Sunday, September 6, 2015


Actually, Joe San Agustin's comments were not posted in response to The Zoltan's usual delusions which he posted to Tom Tanaka's letter in the PDN yesterday, but Joe's comments are timely and instructive. Read The Zoltan's laughable response and then Joe's schooling of the likes of The Zoltan after that.

Dear Thomas, please accept the fact. The Neocatechumenal Way is not a sect, but a Catholic itinerary, which forms legitimate faith groups in the parishes called communities. We experience our faith through these communities in Christ, in line with the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Can you accept this, dear Thomas? The Way is going to stay and be part of the parishes in the long term. Therefore, peaceful coexistence of different church groups has not alternative.

The problem is not the Way, but a handful of church fundamentalists who desperately try to make an impact in opposing everything that is new. But they cannot make any real impact beyond spreading half truth and misinformation through the media. Why cannot they look at members of the Way as their sisters and brothers in Christ? Why do they manufacture poison for the soul of the believer on a daily basis through hearsay, gossip and superstition? What is their purpose? Their utterances are fuming intellectual dishonesty. Those who willingly breath in this poison become delusional. Please, do not be one of these delusional fellows and do not make Concerned Catholic a vehicle of discharging this poison. Always be critical, double check the facts and take it with a pinch of salt what you read from them. 

The cause of this vituperation among the Catholic faithful on Guam is the intention of this frustrated group to politicize their opposing views of church affairs in the local media. They set up a political agenda and issue political statements in their eagerness to chase and hunt down one by one those whom they perceive as responsible for the successes of the Way. But who can stop success that is rooted in the spiritual need of the faithful so deeply? While professional trouble makers are employed to achieve a divisive goal of this sorrowful political agenda, the people of Guam close up and support religious freedom. Do you really believe that handful of unreasonable radicals who work 24-7 to incite, who call for uprisal and revolution, who indoctrinate you away from the teaching of Jesus Christ and the Bible? 

Dear Thomas, your letter is full of political statement. Even if you do not realize, you became a tool in the hands of these church radicals. Why on earth should we move out of our parishes when we are and remain part of the parishes in long term? The more the radicals are marginalized, the loader they try to sound. But people do not want to listen to this noise. The Catholic faithful on Guam want peace, the peace of Lord. Let this peace be also with you.


  1. STOP THE CHARADE, you Neocats! Put your money where your mouth is! And if you just can’t accept the fact that you are teaching heretical errors, then do the right thing and do just what Tommy Tanaka is suggesting, or rather demanding. End your evangelization of the Catholics of Guam – just pack up your bags (make sure you’ve returned what you have stolen first!), and move on! There may be other places you can do your “evangelizing” thing other than in Guam (we feel sorry for them!).

    You may have won over a few of our true Catholics - thanks to your deceptive chicanery – but you will NEVER NEVER NEVER destroy our faith and love of Jesus Christ as a people. In your twisted minds, you may think you are winning, that you are doing good for the Church – but you are not! So, stop the charade! You know “the way” out! (God-fearing and deep-down Catholics at heart who are in the Neo by deception - this is not aimed at you as an indictment, but as an encouragement for reflection!)

    I say you are “not winning” – why? Because you will NEVER NEVER NEVER convince our Chamorros (or should I say our “Guamanians” to include non-indigenous folks who have assimilated our ways) to accept truly in their hearts that ---

    1.Jesus Christ is a sinner, as we can demonstrate that your NCW cultic leader, Kiko Arguello – your prophet and your god - has shamefully admitted in his writings and practices! This is worse than calling the Blessed Virgin a prostitute! (God forgive me for even saying this!) Perhaps this is why your Mariology theology is so twisted that you refuse to say the “Hail Mary” much less the Rosary. “Holy Mary, Mother of God…” Try convincing our Chamorros (Guamanians) to abandon this devotion to the Mother of God, Jesus Christ. Try removing Santa Marian Kamalin from her place at the Cathedral! There will be revolution!

    2.And as a sinner, Jesus cannot be God. Not even many a non-Catholic Christian religion cannot (will not) subscribe to this. This is true Arianism through and through! And if the reader is not familiar with Arianism, I think it is time you do a thorough study. Even the Internet – which is not truly a Catholic source – will tell you what Arianism is – it denies the DIVINITY OF JESUS CHRIST;

    3.The Mass is not really a SACRIFICE; it is a mere celebration of the institution of the Eucharist. Try to convince a true Catholic that it is not the HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS that we celebrate on Sundays – that we are not repeating Christ’s Sacrifice on the Cross at Calvary;

    4.Christ is not present to us and in us – Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity; He is merely present to/in us in some mysterious way “in the community” – i.e. in the gathering of the Neos. Christ is not there in the Tabernacle! The Tabernacle might just as well be a wooden box, because Jesus Christ is not there. Many non-Catholics do not believe this either, but at least they say they do not believe it because they are NOT CATHOLICS. But you Neos have the guts to say you are Catholics, and yet say you don’t believe it! How brazen of you! (To be continued in Part I)

  2. (Part II – A continuation)
    5.Our belief in PURGATORY poses a similar dichotomy for you folks. We Catholics believe that when we die, our souls don’t necessarily go to Heaven or Hell immediately. We believe in a state of purgation before we enjoy the Beatific Vision of God. We are not SURE that our deceased are in Heaven, and hopefully not in Hell. Thus, we pray for our deceased that God may grant them eternal rest.
    Kiko’s “theology” says when we die, it is like sleeping and waking up to finding ourselves either in Heaven or Hell. Are you certain? Kiko is; he knows! His people honor him as a prophet! He knows better than to pray for our dead, and that prayers for their repose is useless. Try convincing our true Catholics to not honor their dead, to not pray for them, to do away with All Souls Day!

