Saturday, November 7, 2015


When I first saw that Archbishop Apuron's name was assigned to this "homily" I was immediately doubtful. I know for a fact that he does not write much of what is published or "read" in his name. However, as soon as I began to read it, I knew it was his. And you will see why.

APURON: Is there a purgatory? Protestants deny that there is a purgatory. But they pray for the dead which means that there is a purgatory. 

I see. So Catholics are to deduce that there is a purgatory because Protestants "pray for the dead." OMG! And this is at the start of the homily! First our Protestant friends will be blown away. The idea that anything can be done for the dead once they are dead is one of the main things that sparked the Reformation

But aside from this, for a bishop to anchor his opening remarks on the reality of one of Catholicism's most central beliefs (Purgatory) in the practice of Protestants (let alone the fact that they don't even do this), is staggeringly sad...once you get over laughing!

APURON: TheY believe only in heaven and hell. But the hell many believe in is only temporary and that is just what Purgatory is. Therefore they believe in heaven and purgatory, not hell. 

Dear Protestant friends, did you know this? Did you know that you don't really believe in eternal damnation? Did you know that the hell you believe in is only temporary and is really Purgatory? Did you know? Are you done laughing? And we are STILL on defining a central Catholic teaching by comparing it to the beliefs and practices of Protestants? - even if they actually believed this - WHICH THEY DON'T!

At best this poor Kaka-confused bishop is confusing Protestant Christians with Jehovah Witnesses and Seventh Day Adventists (two religions which most Protestants reject as Christian) which teach the annihilation of the soul instead of eternal damnation. 

APURON: Reason says that there SHOULD be. We know that we are not perfect enough for heaven and not wicked enough for hell. 

We do? We know this? Scripture says otherwise. Matthew 7:22 ("Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord...'") tells us that many will be surprised at their fate: "Then I will declare to them solemnly, ‘I never knew you. Depart from me, you evildoers.’" - Mt. 7:23

Apuron, here, sets us up to be our own judge - REPLACING GOD. But then he's been learning at the feet of Kiko for 20 years, so why are we surprised?

APURON: So there must be a middle state of purification. According to the New Catholic Catechism:....

This might seem like a minor thing, but a bishop shouldn't make this mistake. There is no "NEW" Catholic Catechism. There is ONLY the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Also, applying the word "new" to the Catechism makes it sound like there is a "new" teaching. There is not.

APURON: If you pray for the dead it is presumed that there is a purgatory...

I see. So rather than relying on the rich treasures of 2000 years of Church teaching and the many witnesses of the saints and doctors of the church, we are to presume truth based on our own practice. Wow!

APURON: Jews use this in their celebration of Hanukah. But the Protestants do not have this book in their Bible. Mormons use First Corinthians, chapter 15, as the basis for being baptized for the dead. 

Sigh. Again with the Protestants and now with the Mormons. Really. Instead of telling us about Protestants and Mormons, why don't you simply state clearly and simply the teaching of the Catholic Church and the places in Scripture that the Catechism itself ACTUALLY REFERENCES!!!!

APURON: What is purgatory like? It is a place of great joy. This is where they want to be. They want to be purified before they see God. 

Actually, NO. This is NOT where "they want to be," and neither do you "want to be" there. You want to be in heaven with God. You do NOT want to go to Purgatory. And "a place of great joy"???? There is joy in knowing one is going to Heaven, but Apuron makes it sound like Purgatory is a flower-table neocat "joy" get-together. Officially the Catholic Church does not pretend to know the nature of purgatory other than to speak of a state of purification by a "cleansing fire." (CCC 1030-1). 

APURON: How many go to Purgatory? I think fewer go to purgatory than is generally thought. 

