Friday, October 30, 2015


For years many of us had heard stories of the sexual molestation of young children, especially boys, by "certain clerics." Asked why those who knew of these cases did not report them, most simply didn't know who to report them too. 

Most did not want to go to the law because they wanted the matter to remain private - as it was a grave embarrassment to their family. But still, many wanted something to be done. But who to go to.?The bishop? 

(That's a dead end and I will soon demonstrate why - if you didn't already know for sure, for sure.)

Some have written to the Apostolic Delegate. But as per the name of the office suggests, he is only a delegate and has no power to investigate or enforce unless otherwise empowered by the Vatican.

Recently we learned of an office that was created to handle these kinds of cases: 

Promoter of Justice for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

The current Promoter of Justice is Fr. Robert J. Geisinger SJ and he was appointed to the office by Pope Francis in October of 2014. 

This office was designed to receive information about clerical abuse cases no matter how far back they occurred and to protect the people and families who submit the information. 

We have already directed the cases we know about to this office. You are encouraged to do the same. Like on the civil side, evidence must be compiled before there can be an investigation. We know the evidence is there. It is time to send it. 

Simply write out as much as you know. You must use names and dates - even if they are approximate, and locations. Be sure to provide return address information. Mark the envelope CONFIDENTIAL. Then send to:

Fr. Robert J. Geisinger SJ
Office of the Promoter of Justice 
Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
Piazza del S. Uffizio, 11, 00193 Roma, Italy


This information will be linked in the right sidebar for permanent reference. 


  1. Thanks Tim for posting this info. With all these Neo presbyster being manufactured at Yona, (Like Luis) they will be looking to suck on oranges!

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    1. Anonymous October 30, 2015 at 4:31 PM
      Tim you sick F***

      Sounds like either Fr Rudy or Fr Adrian Jokers Wild are back in the jungle!

    2. Anonymous T 4:31 PM,
      You approve of pedophile priests?
      Eileen Benavente-Blas

    3. 4:31 - don't forget your meds.

    4. So I guess to you, 4:31, children abused by priests who never tell a soul are accepted.

      You're the sick f***. End of story.

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  5. Any institution, of any kind, but especially a religious one, whose public goal is the protection of the poor, the widow, the orphan and the weak, that allows in its ranks a known pedophile, and/or facilitate said pedophile, to escape and continue his nefarious activities, is a criminal institution.
    This is why our Church was hit particularly hard by the revelations that for decades, our Bishops all around the world allowed, covered and facilitated these kind of individuals.
    This kind of misguided and moraly indefensible attitude has had terrible consequences on the victims and their families.
    People have been forced to live in shame and silence. People were casted away by the princes of the Church, instead of being defended, as Christ has instructed us.
    It has been a crisis of trust, that has pushed away many good people out of our Church, while allowing predators to continue to live a life of lies and deceptions.
    The US bishops, like many others have taken steps to "protect the children"

    Unfortunately, we also have seen that some Bishops, lacking real moral leadership, have just use a slight of hand to give the appearance of doing what was necessary (and right), but instead continued to abeit evil persons posing as priest to lurk within our mist.
    Others have tried to murk the waters by attacking some priests under false pretense, while allowing known perpetrators to continue unchallenged. Attemping to cover their inept and criminal position, by looking as strong and decisive, but their scam has been outed.

    We have seen, and continue to see these kind of abuse.
    This is why this Roman initiative, while late in coming and still without much teeth, is a welcome addition to really start effecting a needed change.

    How long are we going to allow evil men, acting under the guise of the cloth to continue abusing our children?
    How long are we going to allow evil men, to facilitate evil abuser to remain among us.

    We on Guam are at the eve of an evil and traumatic moment, where people soon will realize that the person we entrusted for 30 years on that subject, not only failed us completely, but also aided, abated and in some case participated knowingly and actively in the abuse, coverup and protection of the abuser.
    The people with knowledge about these issues, and the victims are finally coming forward with their burden.
    The time of reckoning is near.
    The controversial policies and manipulations of the NCW, of persons they always knew were, and still are abusers, will come to the fore, and they shall expose more of the perverted and evil practices of this movement and its leaders.
    Of course we already know about Pius and Wadeson, but this is the tip of the Iceberg.

    Steel yourselves my friends, what is coming is not pretty, but we owe it to the past and present victims, and the future generations of innocent children, to rid our Church of these false prophets and the evil men they use to help them.

  6. People need to go to jail! Please advise law enforcement and attorney general. Thanks

  7. Anon @ 4:31,
    I know that knowing the truth hurts, no need for the vulgar language. GOD bless and loves you too.