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As a fly on the wall, sometimes we hear interesting things that we can pass along. And sometimes luck shines upon us and we get documents that we can share with an anxious world wanting to know the true motives of the people in charge of our salvation.

Such a document recently fell upon my wings, which shows that salvation has nothing to do with Adrian's ministry, and David the VG as well. It's actually all about the money. They want more and feel hurt when others have more than them. As the first part of the letter below proves, it is a clear indication of what makes these two bozo$ tick.



Date: 1 April 1998
To: Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron, OFM Cap., D.D.
From: Fr. Adrian Cristobal, Chancellor
Re: Fiscal Budget for 1998/99 of ORE /FYM/ and Min. to Disabled
Cc: Dominic Kim, Finance Officer and Fr. David C. Quitugua, JCD.

1. In light of the proposed 1998/99 budget, I would like to offer you my observations: The money we receive are from rentals with a majority from donations and charity. In light of this, how can we justify the inequity of salaries in the Chancery Office? We do not have equity in our pay scales. For example, the Caluags are earning $xx,xxx (x,xxx,xxx Philippine pesos) a year to do one ministry. Fr. Lito is earning $xx,xxx per year. Speaking for myself, as Chancellor, Co-director of Vocations, Defender of the Bond for the Tribunal and Director of Catholic Charities Appeal, not to mention Spiritual Director of the Christian Mother, I only receive $500 per month. As for Fr. David, in his position as Vicar General, Moderator of the Curia and Judicial Vicar, his job is both essential and mandated by church law. Fr. David C. Quitugua and I earn a total of $26,000 per year. Both Fr. David and myself are doing as much if not more work for the Archdiocese and we are getting less total pay than Fr. Lito. I would think that that the work Fr. Daivd and I do are of major importance in the administration of the Archdiocese than the work of the Caluag’s. Although the offices of the ORE, FYM and Ministry to the Disabled are important, their work is auxiliary and not essential to the archdiocese. 


In case you've recently finished lunch, I'll spare you the rest of Adrian's crying, lest you become suddenly ill.

But no need to worry, Sr Marian, Adrian's got your back! I hope for your sake he doesn't have a knife in his hands. And don't you just love how he calculates the peso equivalent for employees working on Guam, who are Filipino! It is adorable - LOL.

I guess jealousy that Fr Lito was making more than him was more than Adrian could take, because later in the letter Adrian proposes that the Archbishop to eliminate Fr Litos position as Vicar of Catholic Education. Nice show of brotherly love, Adrian. Did you get your big fat raise after the Archbishop took your advice?

Like Jerry McGuire said "Show me the money!". And this is what Adrian prefers to follow.
But other Catholics prefer to follow Christ who said, "No one can serve two masters. ... You cannot serve God and mammon." (Matt 6:24) We choose to follow God, but kikos choose to follow mammon; and kiko.

Witnessing their actions smells like poop. But, I am a fly and used to that stench.. Luckily, the truth also carries its own sweet scent to overcome their KAKA.

Reporting live from a wall in the Chancery, this is McFly signing out. 

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