Now THAT'S a freaking dangerous thing to say. It also WREAKS of NEO-KAKA. Christ warns us harshly "straight is the gate and narrow the way" (Mt. 7:14) and " is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for one who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” (Mt. 19:24) And we know he didn't just mean the materially rich because most of those who were with him were not wealthy, yet "they were greatly astonished and said, 'Who then can be saved?'" (Mt. 19:25)

Now, are you ready for this? This is where you get FIRST CLASS NEO-KAKA:

APURON: Most have a first class, non-stop flight. Long before the priest at the funeral says, "May the angels lead you to paradise..." they are already there. 

Rome...Rome...come in, Rome? We have a problem. Rome? After you get done laughing about the reference to Apuron's usual mode of travel at our expense "first class, non-stop flight" (complete with Bloody Mary's), sober up and realize that this is FIRST CLASS NEO-KAKA. This is what Kiko teaches. You are already saved if you are "walking" in The Way....Kiko's "Way."  

And lastly, a huge error:

APURON: Every member of the Communion of Saints is remembered and prayed for in every Mass. 

No, Archbishop. The saints in heaven are members of the Communion of Saints and we do NOT pray for them at every Mass. As you said earlier in your own article: the "souls in heaven need no prayers." At least you got that right...even if you later got it wrong. 

Seriously, Archbishop, for the sake of your own soul if not ours, get the hell out of the Neocatechumenal Way. 

P.S. What do those letters mean after your name???


  1. Rome we have a huge problem. Brother Tony is a lost shepherd who doesn't even know his own religion. Help us, or consider yourself part of the problem by your inaction. REMOVE APURON NOW!!
    Abandoned Catholic

  2. Very poor understanding of catholic belief.

  3. Full of errors, YES! But, Tim, doubt he wrote it. He NEVER writes anything. Never. And certainly not now with you harassing the hell out of him. Probable written by professor at RMS! As Susanna would say :-)

  4. Replies
    1. Yes, professor Pius.

    2. Don't forget about professors Zoltan and Atienza. They know EVERYTHING! lol!

  5. my worldly 3-letter reaction is wtf. you'd think that a bishop would grow in knowledge and wisdom and understanding after 30 years on the chair. instead, we see the opposite.

    nevertheless, the "good" i see in this column is that it's another confirmation of the very bad theology being promoted by the ncw. their secret teachings are unhiding.

  6. How Sad, and we wonder why the other religions have taken a foothold on Guam. We have been mislead by an bishop whose faith was built on sand. Apuron, do the only decent thing left for you to do is to step down and allow the Church to rebound. Catholics of Guam stand up and be counted, this charlatan of a bishop has to be forced to step down. His ego is still convulut3ed that he throws a birthday for himself in spite of the lack of confidence of the flock. A perfect example of the Nero syndrome. He celebrates while the Church burns. Apuron, you are a disgrace to the Faith. You have betrayed us.

    1. Archbishop Anthony Apuron aka Brother Tony, resign now. You no longer represent the faithful Catholics on Guam. By your words and actions, you have shown your allegiance to the Neocatchumenal Way. You are no spiritual leader to me. Resign now and spend your retirement years with your cronies at Domus Galilaeae.
      Eileen Benavente-Blas

  7. WOW! Rome, if nothing you've read, heard or seen before has convinced you to take action against this farce of a bishop, let this be the motivator. He is clearly not in his right mind and clearly not fit to serve as the shepherd for the island Catholics.

  8. Willing to bet those are not his words, but that transplant who acts as spokesperson for the Archdiocese now. Same cuckoo who wrote about same sex marriage and homosexuality awhile ago. Apuron got into hot water that time when he included something regarding Islam and Homosexuality. Apuron is not in control of his faculties, his mind has turned to rotten fermented cabbage like kimchee without the pika. His salt has turned flat, his light is not inside the bushel basket but has been extinguished by the kiko machinery. Sad man, acting like he is in charge when in fact his strings are manipulated in whatever direction putrid the factory rectal desires.

  9. Not only is the Archbishop's ramblings bad theology. It is not Catholic theology. Kiki has formed a parasite within our beloved church. He attaches himself where it is so convenient, and he continues to feed off us without cost or consequences.

