Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Catch the newscast about Sunday's protest beginning at 21:00

More Protesters Show Up to Silent Protest at Cathedral

Guam - Protesters took to the streets in front of the Cathedral de Basilica again to call for attention from Archbishop Anthony Apuron, who they say has been ignoring their calls for changes within the church.
The protesters showed up in the dozens yesterday morning holding signs that read justice, Pope Francis save our church and give back our Yona property, among other messages. The organizers of the silent protest have expressed their disappointment with the Archbishop’s leadership, particularly with the controversial ownership of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Yona. Mae Ada tells us other issues they are concerned about.
"Another thing is we want him to bring back the two priests, Msgr. James Benavente and Father Paul Gofigan, to their former position in the church," Ada says. "Another thing, to please have respect for the rest of us in our masses so there’s no dichotomy anymore in our church because right now our church is divided."

There were even some younger members of the Catholic community who say they feel the division within the Church as well.
"Christ did not say two catholic churches. He said one. And he said 'Peter, you are a rock and upon this rock I will build my church.' He did promise us this church. This church is built by the blood of the martyrs and it’s gonna be ruined by some men who think they can just come here and destroy it. This church will never fall. It has been sealed by our martyrs, Padre San Vitores and Pedro Calungsod. They have shed blood for this beautiful church," stated Jaden Comon.

The organizers say are planning more silent protests. They will announce the location and dates at a later time.


  1. Almost two years ago he approached me to discuss what is going on in our Archdiocese. I told him that he is still in grade school and right now he should just concern himself with those things that matter for his age. I now see that he was all along.

    This young person is the keeper of our faith for a few generations to come. I am humbled whenever I get an opportunity to speak with this kid. He is most certainly in tune with the Holy Spirit.

  2. Very impressed with this young boy!

  3. Inspiring, and full of hope.

  4. So they attack a young man who speaks from his heart...Shame!

    Dear Anonymous at 10:17 am,

    I had to listen to the video to try and understand what you mean. Correct me if I am wrong, but you must be referring to the boy named Jaiden. He said that this Church was built by the blood of the martyrs and then pointed to the Cathedral, which is a stone building. Jaiden does not understand that Christ never built a stone building. If the Cathedral were to be destroyed by fire or an earthquake, the Catholic Church still exists because the Catholic Church was never a stone building in the first place. Jaiden should have pointed to himself and to the people rather than to a stone building. And this is the hope that Tim Rohr sees? Let us hope that he at least teaches the youth that the Church that Christ built and with the blood of the Martyrs is an assembly of people rather than a stone building.

    By the way, did you see a lady there named "Mae Ada?" She must be the one who called up during the Patty Arroyo show. She has the same goal as Little John Mosquito: to reinstate Father Paul and Monsignor James. It is December 2014 all over again.

    1. I shake my head every time "Diana" poops....ER, I mean pops "it's" head in. Can't keep away from the children, I see.

    2. Same old NCW tactics:
      Deflect, deflect!, Deny, deny! and Destroy, destroy! Nothing new here,
      Pius the Putrid and his pose of Zombies don't know to do anything else.
      Why should we be surprised.

    3. Looks like another bad case of Dianarhea going around. Kalakas!

    4. Thank you, 12:18 AM, for the laugh today. "Dianarrhea" sounds so wrong and yet so right as apt description who spews nothing but fecal matter out of her orifice. If only the diana will reflect on the inappropriateness and error of her words rather than sticking out her eyes and neck on every and any criticism like a self-appointed ncw spokesperson, she may get a little credibility. As it is, her value is nil and bleak.

  5. The New Diana eats the young boy alive in her review. What a meanie. Leave the boy alone witchy woman.

  6. LOL. What a dip sh_t the Thing Diana is. But then Kiko makes you stupid. No better display of that fact than this. LOL!

  7. Tim stick that cigar where the sunshine don't shine shit head

  8. Fr. Matthew BlockleySeptember 22, 2015 at 5:09 PM

    Thank you Jaden for the impressive words . Keep on going and in years to come you could be a future Archbishop of your island home.

  9. Jaden thank you for inspiring all of us. Continue to be strong in your faith and courage.

  10. Jaden, thank you for your courage. God bless.

  11. We should all start adding "thing" to Diana or better still identifying it as a Thing. Because that is what it is. Blaming us in Junglewatch as the reason the thing can't identify itself. The thing should have higher regard to Tim because he puts his name to his blog and not blame the thing for not doing so.

  12. God Bless Jaden, and pray for him to continue his passion!


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