Thursday, November 19, 2015


Dear Holy Father, et. al.,

I'm just wondering if the Visitators you sent here last January had a chance to look into the issue of the local abuse of annulments. 

I know that some of the people who had wanted to see the Visitators wanted to speak to you about this. But of course Apuron and his blackmailers stacked the schedule so that none of his opponents could get an appointment, and so that your people heard only what Apuron wanted them to hear. (Luckily your people caught on to the scam and were able to see some of us. Thanks.)

There is growing evidence that the Archbishop and his blackmailers are using the granting of annulments as a way to shut up some and buy influence with others. 

In case you didn't know, the Tribunal is controlled by the Vicar General who is a Bought & Paid For Arch-Neocat and of course will do absolutely everything the Archbishop and his blackmailers tell him to do. And most of the other members are priests NOT incardinated in this diocese - so they can be easily threatened or intimidated into doing what Apuron and his blackmailers and the already proven to be crooked Vicar General want them to do. 

Just in case you didn't know, Apuron has a history of threatening to kick out un-incardinated priests if they aren't complicit in his atrocities. Most of us remember the incident with the "three priests," wherein Apuron threatened to kick out three un-incardinated priests from the Philippines who had given many years of their lives to this diocese. 

Apuron threatened them to serve the Neocatechumenal Way or get out. You can read his letters to them here. You can also read why what he was ordering them to do was heinous (celebrate an illicit liturgy) here

And there were many others, not so well known, like the atrocity that befell a beloved priest in the village of Asan who was also told to serve the NCW or GET OUT!. Read about that here. And of course what Apuron did to Fr. Simeon...and Fr. Efren... Well that's another story. But back to the subject at hand. (Geez! So many "subjects!")

I personally know of individuals who are seeking annulments who, knowing how the Tribunal deck is stacked, won't even venture to try. And I know of others also seeking annulments who are willing to sell their soul to the Neocatechumenal Way and Apuron and his blackmailers just to get it. 

I'm really tempted to tell you why I decided to do this post today...because it was something that happened yesterday. I can tell you a little. A certain friend of the church, and not even Catholic, needs an annulment to marry a Catholic. The person is influential and has a position that gives him/her an advantage in influencing the public perception of what is going on in this diocese. 

That's all I'll say for now. I'm fairly sure that our blackmailed and slimy chancery knows who I am talking about. And I'm also sure that the person I am referring to ALSO knows exactly who I am talking about. 

But of course the problem is larger than this one incident. The use of the power to grant annulments to influence the public debate over this chancery's many atrocities is not just a sin, it is an ecclesiastical crime. Certainly there are eternal penalties for such abuse of church power, but meanwhile, lives are being ruined and souls lost. Not sure what you can do. Just thought you should know. 

And just as an FYI, I intend to begin collecting the testimonies from people who this abuse of power is being used against. As for those who are selling their souls to Apuron and his blackmailers in order to "buy" their annulments...well, we'll get to you soon. 

Here is the current Tribunal. But who knows if it's current. Almost nothing on the archdiocesan website is. Another joke.


  1. The arch and his Neo cronies are evil incarnate!
    I am hoping to marry in the church as I had a civil marriage in 2006. I am so glad I do have an annulment from the archdiocese of DC. I'd be on the annulment black list if I were wanting an annulment now.
    There is so much treachery in the chancery. Hey good title for an exposé--"Treachery in the Chancery"!
    I feel for those individuals whose marriages in the church are being held hostage by this "treacherous tribunal."
    Eileen Benavente-Blas

  2. In contrast to the "ladrones" epithet imposed by the colonial Spanish, the evil of "Blackmail" has become widespread throughout the Islas Marianas, in government and business.

    And now, apparently, in the Archdiocese of Agana.

  3. Fr.Matthew Blockley.November 20, 2015 at 7:22 AM

    Absoloute abuse of power but it's been going on for years.


  4. 12.40pm. Yes, unfortunately true . Also in Church.