  10. This is what we have when we have a bishop who has invested much of his ministry in the materialistic aspect of life and very little investment in the spiritual life. It is very obvious in what he is trying to convey, basic catholic dogmatic teaching that he as a bishop should not be fumbling over. How do we expect him to be the curator of souls if he does not know his faith, I suspect that this is one reason he joined the NCW to get catechesis on what he should already know as shepherd of the flock. The only problem is, he abandoned orthodox Catholic teaching for the novel teaching of Kiko and the NCW cult. Archbishop, perhaps a little lesson, In order to excel in the spiritual life, you have to abandon the road that leads downward to perdition. Leave the materistic life, Jesus is right after all, a man cannot serve two master, he either loves one and hates the other. Resign, dump the NCW and hold on to those orthodox teaching of the Church. It is the pillar and foundation of truth. 1Tim3:15

    1. Fr.Matthew Blockley.November 8, 2015 at 4:13 PM

      2.26pm good point. Tony became very materialistic with a sense of entitlement in life. This led to his spiritual death which turned him to the walking cadaver he became.

    2. I like that, Fr. Matthew. Tony the Walking Dead.

    3. Fr. Matthew Blockey.November 8, 2015 at 10:06 PM

      Yes walking cadaver I find applies to the man himself tony " I was no Marie Antionette.I was not born to nobility. I had a human right to nobility." This is tonys real episcopal motto. Certainly the most Materialistic bishop in the world today.

  11. DD - "Definitely Delusional" Really Archbishop? 1. Purgatory is distinct from hell in the sense that purgatory is by the Grace of God and merits of Jesus's sacrifice the final purification of the elect, While Hell flows from the justice of God and considered the punishment of the damned who by their free will rejected God's Love. 2. How can Purgatory be a place if the souls that go there do not have bodies? 3. It is quite presumptious of you to say that "Most have a first class, non-stop flight" - this is God's perogative not yours Archbishop. 4. We pray for the intercessions of the Church Triumphant, but they clearly do not need our prayers if they are in heaven, They are in a better position to petition on our behalf. 5. "I think fewer go to purgatory than is generally thought. " How in heaven's name can you make such an assertion? So you do not think that there is a hell ? From the great St. Padre Pio "I guess youll find out when you get there." Archbishop, I agree with Tim, for the sake of your soul, leave the NCW, It is leading you astray..

  12. Let’s check out what Kiko Arguello says in this catechesis taken from the first volume of the Neocatechumenal Way’s Catechetical Directory:

    For the person who believes in Jesus Christ, death is like falling asleep. You go to bed and you fall asleep without knowing when. That is how you will die, like falling asleep. That is why the Church calls the dead “those who have fallen asleep in the Lord.” You die as if you are falling asleep and you awake in the resurrection. In an instant you pass from this world to glory, whether or not millions of years have gone by. This is why we Christians do not weep for our dead as the pagans do, for our brothers and sisters who die are alive.” (p. 277)

    Read more.

    1. Yep. Pure Seventh Day Adventism: Soul Sleep.

  13. So did Jesus get it all wrong? In light of the jewish customary practice to mourn those whom they loved after passing. The Son of God himself also in his human nature wept for Larazus after he died. (Jn 11:35) This God given emotion is our external expression of love for those of our loved ones who have passed on. I would follow after the example of Jesus over Kiko any day.

  14. The Son of God, purposely willed that Lazarus die after becoming sick, so as to manifest that he was the Way, the Truth and the Life. It was his plan to raise Larazus after being dead for four days and in a state of decay, so as to fulfill the promise that he earlier promised to Martha, "I am the ressurection and the Life; whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live, and anyone who lives and believes in me, will never die."(Jn 11:25.26) Not withstanding the great miracle that he was about to perform of raising the dead, Jesus however did not hold back to Weep for this man that he loved, to give us all an example of how we are to express Love for our friends who have passed.

    1. The church has no official teaching on why Jesus wept so we are free to speculate. However, the church does have an official teaching on the nature of Jesus being both fully God and fully Man. And as fully Man he wept.