Wednesday, October 14, 2015


As mentioned in the House of Borgia post, Gennarini is a true mastermind. This comment allows us to illustrate that fact further. 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "THE ABOMINATION IS IN THE TEMPLE": 
I read Di's post and she was referring to St. John 's Seminary as being a "corporate sole" under the leadership of Cardinal Burke which also includes board of directors. 

What is the difference between this corporate sole and the corporate sole of the RMS here on island is what is being questioned! 


It's simple. The Archbishop of Agana is A CORPORATION SOLE. The Redemptoris Mater Seminary is not. Here is Article I of the articles of incorporation for the Archbishop of Agana. Note, it says "A CORPORATION SOLE." 

Here is Article I of the articles of incorporation for RMS. Note it does NOT say "a corporate sole." It says "A Guam Nonprofit Corporation."

These are two different corporate structures. And this is precisely what the archbishop's legal counsel warned Apuron about when RMS was set up. He could see exactly what was going to happen and told Apuron so. But Apuron insisted because Gennarini is his master. Less than 10 years later, Gennarini made his move and the property is now in his control.

As for St. John's Seminary in Camarillo, it is a school, and like most schools it has a school board. But it does not have a corporate board of directors because it is not a corporation. It remains the property of the Archbishop of Los Angeles, who is a corporation sole. 
St John's Seminary
System, Governing Board or Corporate Structure
Institution is NOT part of a system or corporate entity
Do you see the difference? St. John's is NOT a corporate entity, RMS IS a corporate entity. 

This was done intentionally and specifically with malice in mind. Gennarini knew Apuron would not be bishop forever so he saw to it that he would retain control over the corporation and the property no matter who was bishop: first, by separating RMS from the archdiocese by incorporating it separately, and second, by programming in the board of guarantors and its unique powers.

As Attorney Bronze opines:

The Board of Guarantors is “a separate, unelected, and un-removable board having veto power over (the) board of directors, the officers, and the sole member, the Archbishop of Agana and his successor.” 

Masterful, Maestro Gennarini! Masterful. But then given the dunce of a bishop and his bozo sidekicks, that was easy.

NOTE: St. John's is not "under the leadership of Cardinal Burke." It is under the authority of the Archbishop of Los Angeles, who is currently Jose Gomez. He's not stupid. 

NOTE: RMS cannot be incorporated as a "corporation sole" because a "corporation sole" is an OFFICE not a company or corporate entity. Thus the Archdiocese of Agana is NOT a "corporation sole." Instead, it is the OFFICE of the  "Archbishop of Agana" which is incorporated as the corporation sole. RMS is a school, not an office. It cannot be a "corporate sole." If it was, then according to the IRS, it would be a scam. But then it already is for other reasons.

And then there is this from The Thing:

LOL. No one has to listen to "the jungle." The jungle isn't saying it. An attorney licensed to practice law on Guam is saying it. Neither Apuron, Pius, or Adrian are licensed to practice law on Guam. If they wish to refute the Legal Opinion of Attorney Bronze then they must also hire an attorney licensed to practice law on Guam and get an official legal opinion. They know the truth though, which is why they don't. 

So Diana. Put up or Shut up. I will admit that my opinion has no weight since I am not licensed to practice law in this real property matter. This is why I proposed hiring a real attorney to get a real opinion. So now it's your turn. Are you licensed to practice law on Guam? If not, then you're a joke. If you are, then produce a written opinion. Most likely you're just a joke. But then we knew that. 

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