. Many refuse to even call it a mass, but will only refer to it a a Eucharistic celebration, making it unique and different than JUST a mass.

    For my brothers and sisters still in the Way, please be careful not to be sucked into heresies or egoism by those who cannot see the destruction the Way is causing. Be the change that needs to happen. Expect the catechists and responsibles to be connected to the Catholic faith, and in line with Catholic norms and magisterium. Otherwise, you silence will eventually be the cause of the Way lost.

    Zoltan, before you even think of responding senselessly, first pray long and hard that the Holy Spirit may guide you to the real truth.