Thursday, October 29, 2015


Eileen Benavente-Blas
4:23 PM (13 hours ago)

to atienza.david
Hafå Adai David Atienza,

I read your article at

Your statements are wrong concerning the funeral mass and the casket: "...the casket is not closed until the end of the funeral mass" and "At the end of the mass with the body present, the casket is closed."
These statements are false.
A simple search on would have told you that: "The immediate family takes one last opportunity to view their loved one before the coffin is closed and the funeral mass begins."
This is common knowledge.
Attending a funeral mass would have shown you the truth as well.

You further state:
"The Marian devotion of saying the rosary is essential for salvation among Chamorro. Many Chamorro tacitly believe that none of them will go to hell as long as their family properly says the rosary at the moment of their death. The individual conversion of the dead person matters less than the salvation attained by ritual attitudes and collective devotions; even a recalcitrant  murderer might reach heaven if the rosaries needed are offered up to the Virgin. Hell unquestionably exists, but Chamorro tend not to go there, except in cases of serious crimes and aggressions."
Really? This is not our belief. You give no attribution about where you obtained this information.

I am Chamorro and I live the Chamorro culture.
You have shown a lack of respect for Chamorros and our culture by publishing false, unattributed statements that will be perpetuated every time someone reads your article.

Respetu y Chamoru yan y kuttura,
Eileen Benavente-Blas, MFA in Writing


We have to understand why Atienza intentionally and purposely misrepresents "Chamorro custom." His real aim is not Chamorro custom. His aim is the Catholic Faith. Atienza is a major Kiko. He and his family live off the Kiko empire, the expansion of which is tied to Atienza's own fortunes. 

In order to justify the imposition of Kiko's theology and thus his empire, the real Catholic Faith must be shown as inept, corrupt, and full of what Kiko calls "natural religiousity" - in effect: superstitions. (Learn more at Chuck White's blog.)

This paves the way for Kiko to enter and set things "right" - the same way Luther and countless others who have attempted to destroy our Church have tried to do. But unlike Luther who threw the hierarchical church under the bus and launched out on his own, Kiko has learned how to use the hierarchy as his personal bus - providing "free rides" for clerics who, like Apuron, David, and Adrian, are lazy, corrupt, power-hungry, greedy, narcissistic, and stupid enough to get on it.

Understand that every time we give a dime to Apuron, we fund Kiko and Atienza's war on the Catholic Church. 

Time to stand up, folks. Stop being cowards. Stop saying "leave it alone." Stop thinking you are safe just because your parish hasn't been invaded yet by Kiko's. 

You will be judged. 

Join Terry Untalan and her group in front of the Hyatt, this Sunday, 5pm. If Atienza's in-your-face insult to you, your culture, your family, your faith, your church, isn't enough to get you to stand up, then let's not hear any more about pride and culture. You have already handed your family and your future over to the invaders. 

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