Monday, November 9, 2015


See the tab in the above list of "pages." This page will catalog the list of what we consider to be Archbishop Apuron's crimes against the Catholic faithful of the Archdiocese of Agana. While his crimes have been documented throughout this blog, this page will serve as a single reference, and because the crimes continue, so will this page. Check back for updates and links to documents to substantiate each crime. 


  1. Tim looking for his 4 million hits.

  2. Hello anon @12.20.
    Did I miss the memo?
    Is today Morons R Us day?

    No!! I didn't think so!!
    Crawl back in your cesspool and stay there!!
    This is for grown-up Catholics, not for Protestants, Talmud worshippers,
    Or pretend to be Catholic neos.

  3. Kenneth Gumataotao San AgustinNovember 9, 2015 at 2:38 PM

    And you're still an anonymous coward.

  4. 12:20 PM, not only Tim but those of us who are faithful Catholics. We expect millions more of hits in the future because we will not stop until Apuron and his NEO communities are eradicated from this island. We need another St. Patrick to drive away these serpents from our midst. They know they are not wanted but they keep slithering on, "devouring the houses of widows," and "sucking dry the pulp of OJs." Shameless cowards who take over our houses of worship as if they toiled to build these churches, making fun of our traditions so they can infect us with the hybrid cult of kiko, asking us for donations under false pretenses, abandoning the parish community when their commnities call on them, traveling with Apuron in worldwide jaunts that appear to rival the Pope's in frequency, etc.. Thieves, adulterers, liars, frauds...this is the NCW lair that we want the world to know about. Slow but surely we are gathering strength in the resolve of faithful Catholics around the world to avoid the trickery of a dangerous cult.

  5. Anonymous @ 12:20--
    You can't seriously be making light of the number of hits this blog has gotten...a number that continues to climb! Have you taken the time to look at the different countries this blog is reaching?
    It's world-wide, buddy!! While trying to eliminate the Neo cancer on Guam, we are learning from others and others are learning from us.
    4 million?? Hell no! Shooting for whatever it takes to get the word out about the cult that calls itself Neocatechumenal Way (among others...) And until the Catholics are rid of you once and for all.