Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Zoltan Szekely: "Tim Rohr, nobody is interested in your trash blog called junglewatch."


Zoltán Székely ·

Tim Rohr, nobody is interested in your trash blog called junglewatch. Your constant meddling with politics reveals your desire to become a politician. So why don't you run for office in the Senate or in Adelup? Then we would see how many supporters you really have. Lol!

Your "Esperansa" pictures of bloody fetuses, body part and depictions of female bodies going through abortion are simply unwanted. All you do is to humiliate women who fell victim of abortion because of their circumstances. Is this the way to be a good Catholic? Even Pope Francis called for compassion and forgiveness for these

You had called President Obama a second Hitler because of his stance on reproductive rights! This was way over the line revealing the simple minded bigotry you are trying to spread. This act of you also ended my friendship with you. You disguise your meddling as anti-abortion propaganda. But fighting abortion should not include a humiliation of abortion victims. 

You are not a spoke person of Guam Catholics. When you try to politicize church affairs, you do a lot of damage to the church. Why don't you just abandon all diguise and reinvent yourself as a politician running for influence and office? That would express your true intention and pour clean water into your glass!
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Tim Rohr ·

LOL. You're a professor at UOG? LOL.

P.S. To see what the Zoltan is referring to when he refers to my "depictions of female bodies going through abortions" go here. All you will see in that regard are medical illustrations available from any medical textbook or website. As for the "pictures of bloody fetuses", ummm, well yah, when living children are cut into pieces, well there is...well, umm, blood.

Thanks for giving us further insight into the Neocatechumenal mind, Zoltan, and an even greater reminder of why we want your cult gone. 

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