Monday, November 9, 2015


While The Zoltan wants to carry on about how well neo children can quote the bible, the rest of us have completely different issues. Our issues are with the literal ARCH-NEO, the ARCHBISHOP - the biggest piece of "fruit" (a favorite neo word) in the neocatechumenal basket. 

In 2011, Apuron - despite the warning of his own legal counsel - stole an asset belonging to the Archdiocese of Agana valued at a conservative FORTY MILLION DOLLARS and deeded 75% of it to his friends and the other 25% to HIMSELF. 

Here's how he did it:

In "Legal Opinion regarding Real Property Conveyance and Corporate Governance relating to the The Redemptoris Mater House of Formation; a Guam Not-Profit Corporation", dated May 13, 2015, Guam attorney Jaques Bronze determined that the deed recorded at Land Management on November 22, 2011 (without the consent of the requisite bodies, including the pope, and without notice to the general Catholic faithful of the archdiocese) was:

 "AN ABSOLUTE CONVEYANCE IN FEE SIMPLE" of the subject property (the former Accion Hotel property valued to be at least worth FORTY MILLION DOLLARS.)

But who did Apuron deed this property to?

He deeded it to the Redemptoris Mater House of Formation (renamed Redemptoris Mater Seminary), a "Guam Non-Profit Corporation." 

And who controls this Corporation?

Attorney Bronze opines:
"It is the opinion of the undersigned that the drafter of these organizational documents* purposely and deliberately designed the structure of the organization so that the Board of Guarantors shall have veto power over all decisions including the decisions of the archbishop and his successors. 
Thus, we are faced with the unusual practice of a separate, unelected, and un-removable board having veto power over a board of directors, the officers, and the sole member, the Archbishop of Agana and his successors." 
*The organizational documents are the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws for the Redemptoris Mater Seminary, which according to Article III of Articles states that it exists solely for the purpose of forming priests "according to the life and practice of the Neocatechumenal Way." 

And who is on this "Board of Guarantors"?
  • Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron
  • Giuseppe Gennarini (New Jersey)
  • Claudia Gennarini (wife, New Jersey)
  • Angelo Poschetti (New Jersey)

The two Gennarini's and Poschetti are the "Neocatechumenal Responsible Team for the United States." Thus 75% of the RMS (and now the property it occupies) is controlled by the Neocatechumenal Way. 

However, the real crime here is that Apuron lists himself personally and NOT his office. Had he put Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron, Archbishop of Agana, Incumbent (which is the legal name of his office), the next Archbishop would automatically replace Apuron upon succession of his office and assume 25% control. 

But Apuron did NOT name his office. By placing himself personally and without reference to his office as one of four members of the Board of Guarantors, he in fact deeded 25% control of this mega-million dollar to HIMSELF. 

This is the real FRUIT of the Neocatechumenal Way: a bishop who steals from his own people and enriches himself and his friends. He just did not expect us to discover it. 


RMS- A Scam from the Beginning


In one of the comments on the PDN, someone says:
Social media talks way too much about the Arch Bishop and my guess if he is in fact that bad, Rome would dismiss him. 

I am copying my reply because it is something most need to know about the reality of this situation:

You're right on except for one thing. Rome doesn't have blanket authority to dismiss a bishop. Each bishop is his own pope of his diocese. The pope in Rome can no more dismiss the bishop of Agana than can the bishop of Agana dismiss the pope of Rome. 
This is the problem. There is no higher court of appeal than the bishop of a diocese. And since Apuron permits no appeal or even discussion of the problems, the problems have spilled into the street.  
That said, Rome still has a few options, most of them limited to asking a bishop to retire, or sometimes they actually give him a "promotion" to some desk job or honorary assignment in Rome.  
There have been a couple of instances where Pope Francis has been reported to have "fired" a bishop. But that's not true. He is not the bishop's "employer." He can't fire him.
The horrible details of fifty years of clergy sex abuse via the willing participation of many bishops only became an issue because it finally worked its way into the public media. Social media wasn't big back then (late 90's) but if it was, we might have caught these criminals a lot earlier.

Commenter: I have no comment on claims associated with possible misconduct if that is what is being reported. From an organzational and structural perspective I cannot comment either because church frameworks are not my cup of tea. I will say though from reading all these opeds and social media accounts that no one party has offered a solution that does not involve the person of Apuron. I will also opine that at some point, people need to either 1) forgive, or 2) forget, or 3) come up with expanded solutions if that is what is required.  
My area of interest is national security but this thing with the politics of religion back home seems to be circular in its talking points and if this is partially correct, then I will simply say it is sad, very sad because everyone has got an opinion and the whole point of worship is to thank God, not to continually throw mud at one cleric.
Ours is not an opinion. We have documents and we are pursuing a course of action both civilly and canonically (church law).  
And yes it is "very sad." But as already mentioned, the crimes of the church can be hidden extremely well. It took years to bust open the culture of child molestation. And until it blew up in the media, thousands of children were destroyed.  
We have provable crimes and we are moving forward, but it takes public support and a lot of money.  
But relative to op-eds such as these, everyone of them can be traced to Apuron's supporters starting the string. Everything I have written and Tanaka has written has been in response to these gross accusations. We see no need to defend ourselves. We see an opportunity to let Rome see this evil by keeping it in the media. Unfortunately Rome won't respond to anything else.  
Again, as per the clergy sex abuse crisis, they long knew about it, it was right under their nose for years. But they did nothing until the press got too hot to ignore.  
Apuron could solve all of this in an instant. He could have a meeting with those who oppose his actions and work out solutions. However, he has refused to meet with anyone and everyone. He sends out his lackeys to run interference and threatens to sue. Apuron holds all the cards. We have none. Only the media.


