Thursday, September 3, 2015


  1. Hello Ryan! In case you doubt what Tim is saying about the traffic and interest this blog has around the world, just a big "hi" from the beautiful mountains that surround Mexico City, where our Mother of Guadalupe blessed this nation, the Philippines and Pacific islands, including Guam. You see, I am one of the estimated 5 million people who once belonged to the ncw cult. Do yourself a favor and research on what is really cooking inside this shithole called the ncw, and not just in Guam but in every catholic church around the world that these people have infected.


  1. Donald Trump said make sure you stay in Mexico. Tim should have stood in Baldwin park. leave Guam alone

  2. 2:30 pm, once again you have employed the fallacy of attacking the messenger rather than the issues. True to form for all you kiko-leeches. Rodrigo said for you to do the research, don't just swallow every neo crap leftovers from pontius pius, vermin adrian, vapid david and no-spine apuron. Open your eyes beyond the clap, clap, claps of Spanish castanets and the sing, sing, sing of Andalusian guitars