Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Dear Attorney Jackie Terlaje,

Over the last two years I have received several comments saying what an incompetent lawyer you are. But since I didn't have any evidence I chose not to post those comments. However, since today you apparently provide the evidence yourself, I guess I'll be letting those comments through. LOL.

Now, let's have some fun, shall we?

You begin by telling us you are a "trained lawyer." LOL. Trained lawyers usually don't begin a legal opinion by saying they are "trained lawyers!" LOL.

Of course you do this because you are pretending to provide a legal opinion...but not really. A real legal opinion would be a real legal opinion, not a press release, which is all you offer here.

Now why are you, a "trained lawyer," NOT actually giving a Legal Opinion, but just a mishmash of slime and demonstrable stupidity? Ummmm, well maybe because even Apuron believes you are incompetent OTHERWISE HE WOULD HAVE RETAINED YOU to give an actual legal opinion....but he didn't, did he?

And speaking of beginning, how about beginning with full disclosure. How about beginning by telling us that you are a hard-core neocat and that you and your husband are "responsibles" in Apuron's own neocat community? But then you are an incompetent lawyer, so why should we even expect disclosure of any kind.

Here's one of your most ridiculous assertions:
While certain persons continue to insist that the Seminary Property does not belong to the Archdiocese of Agana (hereinafter “Archdiocese”), and have insisted that the Archbishop return the title to the Archdiocese, their speculations, theories, and self-induced hysteria, are simply incorrect. 

The "Certain persons" you are accusing of "self-induced hysteria" is the Law Offices of Jacques G. Bronze, a real lawyer who wrote a real TWENTY-ONE page REAL Legal Opinion demonstrating:

1) that Apuron's deed was "an absolute conveyance in fee simple of the subject real property;" and

2) that the property was NOT in Apuron's control, but  in the control of a corporation (RMS) that is NOT even in the control of its own Board of Directors, but in the control of a second (and illegal) board, the Board of Guarantors, which - as per the RMS bylaws - must ALWAYS include the "Neocatechumenal Way responsible team for the United States."

You then go on to publicly impugn Attorney Bronze by name by saying:
"...the Bronze opinion is simply wrong."
Ummm, Ms. Terlaje, did you even bother to personally and professionally consult with Attorney Bronze about his "wrong" opinion before publicly trashing him in the press? Of course not, Ms. Terlaje. Of course not, because you are an, unprofessional, kiko-fied, kaka-filled, apparently pretend attorney - a pretend attorney in this case because you are "pretending" to present a bona fide legal opinion in this excuse of a press release.

Wow. You must think the Press is REALLY STUPID! A letter to the editor masquerading as a press release because you put it on your office letterhead. LOL!

Here's one of your funniest statements - one that proves you don't know what the hell you are talking about:
Regarding the contrary legal opinion presented by attorney Jacques Bronze, Lewis Roca has declared that few legal offices are able to evaluate this specific area of law, “For those lawyers who regularly practice in this specialized area of religious institutions law, including the intersection of canon and secular law, the conclusion reached here that the Archbishop is in control of the Property would not be at all controversial.”
Again. L-O-FREAKING-L!!!

Pathetic, Ms. Terlaje!!! Pathetic. The legal status of a Guam real property transaction is NOT SUBJECT TO CANON LAW. Canon Law has NOTHING to say to civil law. Guam law stands on its own. It is not subject to whatever the hell the church says. In fact, the church actually says that relative to "contracts and especially alienation" the "particular provisions of civil law are to be observed:
Can. 1290 The general and particular provisions which the civil law in a territory has established for contracts and their disposition are to be observed with the same effects in canon law..."
Huh? To actually posit that Attorney Bronze doesn't know what he is doing in the matter of a Guam real property transaction because he doesn't know canon law? What a joke.

You quote this Roca group. LOL. You're as bad as Apuron.

First, why did Apuron hire a law firm not licensed to practice law on Guam to give an opinion on the legal status of a Guam real property transaction? Don't you know that's illegal? Oh, yah, that's right. You don't. You're an incompetent lawyer. What else can we deduce from this amazing display of well...kaka incompetency?

