Tuesday, November 10, 2015


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  1. I found this - 1st thing came to mind, our globe trotting brother tony and his imported boy toys

    Here are some ways that a $65 million jet can be used by a pastor to further the Kingdom of God:

    1. He can finally have a straight flight to bring medical supplies to Africa without having to lay over in Tampa.

    2. It doubles as a nice, quiet place to read the Bible.

    3. He and his wife can finally enter the Mile-High-Club on a king-sized mattress as God intended, and not some cramped, stinky bathroom. #MissionaryPosition

    4. Two words: FULL BAR! And the cool thing is that the wine in the airplane bar can be used in a pinch for Communion....

    5. The seats have really nice night lights, so you can do devotions at night.

    6. The prisoners he visits will be hella impressed.

    7. Ample cargo space can be filled with food for the homeless folks who might live near the airport. And the money they saved on the religious tax exemption can be used to start a soup kitchen to feed the poor.

    8. Able to have fun buzzing the tower with his associate pastor, Goose (Negative, Holy Ghost Rider, the pattern is full).

    9. His $5000 suits won't come out of all wrinkly, like they do when you have to check your luggage like the commoners.

    10. Can finally prove, once and for all, that God blesses the faithful with great riches.

    tony, how soon can you top this doofus........ doofus