Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I only now came across the letter to the editor at the Marianas Variety. I left the following comment:

A few facts. First Mr. Toves has alleged that Apuron molested his "relative" when he was a minor back in the 80's, when both Mr. Toves and his "relative" were seminarians at the minor seminary at FD. The alleged victim was not "his nephew". 

The issue is not whether Apuron should trust God, but whether Apuron is innocent of the allegations. If he is, then that is all he needs to say. There would be no need to hire a lawyer to threaten Toves with defamation. But Apuron has not claimed innocence. 

The lost WWJD moment - if Apuron is in fact innocent - would have been for Apuron to reach out and reconcile with his accuser. If John Paul II could forgive and personally reconcile with the man who tried to murder him, why couldn't Apuron have shown us all how to be a true priest of God and reach out to his accuser in like manner?

But then that's why John Paul II is now a saint, and Apuron....well we don't even know if he's innocent...because he won't tell us. 

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