  1. Fr. Matthew BlockleyNovember 9, 2015 at 10:14 AM

    " it's mine mine mine. I practically own everything on Guam. I'm really so rich I don't know how rich I am".

  2. Another protestant fallacy that Zoltan learned from the NCW. Quoting the bible and memorizing verses is something we can train many people to do. The command from God however is not to tote our bibles around and bombard non believers with gospel passages. God expects us to have his laws and precepts written into our minds and hearts and to insure that our actions will reflect the very words of God in our everyday living. This is the true measure of God working in our lives.

    1. Ai Adai, Putrid. Diana says the library at the seminary where you are rector is a gem! I was there looks like books are unread. Like to read some of the copy/paste stuff the boys are writing!

  3. Fr. Matthew BlockleyNovember 9, 2015 at 10:36 AM

    This is just another confirmation of what I always believed. This guy was simply enriching himself from the wealthy church of Guam. Wow he must be taking all his wealth with him to heaven. Problem is no amount of his wealth will open the door to eternal life. The real lessons of life this guy never learned. So materialistic with his sense of entitlement. just horrible . How can anyone respect him in all honesty?

  4. Ooooh, ya. 1977 We will rock you! ". 1977

  5. zoltan says: "So why grumble, why not cheer the work of the spirit among us?"

    the problem is, is zoltan sure that's the Holy Spirit, and not an evil spirit?

    zoltan also says: "We in The Way also revitalize Bible study and emphasize the proper understanding of the Gospels. Kids as young as 12 years old learn to locate any verse in the scriptures in just 15 seconds."

    1) does zoltan not remember that satan can quote the Bible better than any human being can?

    2) "proper understanding of the Gospels"... ha! shall we give every neocat a copy of the catechism (the real deal, not the ncw directory)? or, to ease them into this "proper understanding," how about they start with the compendium of the catechism, or even with the "youcat"?

  6. Ai Adai, Putrid Pius. You have work to do. Stop sleeping!

    1. Official transcripts from all colleges, universities, and theologates attended;
    2. Application form and fee;
    3. Baptism and confirmation certificates;
    4. Statement on the priesthood;
    5. Evaluations and/or recommendations from previous seminaries or houses of formation;
    6. Autobiography;
    7. Job performance review from current or most recent employer;
    8. Physical exam report, including tuberculosis and HIV test results;
    9. Copy of current visa and passport if non-US citizen and address in country of citizenship;
    10. Copy of latest TOEFL scores and reports if non-native speaker of English;
    11. Federal and state criminal background checks;
    12. Psychological report;
    13. Two recent photos.


    2. Who is the psychologist used by seminary for testing and evaluation? We need to know. Ai Adai, Putrid. Who is it??


    3. Yes, who is the Dr. On Island conducting psychological evaluations of these men? Important to know who it is. For example what the sexual maturity level of Father Luis when he was ordained. We need to know this.

    4. Don't worry, cunilingus Louie passed his oral exam and practiced it by the beach. Go to him for services.

    5. How bout t Gabe who told of his escapades in the CB in front of AAA? Evaluation, please.

    6. Any guys cutting loose from the asylum in Yona? Now is the time to bail!!! Bombs away! Ru for your lives. Pius can't catch you! Sneak tight by Susanna.

  7. Yes. An anonymous genius on Dianasusanna blog admits about the presbyters are for "the communities.

    These seminarians made some serious commitments of becoming priests and serve the communities.

  8. That photo with the smirk is so awful. With the flames of hell in the background.

  9. Zoltan comes up with the same Neo propaganda time and time again to portray the NCW as a benevolent Catholic movement. Yes Zoltan, again you quote the Bible like a Protestant while insulting and putting down Guam's Catholics. Tell us again how the Way is for our own good. You see Zoltan, in your delusional and kaka filled brain you and your ilk think your cult is the only way to heaven. Oh, explain to us your use of the word rogue for a priest who was grievously defamed by the arcbishop. Second thought, don't bother. After all you can't explain shit because you're full of it.

  10. Zoltan is so convinced of his authority that he thinks people will actually pay attention to what he wrote. You are an empty shell, Z, give it up! You are just annoying, without substance and not worth getting riled up about. You must live in a cloud that has been blighted by pollutants. That explains your rants that PDN kindly obliged. It is free speech but total waste of printed space.

