Monday, August 3, 2015


Note: In the interest of urgency, you may want to sign this petition now to defund Planned Parenthood and come back to the following story. 

I've been waiting to have some time to address this.

As you may be aware, Planned Parenthood, our nation's largest abortion provider (327,000 abortions in 2014 - about 1/3 of U.S. abortions) has been exposed for dissecting the children it aborts and harvesting their organs and other body parts to sell.

Of course while Cecil the Lion is getting more press than Cecile the Lyin' (Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood), the horror is still leaking out.

"Intact fetuses"

And as you may also be aware, the horror just got more horrible with the discovery that Planned Parenthood is dissecting and even selling what it calls "intact fetuses" - that would be fully delivered children.

Personally, I actually wasn't horrified. The dissection of aborted children and the sale of their body parts has been going on for decades. In 1988, author Suzanne Rini wrote Beyond Abortion wherein she documents the already established practice of the harvesting and marketing of fetal body parts.

In fact, as early as 1974, only one year after Roe v Wade, Congress attempted to enact a restriction on "fetal research" - evidence that the practice was already widespread, but the bill was amended to be gutless by the infamous pro-abortion "Catholic" senator from Massachussetts, Sen. Edward Kennedy.

Under the banner of "Women's Rights" and "Healthcare", the abortion industry has always been all about the growing, harvesting, and selling of baby parts.

Obviously, in order to get those parts in marketable condition, a baby must at least be viable or close to viable, and extracted in such a way that the marketable parts are in "good condition", especially the organs.

Partial Birth Abortion

To get a better product, the technique of partial birth abortion was developed. Normal abortion techniques involve the ripping and tearing apart of the baby in the womb or poisoning it, which of course did harm to the marketable parts. Partial birth abortion kept the baby intact and alive until the last second where the baby is stabbed in the back of the head and its skull is collapsed. This produced a much fresher and marketable product.

After being twice vetoed by President Clinton, Congress finally succeeded in getting a federal ban on this procedure to be signed into law by President Bush in 2003. However, the federal ban only applied to federally funded institutions. Each state would have to pass its own law if it wanted to ban the procedure.

In 2008, with partial birth abortion supporter Barack Obama on the horizon as a presidential candidate, the Esperansa Project was formed on Guam to enact a local ban should Obama get elected and make it harder for pro-life legislation at the state level to be enacted.

With the help of then-Senator Eddie Calvo, a bill to ban partial birth abortion on Guam was passed and signed into law in 2008.

The bill received majority support probably for two reasons: 1) the procedure was so graphically horrific that few senators wanted to be on record as opposing it, and 2) it was the first serious pro-life local legislative effort in nearly 20 years and caught the pro-abortion senators unawares.

The pro-abortion senators would soon mobilize however, and led by Senator Respicio, they attempted to kill every pro-life legislative effort henceforth. Most of this is documented at

BTW, Jennifer Dulla, arch-neo defender of the Tagle letter fame is Respicio's long time supporter and third highest paid member of his staff.

Born Alive

But there is another reason there probably wasn't much resistance to a ban on partial birth abortion. There was an easier way to get an intact fetus. Since the mother wanted the baby dead anyway, it was actually easier just to induce labor and deliver a live child - then kill it.

Harvesting fetal body parts by delivering living children under the guise of a "failed abortion" and killing them after delivery was exposed as standard operating procedure in the Kermit Gosnell case. Gosnell would pull the babies out of their mothers and then snip their spines or snap their necks. In 2011, when his office was finally raided after one of the mother's died in his office, investigators found countless jars of baby parts and a toilet backed up with pieces of dead children.

The problem of "failed abortions" and their subsequently being killed or left to die in the clinic trash was well known before the Gosnell house of horrors was discovered, and in 2002, President Bush signed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act into law - extending legal protections to infants who survive failed abortions.

A bill to do the same on Guam and also to mandate normal medical care for infants who survive abortions was introduced by then-Senator Calvo in 2010, but it was successively dumped by the oversight committee chair, Senator Aguon, who probably at the order of party bosses, trashed the bill in order not to give Calvo any traction in the upcoming gubernatorial election which would have Aguon on the Democratic ticket.

However, to his credit, Aguon, publicly apologizing for his 2010 error, reintroduced the bill in 2013 as Bill 195-32.

The bill was opposed by some well known people

The bill was opposed at the public hearing by former Senator Carlotta Leon Guerrero, Bank of Guam president Lou Leon Guerrero, Attorney Anita Arriola, and Drs. Annie Bordallo and Ellen Bez. You can read their testimonies in the Committee Report. Note: Their testimonies are clever. They don't directly advocate for the killing of a living child - which they know would be fatal to their reputations, but they all advocate for killing the bill.

You can view Bank of Guam president Lou Leon Guerrero's testimony here and Carlotta Leon Guerrero's testimony here. And in contrast you can view the public testimony of the lone supporter of saving living children who survive abortion, Sirena Mafnas, here. Also, here is the link to all the related stories on this blog.

