Wednesday, August 5, 2015


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A living culture and some non-scholarly reporting

Thanks Eileen. But on one point I would beg to differ. Atienza did not "fail" to do his research. He did his research, and he purposely wrote a lie, a lie consistent with the demonstrable Neocatechumenal ethic of the ends justifying the means which has given us a multitude of lies. 

Mr. Atienza's devotion to Kiko Arguello and the mission of the Neocatechumenal Way to subvert the Catholic Church from within is what brought Atienza to Guam, a place ripe with Catholics to be subjugated to the theology of Kiko Arguello and a hapless, mindless, coward of a bishop willing to host him and others like the right price, which in Apuron's case is both money and adulation.

For more than two years, Chuck White and I have been thoroughly documenting these lies, over and over and over again. Atienza is no different than Apuron. Lies, demonstrable lies, consistent demonstrable lies, is standard operating procedure for everyone in the Neocatechumenal hierarchy and those - like Apuron and Atienza - who serve them. 

The Neocatechumenal "missionary" agenda is to portray the Chamorro people as superstitious pagans in order to validate their "missionary" presence here in Guam and justify the stream of money they are able to exact to support their "mission." 

Atienza supplements his missionary income by pretending to be a professor at UOG. Meanwhile he and his wife have had at least 5 "anchor babies" here on Guam (they have 9 children). Other "missionary" families are doing the same. In fact we have verification that at least one of the missionary families has been accessing public assistance to feed their kids. 

There is also other verification that at least two (probably more) of the seminarians (at least one of whom is already ordained) was rejected by their own bishops as unfit for the priesthood but were shuffled off by the Neocatechumenal bosses to Apuron who will take anybody - so long as they worship him. 

The whole thing is an insulting scam and Atienza's "research" hoax is an example dripping with the disdain with which he and the others hold the Chamorro people. Shame on UOG for keeping this guy, but more shame on if there could be any more.

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