Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Concern about Neocatechumenal influence


  1. This is what I've been saying all along was that these neos need to start their own churches and leave the Catholics on Guam alone. They want to invade our churches but we faithful will fight this till the very end. Our families past and present have helped build the catholic faith here in Guam. Why should the neos try to change our beliefs and our churches?

    Rome has not listened and Tony has been taking complete advantage of this. David and Adrian are fools and can't manage the current finances in the church. They've closed down the museum that Monsignor Benevente worked hard on trying to open up. People willing to donate time and money just to see the history of our church. Only to have tony and his neo pawns shut it down so that they can force us not to see our history on how the catholic faith was built in Guam.

    I go to church everyday and I listen intently to Fr. Gofigan and Monsignor Benevente and I can feel the presence of Jesus during their homilies as if He is speaking through them. You can feel the passion both priests have and their calling to be a real priest. Something tony has lost because of his greed for power and protecting his image as a leader.

    Tony needs to step down and start his own church if he believes that much in kiko. With all the support this community has given him even during his medical treatments, he's lost his faith and his flock all for material things and power he can't bring when his time comes to face the Lord.

    Forgiveness has to start somewhere and as long as tony refuses to open up a dialog, then he shouldn't preach about forgiveness. His words and his actions are meaningless when he can't practice why he preaches.

  2. Eileen, you have indeed identified the issues that has divided the Church and your list is indeed provides the solution that has divided our Church. The first step to this process is AB Apuron to step down because his betrayal and theft of our Church's most valuable assets has indicated that his total agenda is for the advancement of his Sect and the destruction of our Faith has lost the respect of the Laity. His refusal to face facts, and if fact further alienate the faithful, by having elaborate fund raising for his Sect, sending us the faithful the message, I don't care how you feel, I am in charge and will do as I please. He has never refuted any of the allegations, in fact it has embolden his involvement in the Way. He hurried said Mass so that he can attend a Neo function. The Neos have portrayed themselves as victims and yet they were the ones who are taking over our Parishes and trying to convert us to the Way to heaven. We have never had any objections to believe or practice their religion. We demand however, to get out of our parishes, Apuron to step down, the restoration of Monsignor and Fr. Paul. Build your own churches and all will be fine. We have been victimized from within and by an individual that we once trusted and it took many of us a very long time to accept the misdeeds, but with the amount of evidence that has never been refuted by Apuron. Silence in this case is a resounding admittance that he cannot refute any of the allegations. Archbishop Apuron, you owe your "flock" the decency to allow the Church to heal. Do the right thing at least some of us can at least give you credit for ending the divide. Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance.`` `

  3. "instrument" indeed. of the unwanted kind.

  4. sorry to comment twice in a row. but i also wanted to add that separation is not what the neocats are after.

    remember, they believe they're the "future" of the Church. the rest of us are misled and stuck in an impure religion that's been dirtied by medieval alterations. ever notice that many of them say they're praying for us to fall in line?

    so, telling the ncw to build their own churches isn't going to get very far. they're not going to stop until the rest of us have been assimilated into their vision of the "new evangelization." fellow star trek fans may hear echoes of the borg: "resistance is futile."

    meanwhile, the icon maker and the banquet-room architects continue to collect the dough.