Tuesday, December 15, 2015


In 711, the Muslims invaded Spain. In less than three years they had conquered all of it except for the northernmost mountainous tip (from whence the Christian reconquest of Spain would begin).

The invaders were aided by a Christianity weakened by the Arian heresy, a culture steeped in vice, and a divided leadership. Even so, there were Christians who bravely fought the Moors under the brave Catholic king, Rodrigo.

Rodrigo met the invaders at Xeres, on the banks of the Guadalete, near Cadiz. History records that the battle, which raged for three days, was "long, obstinate, and sanguinary."

It appeared that the heavily outnumbered and ill-trained Christians might have even won the battle and repelled the invasion that turned into a 700 year occupation and subjagation of Christian Spain, save for a traitorous archbishop.

At a critical point in the battle, the traitorous Don Opas, the archbishop of Seville, with his family and friends, deserted the Catholics and went over to fight for the Moors.

Rodrigo was killed and all resistance crushed, save for the brave Don Pelayo, a Christian nobleman, who fled to the mountainous northern tip of Spain and hid in a cave.

Wishing to stamp out all resistance, the Muslims pursued Pelayo there, and before attacking him, sent the traitorous Bishop Opas to try to convince Pelayo to surrender.

Pelayo did not. And through the intervention of Our Lady, miraculously defeated the Moors, and began the 700 year long reconquest of Spain for Christ.

Buck up Guam. Stop crying for your priests to save you. Don Pelayo was a layman. 

How Don Pelayo Saved Catholic Spain


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  1. defending the truth and the dignity of people is not the exclusive work of the clergy. it's everyone's responsibility. don't depend on rome or priests to come to the rescue. if you see or have seen injustice and abuses being committed, speak out. take back and revive the Church that you received from your forefathers.

    on another note: our lady of covadonga, pray for us. ¡puxa asturies!