Thursday, October 29, 2015


Eileen Benavente-Blas
4:23 PM (13 hours ago)

to atienza.david
Hafå Adai David Atienza,

I read your article at

Your statements are wrong concerning the funeral mass and the casket: "...the casket is not closed until the end of the funeral mass" and "At the end of the mass with the body present, the casket is closed."
These statements are false.
A simple search on would have told you that: "The immediate family takes one last opportunity to view their loved one before the coffin is closed and the funeral mass begins."
This is common knowledge.
Attending a funeral mass would have shown you the truth as well.

You further state:
"The Marian devotion of saying the rosary is essential for salvation among Chamorro. Many Chamorro tacitly believe that none of them will go to hell as long as their family properly says the rosary at the moment of their death. The individual conversion of the dead person matters less than the salvation attained by ritual attitudes and collective devotions; even a recalcitrant  murderer might reach heaven if the rosaries needed are offered up to the Virgin. Hell unquestionably exists, but Chamorro tend not to go there, except in cases of serious crimes and aggressions."
Really? This is not our belief. You give no attribution about where you obtained this information.

I am Chamorro and I live the Chamorro culture.
You have shown a lack of respect for Chamorros and our culture by publishing false, unattributed statements that will be perpetuated every time someone reads your article.

Respetu y Chamoru yan y kuttura,
Eileen Benavente-Blas, MFA in Writing


We have to understand why Atienza intentionally and purposely misrepresents "Chamorro custom." His real aim is not Chamorro custom. His aim is the Catholic Faith. Atienza is a major Kiko. He and his family live off the Kiko empire, the expansion of which is tied to Atienza's own fortunes. 

In order to justify the imposition of Kiko's theology and thus his empire, the real Catholic Faith must be shown as inept, corrupt, and full of what Kiko calls "natural religiousity" - in effect: superstitions. (Learn more at Chuck White's blog.)

This paves the way for Kiko to enter and set things "right" - the same way Luther and countless others who have attempted to destroy our Church have tried to do. But unlike Luther who threw the hierarchical church under the bus and launched out on his own, Kiko has learned how to use the hierarchy as his personal bus - providing "free rides" for clerics who, like Apuron, David, and Adrian, are lazy, corrupt, power-hungry, greedy, narcissistic, and stupid enough to get on it.

Understand that every time we give a dime to Apuron, we fund Kiko and Atienza's war on the Catholic Church. 

Time to stand up, folks. Stop being cowards. Stop saying "leave it alone." Stop thinking you are safe just because your parish hasn't been invaded yet by Kiko's. 

You will be judged. 

Join Terry Untalan and her group in front of the Hyatt, this Sunday, 5pm. If Atienza's in-your-face insult to you, your culture, your family, your faith, your church, isn't enough to get you to stand up, then let's not hear any more about pride and culture. You have already handed your family and your future over to the invaders. 


  1. Guampedia! LOL! All the archive in Spain!

    1. Here, let me help you out, oh Small One. The reference to Guampedia is a slap down to Mr. Atienza. It says that even the most common reference knows more than Atienza. I’ve lived on Guam 30 years and been a Catholic all my life and not once have I ever seen a funeral conducted in the presence of an open casket. But of course Atienza’s aim is not truth. His aim is to make Chamorro’s look imbecilic and backward. And why does he do this? He needs to show that they have been made this way by 400 years of Catholicism without Kiko. And at last, Kiko, in the presence of idiots like Atienza and his fake mission, are here to save the poor, misled, and childish Chamorro people. And then we have even bigger idiots like Apuron and Adrian who back this onslaught and insult on their own people. Time to get rid of these jerks, folks.

  2. Shouldn't you email his employer as well? He does work for the University of GUAM! Did the UOG support the findings of his research and his publication? Where does Underwood and the University stand in all this and what's his and the University's position? Is this what they are teaching the student's who attend UOG? Are these the best type of Professors (Including Zoltan) they are able to attract and employ? It's ridiculous that at the professional and academic level here on Guam, instructors and researchers who are not professionally credible or reliable still are able to publish trash and maintain their positions and status and go on teaching their garbage. They should be censured and sent on sabbatical indefinitely. Same should happen to those chancery bozo's on the hill supposedly in charge of our spiritual well being!

    1. I emailed Robert Underwood but got no response. I did get a response from David Atienza apologizing for his unintentional error about the closing of the casket after the funeral mass. As to the other falsehoods about praying the rosary for deceased friends and family, he says he had "informants" who are Chamorro but chose not to name them. Obviously, he interviewed non-traditional Chamorro Catholics. I offered to be one of his readers for future articles and he accepted my offer. I will be meeting with him.
      Eileen Benavente-Blas

  3. Wake up, Guam! We're letting these Spanish/Italian conquistadores and their South American bastados "rape"/pillage/steal our land, our culture, our people all over again!!! BASTA, FAN!! NO MAS!! They can take their European uppity disdain for our culture and haughty attitudes all the way back to their homelands. And to top it off, some of us are buying into their know-it-all fake religion and elitist cult, "selling out" just like we did before!! Did we not learn from our history? Yes, I recognize that our ancestors were converted to our beloved Roman Catholic religion, but this is totally different. We are smarter and we have learned from this blog what the truth is. Stop treating these "gaijin" professors, seminarians, presbyters like royalty. I know it goes against our culture to not welcome all foreigners with our generosity and kindness but they have not returned this with the same treatment.

  4. wheres my comment tim?

    -Jokers Wild

    1. It's coming, Adriana. You're going to get your own post.

  5. The ones who really should be speaking out against this?


    Seriously they're at every funeral. Can they vouch his claims? If anything they'll refute it, and these priests are at more funerals per year than the average parishioner.

    C'mon pale's! The parishioners can't be the only ones outraged at this! This guy is undermining not only our culture, but our understanding of our faith and your ability to keep to the Roman Rite.

    I know I'm asking for a lot, but really this tiny ditty that paints Chamorros as people who still don't understand the faith should spark outrage across the board, from the men of the cloth to the faithful.

  6. Being that he proudly claims his Chamorro heritage, it should have been the leader of this archdiocese to refute that publication that cast such dismal shadow on the Chamorro people and their practice of the Catholic faith here in Guam. The silence though speaks volumes about where he stands.