In the end, after a huge effort at exposing the support for the butchering of children - some of whom may have survived an abortion and were left to squirm in a trash can until they died - by some senators under the banner of "healthcare for women," the bill passed and was signed into law.

But the law matters little. Like the partial birth abortion ban before it, and even the abortion reporting law, there seems to be little will on the part of our government to actually enforce laws which regulate abortion. 

Bill No. 97-31 : Dead Human Bodies

There is also one more bill that needs to be noted, and perhaps the most important one of all given what we now know the abortion industry is doing with the bodies of the babies it "harvests". The authors of the bill did not have the bodies of aborted babies in mind when they introduced it, but The Esperansa Project, saw an opportunity to bring attention to the issue.

We don't know if local abortionists are engaging in the baby body parts trade, but we wanted to make sure they weren't.

In the 31st legislature, Senators Barnes and Tony Ada introduced  Bill No. 97-31 which sought to address a discrepancy in the law relative to the "control and disposition of a dead human body, and the duty of burial."

Note: Last I checked, the link to the bill was broken, but the History is active and the bill can be found on the Committee Report.

What's quite sad is that our Catholic hierarchy, while it goes nuts over every whisper about legalized gambling, apparently has no ear or heart for addressing Guam's greatest tragedy: the ongoing killing of Guam children at the rate of one almost every day, 60 plus percent of whom are Chamorro.

Sure there are counseling efforts and once a once a year walk and wave, but you can bet that if Bill 97 had even the slightest thing to do with gambling, Archbishop Apuron would have been all over it. Instead...nothing.

Nothing....except for The Esperansa Project, and specifically one member, Maria Espinoza. As you can see from the public hearing sign in sheet, she was the only one who showed up:

Knowing that the growing, harvesting, dissecting, and marketing of baby body parts is standard for the industry, we tried to prevent the possibility of this practice locally by getting the government (once again) to follow its own laws which in this case required the proper disposition of a "dead human body".

Following is an article I wrote regarding the testimony of Mary Espinoza at the hearing for the bill:

Can the body of an aborted child be considered a “dead human body” under Guam law? This was the question posed to the legislature at the public hearing for Bill 97-31 by local Catholic, Maria Espinoza.

Bill 97, which was co-sponsored by Senators Tina Barnes and Tony Ada, attempts to clarify issues regarding “next-of-kin” and “right of sepulchre” and does not address abortion. However, Mrs. Espinoza, saw the public hearing on the bill as an opportunity to request clarification on the status of the bodies of aborted children.

In her testimony, Mrs. Espinoza noted that while Roe v. Wade denied the legal status of personhood to the unborn, it did not specifically deny that the fetus was human, which, said Mrs. Espinoza, “allows us, as the community of Guam, to determine whether or not an aborted human fetus can be considered a dead human body, and thus subject to the laws of Guam regarding the final disposition of such bodies.”

Mrs. Espinoza also noted that according to Guam Medical Records there are approximately 300 abortions per year on Guam and added: “that’s a lot of dead bodies and their final disposition should be addressed in Guam law."

Anticipating that some present might contest the humanity of the fetus, Mrs. Espinoza then offered the senators present, an opportunity to view pictures of aborted children in which the human form of the fetus was without question.

Also, view Mrs. Espinoza's written testimony here:

Some of the pictures that Mrs. Espinoza shared at the public hearing can be viewed at

As you can see both from my article and Mrs. Espinoza's testimony, the key issue is that, as written, the body of an aborted child or fetus or whatever one wants to call it, would qualify under Guam law as a "dead human body." Roe v Wade might have denied the status of a "legal person" to the unborn but there was never a question that the body being disposed of is human.

As expected, Mrs. Espinoza's testimony, even though it was the only public testimony, met with indifference and disregard. But now, five years later, with the Planned Parenthood horror before us, the disposition of the bodies of the nearly one dead baby per day from Guam's clinics, thanks to a legislature that didn't want to be bothered, is unknown.

Are Guam abortionists participating in the harvesting and marketing of fetal parts? We don't know. But too bad we missed an opportunity five years ago to at least place a legal hurdle to it. Maybe some brave senator will revisit the issue now that the horror of this trade is being exposed nationally.

Meanwhile, Mary Espinoza invites us all to sign the petition urging Congress to defund Planned Parenthood. A vote in the senate will occur Monday night, or Tuesday morning Guam time. Act now. Sign the petition.

