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This is what I saw in my own words. 

This week I have  been troubled over the comments appearing on the blog that Archbishop Apuron may have been blackmailed by Adrian Cristobal in order to be ordained.

In August 1992 I was a resident at the Agana Cathedral at the personal request of Archbishop Apuron. During my visit I sensed that Adrian, who was the vocation director and also the cathedral rector at the time, seemed to have power and authority over Archbishop Apuron. 

After being screamed at by Adrian and dodging pots and pans that Adrian was throwing around the kitchen, I informed Adrian that I would report him to Archbishop Apuron.  He told me to get out the archdiocese, the Archbishop does as he tells him, and the Archbishop will not even see me. 

After typhoon Omar in 1992 I went to see Archbishop Apuron to report Adrian for what I considered abnormal behavior of a Roman Catholic priest. Sure enough, Archbishop Apuron would not see me prior to my leaving Guam. 

Upon further reflection of my stay in Agana cathedral in 1992, I saw a series of incidents which confirmed to me that Adrian had great power over the Archbishop. Remember I was a guest of the Archbishop and the Archbishop wanted me to become a priest for the Archdiocese of Agana. 

I had personally requested Archbishop Apuron to write my letters for my preference of seminary which I would study in. The archbishop wrote all my letters conceding to my wishes of where I would and would not study. 

Adrian was clearly not happy with my presence as a guest of the Archbishop from the time of my arrival on Guam in 1992. Further, I noticed seminarians having to suck up to Adrian for fear that without Adrian's blessing, Apuron would not ordain them.

I always believed that there was more going on in the Guam situation. I believed it was a very unhealthy church. Even back in 1992  Adrian intended to become the next archbishop of Guam. Complete insane situation. 

Very carefully this week I have followed the comments on the blackmail and frankly I believe there is truth to it. I am personally asking that if anyone has concrete experience that may indicate this that they write to Archbishop Krebs with concerns. 

I really do believe something is seriously amiss in the administration of the Archdiocese which began way before the arrival of NCW. In fact, the core problems of the Archdiocese were very visible to insiders before the NCW came to Guam. 

I honestly believe the blackmail of the archbishop calls for attention. It is very possible Adrian has power over him and the decisions he makes. That was clear to me from day one. 

Apuron is unable to make administrative decisions. This is main reason why there is a great poverty of spirit on Guam and the region today. There is no spiritual depth to the leadership. This is the sad reality. Blackmail I believe may well have happened."

Tim you can post this. It needs to be said.

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