Second, if the Roca opinion says what you say it does, then why didn't you include it as an attachment to your press release? The CCOG included the Bronze opinion with theirs.

Why don't you publish this Roca opinion that you fools keep quoting? Why wouldn't Apuron let Attorney Bronze even take notes when he went to the chancery to read it? Why did he hide it from public view after Attorney Bronze went to see it? Where is this opinion, Ms. Terlaje?

And "legislative texts?" LOL. Same problem. No Vatican office can rule on the legal status of a Guam corporation or a Guam real property transaction. What a freaking joke.

And the title report? Ummm, an attorney should know that a title report is only an account of what is recorded at Land Management, and could be incomplete at that. It is not a Legal Opinion. You should know that titles to real property are called into question regularly.

Here let me help you with an example.

Last week I obtained a title report for a customer on a property that did not appear to have a legal access. The owner of an adjacent property claimed that the strip of land that had been used for years to access my customer's property belonged to him. His intention was to shut off use of the access and force my customer to sell him his property (at a much reduced rate of course.)

The neighbor had a title report showing that strip of land belonged to him and was not a legal access to my customer's property. However, I chose not to take the title report at face value. I decided to do my own research (something you obviously don't know how to do), and I found a 40 year old court judgment giving my customer access to his property over the contested strip of land. Voila! I took the evidence to the title company and they updated the title report. (Hey, maybe you should hire me to do your research. Never mind. You couldn't afford me. LOL)

Oh, and then it gets real fun, Ms. Terlaje. You show that you have drunk the KAKA big time with your conclusion:
...there is a desire to cash in on the sale of the Seminary Property (for which a handsome commission would be garnished).
Oh, that's good, Terlaje. That's real good. You obviously don't even know the legal powers of a corporation sole. If the property is given back to the Archdiocese of Agana, of which the incumbent bishop is the corporation sole - which is what the CCOG is trying to effect - only the bishop could ever authorize a sale. As it stands now, and because RMS is a Guam non-profit corporation, it's board of directors could authorize the sale BEFORE Apuron could ever do anything about it.

Don't you know that? Or are you completely ignorant about Guam corporate law too? Serious, Terlaje, stick to doing divorces.

Note: KAKA is Kiko Arguello Kool Aid.


  1. "I am a trained lawyer, and have practiced law on Guam for more than 16 years. However, I do not need the benefit of my legal expertise to understand that one simply does not go knocking on the door of his neighbor’s house and insist that the house does not belong to him, nor does one demand by media frenzy that he will insist on an execution of a grant deed to compel compliance."

    Thank you for providing this key piece of evidence that illustrates why we speak truth to power. The person knocking on the door of said property is the owner. Seems to be that the NCW thinks that the RMS property is theirs. Wrong, the property belongs to the laity of the Church on Guam.

    Probably why in her one sentence resume, she didn't describe herself as a savvy writer of opening salvos.

  2. Excellent, Tim!
    Eileen Benavente-Blas

  3. Fr. Matthew Blockley.November 17, 2015 at 10:00 PM

    Excellent informative article. Thank you Tim.

  4. Apparently, in Terlaje's "law training" she missed or skipped the class on the value of checking, researching, verifying and confirming info before putting it forth as self-perceived "facts"! Maybe she went to a law school run by the neos. No wonder why!

    1. She went to an RMS law school. She is a half baked wanna be attorney where they are allowed to dance around in a court room also.

  5. Gotta love the brilliant rebuttal of Tim to this Terlaje creature. So kaka-brained, this "trained liar,". would not even know if they're selling their own kid to a pedophile! Responsible, my #ss! Irresponsible I'd say! The faithful Catholic laity of Guam has seen through neo deceptions, so please do not insult us further by your cleaning up the deck of your sinking ship. You stink, Terlaje, big time stinko!

  6. My question is what merit does Atty Ed Terlaje's position as the Archdiocese's legal council at the time who counseled Apuron and the Finance Council against language in the documents attempting to transfer title of the Yona Property to the RMS. It seemed that he was against the language of the transfer of the title, which Apuron totally ignored and proceeded with the transfer behind everyone's back. If there was clearly nothing illegal with this transfer of title, why was he so deceptive? Jacke Terlaje is clearly influnced by her intimate involvement with the NCW and Apuron and is unable to make a rational prudent decisions on this matter.

