Friday, September 25, 2015


Apparently it's true. In the Neocatechumenal Way, our Archbishop Apuron is NOT Archbishop Apuron. He's only "Tony."

J. Bautista refers to the archbishop by his first name apparently without the slightest thought that it might be considered disrespectful (I have personally never called him "Tony"), obvious evidence that calling the archbishop "Tony" is the norm inside the Neocatechumenal Way. 

And more evidence that their church is not ours. 

By the way, I continue to be their favorite topic. LOL.


  1. Anon 2:06 pm. Your statement is a textbook example of desperation by trying to switch the narrative to now that Tim Rohr and the CCOG issues on NCW and Archbishop is an ingenious way to cover up their disapproval of the Pope. A classic example of the saying throwing ever thing hoping something will stick. All the narratives of both Tim and CCOG has been from day one been on NCW and Archbishop on the destruction they have brought to our Church and how the Archbishop absconded with the Yona property and deeded it to the Neos.

  2. 2:06 pm equates seeking truth as hate. Last time I checked the Roman Catholic Church has not changed its teachings on these issues that 2:06 pm misconstrues as Tim's hatred of the Pope. Tim Rohr and JW writers are in fact staunch in our support of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. We do hate the lack of transparency and the lies that emanate in abundance from the noxious gases exhaled by ncw cultists like 2:06 pm. While JW has produced abundant evidence that expose the half-truths of neo adherents, none from ncw, except rantings from dianarrhea and crazy zoltan, had come up with reliable documents. They have been invited on radio and tv but have been non-responsive. Their only claim is a promise that it is "somewhere" and they couldn't find it. Hogwash!!! All neo can do is to spew ad hominem attacks that are so illogical and so grammatically laughable that they are hardly worth crap. Get the hell out of Guam you bunch of weaklings who blindly follow your pied piper kikoanut.

  3. Terrified Obnoxious Neo Yuck

  4. A common theme that I see emanating from those in the NCW who post is "hatred." That seems to be their reasoning for EVERYTHING pertaining to Tim, CCOG, and those of us who dare to speak out against the travesties that are happening on our island. It just reinforces my observation that these commenters are simply regurgitating whatever has been propagandized within their communities without question. Remind me again why this isn't considered cultish?

    Unlike those in the NCW, Tim provides documentation to validate what he says. We read the documentation and can decide for ourselves whether the ideas being shared have merit. I am befuddled how relatively intelligent people can blindly follow the word of others (whether they be catechists, presbyters, responsible etc.) when they cannot produce the supposed documentation that Rome has approved certain practices. I know for a FACT that many of these utterances are downright lies. And yet they are blindly believed.

    In the last CCOG meeting, we were reminded that those in the Way are our brothers and sisters. Because that is true, we will pray for them. We will pray that they allow the Holy Spirit to open their hearts and minds to the truth of what is happening and not blindly follow their "leaders" down a path that puts their souls, their families, and their livelihood in jeopardy.

    This archbishop (and notice I didn't address him as "Tony") is no longer fit to lead our church. That he would so easily and underhandedly yield the decision making, not to mention a multi-million dollar asset, to his "cronies" and leave our local church vulnerable to the forces of evil is reason enough for his removal. We need a NEW leader who is not in the NCW and therefore not beholden to a hierarchy outside the Catholic Church. The time for change is long past.

    We will remain faithful to defending our Church, so WE WILL NOT BE SILENT.

  5. With respect to anonymous at 2:06 as reposted, since when are the last few popes modernizing, particularly Benedict XVI? Benedict emphasized since before he was ever Pope that there is no discontinuity between pre-Vatican II and post-Vatican II; hence, no modernization except in a qualified sense. Besides, the NCW's "method" of Communion--even if considered some type of renewal of the early Church (which, I'm sorry, it's clearly not)--by definition would not be "aggiornamento," but rather "ressourcement." Hence, NCW would be against modernization.

    Perhaps I'm just splitting hairs here, but the simple truth is that these "modern" Popes still only give Communion on the tongue (I can only assume this much for Francis as well). Liberal or not in economic or ecological issues, Francis has never been rebuked by Tim for anything directly related to the Faith, nor for anything else as I recall. I know him well enough to know that Tim is the man on Guam most likely to suspend his personal opinions and submit to the Magisterium of the Church--unlike an entire cadre with an agenda quite separate from the unity of the Church.

    More importantly, Tim and those who share his view aren't on "the wrong side of history." This isn't process theology, and we aren't evolving culturally or otherwise toward greater truth. Christ is now and forever.

    One final note: Those of you who condemn Tim and Co. and refer to their"master" as the Devil need to get with the program and pray for them. Fast for them. Refuse to countenance gossip and hearsay about him (including slandering his children). Then I might give you a listen. Until then, all these postings of the Dianas and the NCW internet trolls are little more than Christ-justified reasons to calumnate and detract.

    For that matter, the same goes for those who opposeTHE WORKING of the NCW on Guam: pray, fast, and do no calumnate nor detract. Otherwise, you are no better than them. It's bad enough the sacrifice is gutted from the Mass in the NCW; we don't need to fall into our own pit through Pharisaism.

    Enough of this scandal!

  6. They call him 'Tony' in Manila too.

    "Tony? The Archbishop?"
    'No, ma'am. Just Tony.'

    What a joke.

  7. Fr. Matthew Blockley.September 27, 2015 at 9:51 PM

    7.2m. True in many Of Manila's hotels Tony is known as Tony. He also is known to give out tips of $200 Usd or more to waiting staff. That is about 9,000 pesos in tips for dinner. In our Manila standards that is way over the top. May be that is now the standard in Guam Hotels but not here.Although he is a very rich bishop he should abide by the standard of the country he visits.