    6.The confessing of one’s sins is a matter between the person alone and God. In our belief God has given the power to forgive sins to his Apostles (and by extension, His priests). In your cultic belief, you confess even your most innermost sins to each other – publicly for all to know, during your Scrutiny! This is after the fashion of the Jim Jones’ practice, and we all know the horrific effects one has over people with such knowledge, and mind control. They will do anything you ask them to!

    7.You do not have true priests – you have presbyters, who masquerade as priests and pastors. Enjoy the token respect and reverence that are given these “sheep in ravenous wolves’ clothing”.

    8. You brazenly refuse to obey to “cease and desist” your liturgical violations. You defy the Sacred Congregation of Rites’ instructions, by constantly violating GIRM. You hide under your 2002 Statutes with your 2008 Statutes which you refuse to make public for all to see. Go ahead – publish your “approved” Statutes, and while you’re at it, publish your Directory as well. We’ll point out to your followers where you are not in compliance with Rome! (See note below*)

    9.You hold your “services” in the darkness of secrecy and exclusivity; you refuse to be transparent for all to see. “Do not hide your light under a bushel basket, but let it shine for all to see…”

    10.You give only token allegiance to the Pope in Church matters. Kiko is your pope; he is your prophet; he is your “god”; you listen to him instead.

    11.You hold your annual “missio ad gentes” and invite the Pope to use him as a prop that “See! The Pope approves our Way!”. Of course he would say nice things about you on those occasions – he is your invited guest. What did you expect him to do, chastise you in public? He did so at his own venue (the Vatican), and admonished the NCW to obey! But id did not; you did not promo this meeting, for all the world to see!

    12.And there are more…….

    If you cannot validly refute these assertions (challenge us with facts, not words – we’ll return in kind) then it’s time to go! Pack up your bags and get out of Catholic Guam. We do not need your type of evangelization! We are doing just fine, despite our frailties. We don’t need your kind of spiritual help! Good riddance! Take along your archbishop; he is yours – not ours. He has long since abandoned us! His leadership of us is a farce!

    “The natives are restless!” Leave now before they really make a huge scene! = jrsa.
Tim's note: The 2008 Statute actually is published and is publicly available but you would never know it by going to the official NCW site, which is what Joe is referring to. The site leads the reader to think that the 2008 Statute, the one which legitimizes the NCW, is the one that is referenced on the main page. But it is only the 2002 Statute - which was not approved - which is immediately viewable. I explain and demonstrate this thoroughly at THE OFFICIAL DECEPTION OF THE NEOCATECHUMENAL WAY. 

This is a rather critical matter because the unapproved 2002 Statute permits "the brothers" to receive and consume the eucharist sitting, whereas the approved 2008 Statute does not. The hiding of the 2008 statute on the NCW official website is purposeful because it is important to Kiko that the NCW continue to receive the eucharist  according to the 2002 Statute which supports his theology that Jesus Christ is NOT ACTUALLY present in the eucharistic species but only present mystically in the community. 

Here is a side by side comparison. 


  1. The difference between Zoltan and Tun Joe is that one employ's inflated verbosity while the other is full of evidential content.

    At the least, Zoltan is consistent in his responses: disparage the messenger to avoid addressing the subject matter.

    1. To those of you who read my comments “Stop the Charade”, I’d encourage you to read the thorough analysis of the difference between the NCW “ad experimentum” NCW Statutes of 2002 vs. the approved Statutes of 2008. It is explained there in all its gory details – which lack of space prevented me from doing it initially. Thanks to Tim Rohr for taking the time out to extrapolate on this. Re-reading it myself re-enforces just how cunningly deceptive the NCW can be, and to what length it will go through, to hide the truth!

      You’ll find this analysis at the bottom of my comments, as contributed by Tim Rohr. Click on the link - THE OFFICIAL DECEPTION OF THE NEOCATECHUMENAL WAY, found at the bottom of my comments. Then ask yourself: Why would they want to do this, unless to deceive!

      And they keep parroting: “and the truth shall set you free”? Free from what?

      May I reiterate my closing remarks: “If you cannot validly refute these assertions (challenge us with facts, not words – we’ll return in kind) then it’s time to go! Pack up your bags and get out of Catholic Guam. We do not need your type of evangelization! We are doing just fine, despite our frailties. We don’t need your kind of spiritual help! Good riddance! Take along your archbishop; he is yours – not ours. He has long since abandoned us! His leadership of us is a farce!
      “The natives are restless!” Leave now before they really make a huge scene! = jrsa.