  7. Tim, you just sunk a Neo "trained" lawyer's battleship. Like shooting fish in a barrel. LO freaking L.

  8. Hey Tim are you a'' Lawyer '' or a real estate man LO freaking L.

    1. Actually just smarter than your silly ass, Rudy. LO FREAKING L. But then that's so easy it's hardly worth mentioning. Go back to bed. Your own.

  9. a "trained lawyer," who threaten withholding employees paycheck, more like "trained monkey"

  10. Tim, thank you, here is an example of irrefutable proof of the total mind domination of the Neo followers. Something as obvious as a blue sky, if they are told that the sky is black, this is what they will defend to the end. This is the danger of this Sect. They are duty bound to follow blindly what is told to them by their "leaders" This is indeed the danger and why we want them out of our parishes. Wear helmets in the when you are close to a Neocat, so you do not get whacked by the plank in their eyes.

    1. It is typical of any cult or sect to believe the CRAP that comes out of the NEO-RESPONSIBLES. Even Diana who googles her crap and thinks that it applies to Guam Law. She still can't even find Rev & Tax to prove Tim and the CCOG wrong. Pretty pathetic if I may say it.

  11. This post does a great job of further alienating the reasonable among us who are against the NEO expansion at the expense of the Mother Church.

    To her credit, she didn't mock or ridicule anyone as is so commonly done on our side of the argument.

    1. LOL. Yes, it is the "reasonable" among you that did jack-nothing in the first place. Stay out of the battle if you don't have the balls.

    2. Hey Tim are those the two balls you're talking about underneath your nose, Tim 11-18-2015 at 12:27 PM Stupid idiot

    3. Are you kidding 11:18 AM? Her writing is an outright insult to the faiithful Catholics of Guam! SMH

    4. to anon a 11.18, it is nice to know you are against the Neo.

      My question then is this: what have you done to fight the Neo and their henchmen on island?
      If you did not notice it yet, this is a fight.
      On one side, you have the Archbishop and all the symbolism that represent, you have Pius who is the muscle of an evil operation, which is flushed with money and has access not only to powerful princes of the Church, but also to willing and corrupt business, and professional individuals, like the Terlajes, Sony Ada and many many others, who have sold their souls for whatever benefits, they perceive they can get.

      On the other side, you have a few brave souls, who give in time and money, they can hardly spare, to defend their cause. Their only weapons: a few placards, some letter writing, their faith and this blog.

      Sorry if we "alienate" you, but when you are in a gun fight, you do not come in with a knife or just good intention. You come in loaded for bear, and pissed off enough to fight to the end.
      If your faith does not allow you to do that, then stand aside, and let those willing to fight, do the fighting.
      In every conflict there are always the timid, and the lukewarm, if you want to be one of these, go ahead.....Nobody is holding you back.
      We only want volunteers.
      Keep in mind, what will you want to say to Jesus, when you will face him on that day and he ask you: "what did you do with your talent?"

    5. OP chiming in:

      Tim wrote: "Stay out of the battle if you don't have the balls."

      How very biblical and Christian of you to say.

      If you don't have the balls in the name of the Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit. Amen.


      "Sorry if we "alienate" you, but when you are in a gun fight, you do not come in with a knife or just good intention. If your faith does not allow you to do that, then stand aside, and let those willing to fight, do the fighting."

      Why do you choose to fight with bad intention though?

    6. Maybe the proper way to say thing it OP would be, In the name of Our Father Kiko, of the son Apuron and of the Holy Goats!

    7. To anon at 12.58 (#1)
      What is going on with that perpetual fascination with hanging balls? What has Pius done to you?
      This continuous arrested sexual development, demonstration is truly very disturbing.
      I truly hope you do not have any contact with any child.
      This kind of psychological problem is usually symptomatic of more serious and dangerous behavior.