To Everyone Who Respects Life,

I am sure most of you are aware that Planned Parenthood (PP) is a non-profit organization in the business of providing abortions, AND that PP receives federal funds to perform these abortions through the Medicaid program.  I am also sure that most of us are aware of the four video clips documenting that PP has been involved in the heinous crime of selling the body parts of these aborted unborn children!   I write this simple letter asking all of you to do the right thing and  sign a  petition to let your Representative know your outrage!  I signed a prescripted petition provided by Life News and was surprised and impressed that as soon as I entered my zip code, our Congressional Representative's name from Guam appeared!  I sent the petition and within three days, Congresswoman Bordallo acknowledged  my concern.

The Senators will be voting on Monday whether to Defund Planned Parenthood.  We have all been told that the Democrats will not allow it to pass; however,  if you truly respect life, sign the petition anyway.  Cong. Bordallo is a staunch supporter of Obamacare and although she claims to be ProLife, the two are mutually exclusive; I doubt that she will separate herself from the Democrats and advocate to Defund PP.

Please choose to take a couple of minutes to sign the petition, say a prayer that this madness of selling the  body parts of unborn children ends, and then SEND the petition.  For your convenience, here is one website:

I thank everyone in advance who responds to my plea.
Maria P. Espinoza

Also, here is a direct link to the petition. Remember, the Senate will vote within 24 hours of this post. Vote now. And then let's get serious about stopping the butchery on Guam. Pay attention. An election is coming. 


  1. Dear Tim,
    I've been following the Planned Parenthood videos and it is a shame. I actually was able to watch the 3rd video which was suppose to be court-ordered not to be able to use. Apparantly Media Matters dosen't care and put the video out. It stayed in my mind as it was very graphic. The doctors going through the cut up baby pieces putting price tags on it. Then that one scene where the doctor says with joy in her tone, "it's a boy!" Sick Sick Sick.
    I have signed the petition. But you are right, more attention on that lion that was killed than the exposed videos. I miss our Esperanza days as we have been so distracted by other issues. But we will continue the fight. On another note, at the burial for aborted babies, it seemed strange that the number was low. I suspect the aborted bodies are not being turned in.

    Thank you Tim for all the work you do for the unborn.

  2. Anna Maria DelgadoAugust 3, 2015 at 8:23 PM

    Done. May they be put out of business.

    1. Thank you, Anna, for your response. As expected, the bill failed by 7 votes. Be vigilent because I heard Sen Wonpat on tv recently talk about 'universal healthcare for Guam' and her interest in bringing Obamacare to Guam! To establish Obamacare on Guam opens the probability that Planned Parenthood may set up shop here on Guam! I am reluctant to verbalize the horrors associated with their presence, all under the guise of providing women health care. Pray, be vigilent and encourage your family and friends to speak out in public. Only then can we protect the lives of the unborn child.

    2. Guys, why do you think the Feds have been paying so much attention to us lately, they are here to push their agenda. Guam is an obedient territory and most of our programs are run quite clean. But the federal government comes in and bullies us around like we are clue-less islanders in need of discipline. Definitely they will push their Planned Parenthood and Universal Health Care on us because our so called politicians are willing to do anything they want. God is not on their mind. Those who are Catholics, have forgotten who to answer to first.
      Then, on another issue, the EWTN news stories has a story of this group in the U.S. called the Dignity USA which is pushing for "sacramental equality" and will soon take the Catholic Church to court for discriminating against same-sex marriages not being allowed in the Catholic Church. Yep, Pray harder people.

    3. Anna Maria DelgadoAugust 4, 2015 at 6:54 PM

      Pray and fast (sacrifice) for an end to this evil practice.

  3. Sharon – Since the very first announcement of AAA in the Umatuna (June 7, 2015), expressing fear that now the Church will have to acquiesce to perform gay marriages [… because now we will see that the State (the Government) will require and demand that the Church accept its redefinition of marriage, by way of anti-discrimination laws…], I took grave exception to said fear, and I noted this in a comment I made in JW.

    As you pointed out “definitely they (the Feds) will push their Planned Parenthood and Universal Health Care on us because our so called politicians are willing to do anything they want. God is not on their mind. Those who are Catholics, have forgotten who to answer to first.” I pray with you, that we will still have some strong stalwart politicians who still consider their God at least “just a little bit more important” then their political careers.

    Back to the issue - while I don’t have the legal expertise of an attorney, I personally don’t think Dignity USA has a ghost of a chance to impose on the Catholic Church to force it to perform same-sex marriages by virtue of “sacramental equality”. To do so would be a blatant violation of the state-church separation principle – i.e. the State telling the Church what to do with its strictly religious rules. To do so would be like the State telling the Church whom to baptize, whom/when to confirm, male only clergy, what sins are forgiveable (i.e. reserved sins), when a priest can violate his “seal of confession” vow (never!), whom to deny reception of the Eucharist, etc. When two Catholic men or two Catholic women wish to get “married” they may do so in a legal venue, but not through a “sacramental marriage”. And that’s the only marriage we do in the Catholic Church, including mixed marriages, Petrine/Pauline-privileged marriages, or convalidation marriages – all indulted by the Catholic Church, not by the State.