Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Just as predicted, Apuron's handlers have sent his false letter about Marriage Equality to the Catholic Media in order for Apuron to appear a moral leader. 

Sadly most of these news organizations will simply knee-jerk to fill a news hole with anything that supports their own cause and don't fact check anything. But of course, why would they expect a bishop to lie?

On second thought, this particular site, ChurchMilitant.TV is a constant critic of bishops who lie. They need to know that Apuron is one.

Log into this site now and let them know your disgust with how they are being duped and used. If you are a paying subscriber then let them know what you intend to do with your money if they continue to give headlines to Apuron.

Here is what I and Jose said:

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    Josmart below is correct. This letter was sent to you by Apuron's handlers. Apuron did not write a word of this letter NOR did he take action against the legislation when it could have mattered. He is under investigation by Rome for matters I cannot list here but you can read more about atjunglewatch.info. The letter was written in order to prop him up so he can continue to ordain "presbyters" (they don't use the word "priest") for the Neocatechumenal Way which has a supposed seminary here in Guam.
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        Church Militant has been duped again. Archbishop Apuron did not pen this piece (his foreign handers did) nor did he exert any effort to contest any disparaging laws on Guam as he sent a severely ill informed Deacon in his place to make one public comment to our legislature.
        However, this website did exactly what his handlers wanted to happen, to be propped up as some hero in the Catholic Church; but all Church Militant did was put lipstick on a pig. Do the due diligence to find out exactly how much of a failed shepherd he has been.

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