    8. to anon at 2.56: I guess now the masks are down.
      Your tactic is not new to us.

      Pretending to be a "moderate" observer, who then turns out to impune the character of the people interacting with them.
      This is in particular, a preferred method of Zoltan the Magyar from afar.
      Little nitpicking things out of the context, trying to make a tempest in teacup....

      Who has bad intention here? Typical!!!


    9. Thanks, Frenchie. Meant to point that out but got busy. Was going to wait a bit till he totally unravelled and then reveal the impostor - the same one of course - in a post. Welcome Zoltan.

  12. More reason for all of us to boycott any business associated with this NEO Cult infestation. Stop the money that will end up in the hands of this deceitful leadership and to any business that supports this evil cult.

  13. Interestingly, the term "trained lawyer" is often used in the context of someone who earned a J.D. or even passed the bar exam, but never actually practiced law.

    1. Hafa adai CNMI! It seems that your description fits Jackie. She has never practiced law. Only pretend and then sends out a bill.

  14. Yah, some are "p-o'd" about my "tone." Too bad. The only way to deal with the persistent mocking insulting LIES from these people is have fun with them. They have a newspaper, the pulpits, churches, buildings, protected secrecy, money. We have nothing but our words and our signs. And we're going to use them. Don't like the battle? Stay off the blog.

    1. Tim are SIGNS I didn't see you hold up one. Brave One

    2. Totally agree. If you're not willing to put up or make a stand, don't get involved. It's almost like voting. If you're not willing to exercise your responsibility, you cannot complain.

    3. LOL. 2:27 "Tim are SIGNS..." What? Back to English class with you.

  15. After reading and listening to the interview, I can only deduce that someone is a "trained liar"....

  16. Sorry Nov. 18 at 11:18am. Yours and Terlaje’s comments and opinions are who and what insults us, the Catholic faithful of Guam in what for us, has had to evolve into an out-and-out fight to preserve and protect Catholicism on our island, as we’ve known it and as we still know it today in some of our parishes!

    How can your anonymous criticism be a demonstration of your “reasonableness”? One is either for the neo expansion, for the arrogant neo takeover of our Catholic Faith and for a heretical neo reinterpretation of our authentic Catholic Teachings or, one is simply and plainly against it! How can a weak-kneed fight against the neo deception, crookery, and guilefulness be “reasonable”? How can silence, anonymity and reservedness in the midst of this fierce spiritual battle that our Catholic Church on Guam is up against be “reasonable”?

    We are The Church! Jesus rebuked the lukewarm Christian and claimed he would rather “vomit” us in our lukewarmness! If we, the Catholic congregation, don’t roll up our sleeves, be authentically catechized and informed so as to be able to proactively, confront those from within our Church in their attempt to deceive us and destroy our Faith along with our Sacred Traditions, the Truth as found and taught in our Catholic Doctrine and Practices then, we can hardly claim that we are against the ncw expansion nor the ncw takeover of our Faith and our Catholic Parish life!

  17. Jackie, Zoltan and the ENTIRE NEOS are just "TRAINED STUPIDS"..... What an embarrassment to the professions they represent. To top it off, there is no archbishop on island cause he's aquired enough funds since his bday bash to party for the next month.

    ROME are you even seeing this?????

    1. Note: Ricardo Eusebio big time operator. Clever to keep his name out of conversation. Arrogant NEO, MD

  18. Rome does not care. This is our fight and people have to be willing to come out to the front lines and take a stand. Take a stand by putting your name when you post and stop
    hiding behind "Anonymous." Write a letter to the editor. Stop putting money in the collection basket. Support your parish by writing a check directly to GPA/GWA to help with their utilities. Do not support the chancery and the arch's thieving ways. Every parish gives a percentage of their collections to the chancery. Do not put money in the collection basket. You can still support your parish.
    The archbishop is a LIAR and a THIEF. If you don't speak out, you are condoning his behavior.
    If you have a Facebook page, post what's happening in our archdiocese.
    Eileen Benavente-Blas

  19. Jackie needs to look up the difference between "to garner" and "to garnish" with respect to your handsome commission. (!)