Wednesday, November 11, 2015


On Monday, November 9, 2015, the current Cathedral Basilica Gift Shop manager (who shall remain nameless FOR NOW) accosted former Gift Shop manager, Lester Gonzales. 

In order to support his family, Lester recently opened up a small religious gift shop of his own. One of the items Lester is selling is the collection of prayers and songs known as Lepblon Tinaitai yan Kanta

(The collection was assembled and printed a few years ago by Msgr. James and his staff when he was still rector of the Cathedral and was paid for by a personal friend of Msgr. James.) 

This past Monday the CB Gift Shop manager barged into Lester's store and demanded to know where he got the books and who gave him permission to sell them. Since it was none of his business, Lester decided not to divulge that information to the rude intruder. 

The CB manager then demanded that Lester remove the books from his shelves on order of Archbishop Apuron. Lester wanted to be sure the order was coming from Apuron so he asked the abusive, raging kiko if the demand was coming from Apuron. He replied, "Yes."

There was a customer in Lester's shop who witnessed all this so of course Lester apologized to her for the altercation. According to Lester, the customer was in shock that someone representing the Archbishop would barge into someone else's place of business and threaten the owner as the Cathedral manager did to Lester. (BTW, Lester, you have a witness there for our next step.)

The next day, Lester called the Cathedral office and spoke to Coreen Leon Guerrero. Lester informed her that he did not appreciate the way he was treated by one of their staff and advised her that he had direct permission from the person who had paid for the books to sell them in his store. 

Coreen informed Lester that he had to obtain a letter of approval from the "Rector of the Cathedral" (David the VG) to sell the books . Lester advised that he did not need the VG's approval to sell the book, that he had obtained permission from the person who paid for the books. 

We can expect Apuron, David the VG, and the rest of his raging, slobbering, idiot Neo-bullies to continue to harass and bully Lester and make his life hell. 

And the real reason is not that he is selling a book they don't want him to sell. The real reason is that Lester used to be "one of them." And he actually had the courage and spiritual fortitude to stand up and walk out of their soul-destroying cult.

But more than that, and this is why David the VG is going berserk, Lester exposed Apuron & David's BAPTISM SCAM: the neo baptism of children in places other than churches and then NOT recording the baptismal certificates. This would be right in line with Kiko's hostility to a "sacramental" church. 

Here's what happened:

A couple years ago when Lester was still with the Neo's he was forced to have his child baptized at one of Apuron's stupid gymnasium fake Easter vigil's. Later when Lester was trying to obtain a copy of the child's baptismal certificate, he found out that there was none. 

David the VG, who performed the baptism, tried to pass off the responsibility for recording the certificate on to Msgr. James. But the baptism was neither performed by Msgr. James nor was it performed in his parish. 

Finally Lester had to confront David the VG on this grave omission, and to cover his *ss, David the VG, the Vicar General, the guy tasked to uphold the laws of the church for this diocese, manufactured a baptismal record and LIED both about the place of baptism* and about the original record being in the Baptismal Registry of the Cathedral - there was NO original record.

*David the VG recorded the baptism as having been performed at the Agana Cathedral when in fact he himself performed it at the Bishop Baumgartner School gym in Sinajana. 

You can read the whole account here and see a copy of the baptismal certificate with both of David the VG's LIES recorded on it. 

Lester then had the temerity to actually write the Nuncio about it and also shared his dilemma publicly. Since then they have been looking for a reason to hurt Lester, so they send their gift shop flunky over to his store to threaten him in Apuron's name!

Of course there's another reason. And that reason is that by providing an alternative location to purchase Catholic items, Lester is providing an alternative to their failure. Like everything else he has run, David the VG has run the Cathedral and its once beautiful gift shop INTO THE GROUND.! And their plan of action? DESTROY EVERYONE ELSE. 

This is what they did to Fr. Paul. This is what they did to Msgr. James. This is what they have done to so many others whose names have been forgotten (Apuron has been persecuting Filipino priests who don't bend to him for years).

And now they are doing it to a simple layman who is simply trying to feed his family. 

How dare a Catholic layman make Catholic goods available for purchase without these idiots' permission. I suppose Lester wouldn't have had a problem if he had opened up a porno shop instead of a Catholic gift store. They might have even been his best customers and could have run a tab for the RMS boy-toys.


Here's a note to Apuron and David the VG. You don't know who paid for those books. I DO. And here's a warning: YOU DON'T WANT TO MESS WITH HIM. 

HIGH ALERT! Be ready to defend Lester and his family from these piles of excrement. 

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