Sunday, September 6, 2015


The conference was titled "Safeguarding the Dignity of Every Human Person."

Apparently our archdiocese and our archbishop do not consider the unborn a "human person."

Screenshot from the conference

The explanation was that the unborn are "implied" under "children."

That's like saying we need to be concerned about world health while Hitler turns six million jews into ash.

So while you are all out saving your planet and enjoying your Sunday brunch, just remember, in the Archdiocese of Agana, this happens every 1.7 days:



  1. FIRST, the Earth....

    1. God created the earth before man. Diana said she was at the conference and abortion was mentioned.

    2. LOL. The Bible according to Kiko and Diana. God created the earth FOR man. Yes, abortion was "mentioned." Got it. The slaughter of the unborn on Apuron's watch is probably at least 9,000 dead babies, 70% or more of whom are probably of his own race and religion. This is Apuron's legacy, the legacy of an absentee bishop. But I'm glad they "mentioned" it.

  2. Thank you, Tim, for posting the photo. Many will criticize you and condemn you for trying to shock the viewers. This is reality, everyone. We need to see it.

  3. When an entity does not demonstrate due reverence for nor safeguards the Sacred Dignity of the Consecrated Host by their prescribed practice and manner of distributing and receiving The Consecrated Host -- thus demonstrating instead, their irreverence for the “Real Presence of our Lord and God” in The Consecrated Host and their disregard of the Catholic Doctrine on the Real Presence -- why then, should we expect that the dignity of the human being will be regarded by this same entity as a priority to be safeguarded over and above the earth, our environment and all worldly things!

    They employ all the cunning of the devil to deceive and lure our local faithful from our authentic Catholic Faith to theirs! The next thing we’ll probably hear from this neo-led leader of this diocese and his neo-influenced hierarchy is their claim that “human error” is to blame for “misprioritizing” of the “list” seen in this screenshot from the conference! Right!

    Sadly, the faithful of Guam undeniably see that the actions of this neo-led “leader” and neo-influenced “hierarchy” have already spoken and continues to speak loudly and clearly to the fact that THEY DO NOT embrace the Catholic and Christian Teachings acknowledging the dignity and value of every single human person; and therefore, they ARE NOT interested in safeguarding this dignity over and above safeguarding power, money and greed for worldly recognition and accumulations, as well as their penchant to deceive and insult the intelligence of the faithful of Guam!

  4. Fr.Matthew Blockley.September 6, 2015 at 8:55 PM

    Diana you stupid individual. No one has done more on Guam for Respect for life than Tim Rohr. He is a staunch defender of catholic moral truth. That is why we stand by him for he teaches catholic moral theology and respect for life from the moment of conception until natural death.
    A number of moral evils are evolving all over Guam and the Mariana islands because we had two stupid bishops who did not defend catholic moral teaching and obedience to Holy Mother Church. This is exactly why the whole pacific region today is in a state of utter moral decay. Tim has only told us about abortion. When I lived in Apurons wonderland I was appalled by the moral evils allowed by him on Guam. Moral evils of the Guam church
    I listened to Tim Rohr on the Patti Arroyo show in that single brief interview Tim Rohr defended life as did Patti Arroyo. He rightly encouraged every priest to participate and speak against abortion. But why do we not hear Apuron speak against abortion. He will not do that because of money. This man uses church teaching to teach what he likes and when it suits him. He is not consistent with catholic moral teaching. How many murdered babies with spilt blood over Apurons hands could have been saved had he have served the church as a true shepherd. Tim Rohr is a fearless defender of truth and I for one respect him for what he has done for the island nation. As you look at this photo remember this is a native son of Guam murdered. While Apuron sits feeding his already rather fat physique may be before he puts the next spoon of foie GRAS in his mouth he should pray for those who have suffered because he did nothing to protect life or catholic moral teaching. This is a man with no mercy no love no values no character. Self self self.... All he is about. What. Can I get for my self? Think of the poor Apuron for once in your life.

    1. LOL. I would love it if The Diana tried to impugn my pro-life record. You can begin by finding it at and

      Until Chuck White and I began to take action in 2008, Guam, under Apuron's leadership, was the easiest place in the nation to procure an abortion.