  11. sorry Tim and fellow readers/jungle watchers...i ask forgiveness for my choice of words, but really...WHAT THE F*CK?
    i opened the newspaper today, saw this jackass' face and decided it would be my last day to read the PDN. called and cancelled my subscription.
    free speech and all, is one thing - this guy is a waste of oxygen, makes no sense babbling off about memorizing verses? all the christian schools rave about their kids reciting that stuff but you ask them what it means and they have no clue.
    Wish to hell these neo's would get clue #1 find your own place to do your faith or your version of Catholic and quit your we're all in this together bullsh*t.
    Its going to come to violence, somebody is going to go to far with the thumbs down, somebody is going to get pushed to the limit and either blast the media with what we know is out there (corruption, physical sexual abuse, financial dirty deeds that go along with it) and then what with that neo Zoltan freak have to say? That it was made up?
    Arch whatever tiny iota of pride you may have had in the past you already know its long gone. You're a sad nothing of a man. David and Adrian are bottom feeders. Own it! That idiot priest(s) you have at the neo churches keep going on about infidelity and my grand-daughter keeps asking me what does that mean.
    i told her yesterday it was the reason why the neos are filled with broken people, broken marriages, desperate wives and husbands unwilling to pay for divorces because they got caught with their nurses, hair-dressers and secretaries.
    dirty people.
    zoltan, just do us all a favor while you're in the water resting with the tissue paper, reach up and flush twice.

  12. Zoltan said, and I quote "You had declared war against my church group, the Neocatechumenal Way." It's his church group, not the Catholic Church, therefore that makes it a different church.

    1. Yup, James 007 his church group with the presbyters ordained for "the communities". !!!!!

  13. Build your own church and stay out of our Parishes. Take your half-baked ESL presbyters and Brother Tony with you too! We will get back what was stolen from our Archdiocese and maya God have mercy on your souls.

  14. Check out, a good starting point for an introduction to the problems of the Neocatechumenal Way.

  15. I am publishing this here because I know Diana won't. I'm so angry at Diana Susanna comments to Dr Aguon!

    Of goodness could somebody please translate what he just said for me ???? Also Dear Diana Susana who is NOT from GUAM - do not tell Dr. AGUON (note the Chamorro last name) that she is acting in a colonialist manner. Are you kidding me? Show some respect to the Chamorro people or freaking leave. You has absolutely no right to speak of colonialism. Be warned - do not speak of things you no nothing about. I have read a lot of crap on both these blogs but this makes my blood boil. Stay in your corner and do not ever pretend to know what is right for the people of this land!

    1. Colonialism comment seems to come from Pius himself. Slime

  16. Stop the desecration of our sacred spaces. Think about how you would feel if any other well known non-Catholic religious group took liberty with entering our Catholic church to dance around the altar. If we truly believe in the real presence of our Lord, and believe Him to be present in the sanctuary, then we must do what our faith and conscience requires.

  17. this is just more proof that zoltan is religiously constipated considering the amount neo-sh*t he constantly spews and truly from a totally different church

  18. Tim, please take down the photo of this horrid man. He looks as bad as his choice of affiliation and of his words.

    1. Cuz if you don't take it down. Here come legal action from Zoltan the Martian alien. Gonna sue ur arms off with PDN. Isn't that his the same picture from all along??

    2. Decades will come and go; unfortunately this terrible photo of the devil in Shepard clothing will remain in the bookshelves of our parishes. The photo is published in the jubilee book of the Agana Cathedral Basilica. It irks all of us knowing that the Popes special home (Basilica) is now the grand meeting place of an evil cult (NCW/NEO) that has infested our island of paradise.

    3. Saturday ordination....complete Neo. Young man Pedro, why do you want to be incardinated here when local priests don't attend yor ordination? Do you fell ill at ease or you believe we are helping you by persecution? For me? I would have hesitated.

  19. Zoltan, I imagine your head must be spinning, take heed and alert your other members. The posting above is the reflection of the division your Sect has brought to our Church. These emotions are raw and people are angered at Rome refusing to listen. We have seen and heard of your Sect and we want no part of your religion. Get out of our parishes. All you have to do is understand that our emotions are raw. We want Apuron, Pius, all Neo Presbyters out of our churches. If you and the other members are convinced that the way to heaven is through the Way knock yourselves out. Congratulations, but stay out of our parishes,

  20. Zoltan. This is an old photo. We want the one in which you look like and old guy.

  21. Zoltan is an example of an mindless follower, who is so loyal that he lost the ability to discern. Whatever is spewed from Kiko, Pius or Bro Tony is accepted without question. Any thing that he hears contrary to what he is told, he will fight with total commitment so that he can get a pat on the head. "good and faithful neo" Zolan your PHD i think gives you the ability to think on your own. Poor but clueless pathetic follower.

    1. Yes! Go drink your koolaid. Make sure you share with your community.