Friday, October 30, 2015


Joe asks to print the whole memo from Adrian partially printed in FLY ON THE (CHANCERY) WALL REPORTS

  1. Tim,

    Print the rest of his crap. Just want to see how far he went. Did Rome and Nuncio get a copy. Next Bishop, hell!! He already looks at the work we do in the Parishes as "not essential". What more if he were a bishop. All you fence sitters need to get off and get loud or this _ss hole becomes your shepherd.
So here it is:

Do you really think Adrian would have been the least bit concerned if he was at the top of the Chancery pay scale? Do you think he would be complaining about inequity and charity? 

Sr. Marian, did you know Adrian was gunning for your office budget?

The last item (3b) is a whopper given Adrian's wholesale sellout to his Kiko masters in seeing to it that every possible penny from "the poor" goes to take care of his and Apuron's pets living at their sea-side Yona palace not to mention money for their never-ending junkets. 


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