Friday, September 25, 2015


jaden comon has left a new comment on your post "THE THING DIANA VS JAIDEN. NO CONTEST.": 

Hi I'm Jaden and I was attacked for my words that I used in my interview. Common sense Mrs Diana it is impossible to build a building with blood and stone. But to build a building with stone and mortar even a 12 year old knows blood can't build a building I meant in my words that through the blood of the martyrs the church was built. I was also speaking about the faithful not the building. As I pointed to the cathedral I was pointing to to Lord our God who offers himself in the sacrifice of the mass present in the structure Mrs Diana ur knowledge is strong but Christ said it is children's faith that can get u into heaven. 


  1. Bravo, Jaden, bravo! Your witness is an example to us who see the wisdom of your youthful mind. It is a shame that "Mrs. Diana" has chosen a very immature path in a matter where we shouldn't have any arguments about. Jaden, you will learn that some adults turn to hatred and personal attacks when they are confronted with truth. Their insecurity leads them to lash out without reason and inappropriately at anyone who question them. You, Jaden, have our respect and support. Continue to speak the truth and never be afraid of those who discredit anyone who speaks out. We adults are supposed to be your teachers and mentors, not attackers.

  2. Jaden, Princess Di wants to know why you didn't address her in her own blog. Her advice to you is to read the scripture and listen to homilies.

    My advice to you is, stay strong in what you believe in.

    1. This Thingie states that Christ is not the church but the head of the church.... This Thingie needs to read the scripture where Jesus answered them, "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up." This Cult needs to use THIER MONEY to build THIER own Building to practice THIER deceptive actions against OUR Fellow Parishioners...

  3. Jaden,

    You have a point, The Dianas were jumping the gun in assuming that you meant something without first confirming with you what you really meant to say. They are quick to correct, and end up putting their foot in mouth.

    I admire your faith standing up for the truth, and what you believe, and for your presence at the CB during this moment of prayer. I pray that many other young people display the courage and faith that you demonstrated. Please continue to pray, read and meditate on God's Word the Bible, but above all receive our Lord frequently in the Holy Eucharist, he will guide you in all truth. Pray also for those who persecute you, for Christ said, by your actions will people know that you belong to Him. God Bless you young man!

  4. Diana can't even spell the boy's name correctly.

  5. Big girl Diana is a bully. Leave Jaden alone with your "corrections" pontificating to a kid. Real jerk. Diana, babe, would Pope Francis respond with these words? Think on it many headed bully.

  6. Thank you Jaden. Your bravery is to be followed by all. Proud to be a fellow parishioner. Mr. Santos