Wednesday, October 7, 2015


The intrusion of Wellington Oliveira into our local diocesan issues permits us an opportunity to examine the question of "stealing priests.". 

Wellington is from Brazil, but he is studying for the "priesthood" (he's neo so not sure we can call it that), in the diocese of Boston, and will be incardinated there. 

Now why is that? Does Brazil not need priests? How about Italy? Poland? Spain? Ecuador? Argentina? Mexico? Or any of the other many countries most of these neo-seminarians come from? 

Of course they do. Catholicism in those previously Catholic countries is collapsing many times faster than it is in the United States (including Guam). 

Yet O'Malley, Chaput, Apuron, and the rest of the neo-bishop-servants are taking them into their well-to-do dioceses lickety-split. 

Why is that?

Is it because bishops like the above-mentioned are too lazy to do the hard work of producing their own vocations? Probably. But beyond that, isn't it a crime to be stealing young men from countries that are many times worse off than our own?

The neo's like to quote "Ad Gentes" as their basis for the shuffling of neo-seminarians and presbyters off to more well-to-do countries. However, Rome has already seen the problem and in 2001 issued a warning:
This exchange among the Churches, the fruit of universal communion, must preserve a strong missionary thrust to counteract the prevalent trend of a certain number of diocesan priests who, incardinated in their particular Churches in mission territories, want to leave their own country and reside in Europe or North America, often with the intention of further studies or for other reasons that are not actually missionary.
Often their motives are based on the higher living conditions which these countries offer and the need for young priests in some of the established Churches. These priests are then convinced by such reasoning not to return to their own country, sometimes with the tacit permission of their own Bishop, or at other times in opposition to his request that they return home. A certain permanency is then given to such irregular situations by virtue of the vast distances and poor communication. 
It is quite obvious that O'Malley, Chaput, and Apuron et al are running a quasi-legal immigration operation. It's actually the perfect cover. Governments give great latitude to "missionaries" especially when a bishop is the sponsor. These guys get to "come to America", and Apuron et al get numbers they can brag about and guys who carry their bags and clap when they sing.

The Vatican also exactly foresaw the problem we have seen explode in front of our faces here in Guam regarding the education of seminarians:
The formation of seminarians in mission territories . The seminary's educational programme must ensure that seminarians are well trained in a true and proper manner concerning the nature and duties of a pastor, adapting themselves to the pastoral needs of their own particular Church where they will be incardinated  from the moment of their diaconate ordination.  It is also necessary that they are taught to broaden the horizons of their mind and heart to the specifically missionary and universal dimension of the life of the Church
In the mission territories one needs to be particularly attentive during the seminarian's formation not to allow an attitude that clamours for the supposed right to pursue further studies after ordination nor that the bishop has the obligation to send him abroad.

First, it is sick that Apuron considers Guam a "mission" territory after 400 years of Catholicism. In doing so, he has placed an indictment of "major fail" on his own head since he inherited a solidly Catholic diocese and turned it into a See of emptying churches.

Next, "adapting" themselves to the pastoral needs of the Church where they will be incardinated???? Yah, like that is what we see from these kiko-formed guys?

"Broaden mind and heart? Huh? They can't even bring themselves to show respect for the Mass, the REAL one.

And pursuing "further studies after ordination"? Ummm Edivaldo, I believe that would be you...and who else is out "pursuing studies after ordination" our expense....once again!

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