Monday, September 7, 2015


"The image of a Christian Church that enabled the sexual and spiritual violation of its most vulnerable members and when confronted, responded with institutionalized mendacity and utter disregard for the victims cannot be adequately described as a “problem,” a “crisis” or a “scandal.” The widespread sexual violation of children and adults by clergy and the horrific response of the leadership, especially the bishops, is the present-day manifestation of a very dark and toxic dimension of the institutional Church."

"The paradigm of the institutional Church interacting in society has shifted and continues to do so as the forces demanding justice, honesty and accountability by the hierarchy continue their relentless pressure. The Catholic monolith, once accepted by friend and foe alike as a rock-solid monarchy, is crumbling."

"It is not a matter of defaming the Church’s image. No one has done a better job of that than the bishops themselves."

"The default response to a report of child, adolescent or adult sexual abuse was first to enshroud it in an impenetrable blanket of secrecy. The perpetrator was shifted to another assignment. The victim was intimidated into silence. The media knew nothing and if law enforcement of civil officials were involved, they deferred to the bishop “for the good of the Church.”

- from the address of Fr. Thomas P. Doyle, J.C.D., C.A.D.C, August 2, 2014, at SNAP’s 25th Anniversary Convention in Chicago.


  1. it really is "a very dark and toxic dimension." in my mind, this is what's largely to blame for the decimation of the Church in ireland (

    when your bishops and priests would rather protect themselves than the most innocent and vulnerable, how can we expect people to trust in their authority?

    i'm just relieved the aftermath in the u.s. and on guam isn't as bad as in ireland ... or are we sure about that?


  2. Notice how all the priests bishops who did nasty actions mostly had horrible endings.

    Fr. John Was murdered in Boston Prison leaving Boston with millions to pay.
    Bishop Patrick Ziemann removed as bishop of Santa Rosa after a consensual relationship with a priest. This was after complaints in the Archdiocese of LA.
    Keith O Brien of Edinbugh Scotland removed after priests complained of abuse when they were seminarians. At the end of their lives the truth came out. I often think why did it all happen nearing end of life. Why why why? Former polish nuncio died of a heart attack inside the Vatican as he faced trial for crimes against humanity. The endings of life for these guys was far from peaceful. I wonder how Apuron will eventually leave Agana Guam? Will he ride into the sunset like John Wayne? Will he leave in scandal. Will he be remembered as a good man or a bastard? Will people go to his tomb and pray or will they place a Persian rug over the cathedral marble and forget he existed? How will it all end?


  3. Rey. Content is same as Ireland but quantity less.

  4. Yes, notorious Fr. John was stomped to death. Horrible death.