Thursday, January 28, 2016


Given what we are about to expose, it is important, especially for newcomers, and more especially for Vatican readers, to recount the absolutely despicable behavior of Msgr. David the VG in December of 2011. 

On December 6, 2011, at 7:46 AM, Msgr. David C. Quitugua, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Agana accused Richard Untalan and the other members of the archdiocesan finance council of a serious ecclesial crime: a "vulnus" - a physical wound against the Archbishop. 

(He also demonstrated his complete ignorance of canon law even though he is supposed to be the archdiocese's pre-eminent canon lawyer - but we'll get to that.)

In an email dated December 6, 2011, David the VG accused Mr. Untalan and the members of the AFC of attempting to "wound" the archbishop because they had intended to discuss "item number 5" at their meeting later that day. Item number 5 was the matter of the transfer of title of the former Accion hotel property to the control of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary. 

As president of the AFC, Mr. Untalan had placed it on the agenda because of the very nasty memo he received from Apuron on November 25, 2011, accusing Mr. Untalan and the others of not knowing what they were doing relative to the assignment of title to RMS. You can read that memo here. (You will want to note that the letter is dated November 11, 2011, but stamped received by Untalan on November 25, 2011.)

As per Apuron's nasty November 11 memo, it appeared to Mr. Untalan that Apuron was requiring the AFC to revisit the issue of the title transfer, a matter the AFC had already said NO to on September 8, 2011. So as was his duty as president of the finance council, Mr. Untalan placed the matter on the agenda. 

Here is David the VG's despicable email:

And why is this despicable? Because David the VG, David the Pathetic, David the Liar, KNEW that the title to the property had already been secretly transferred to RMS 14 days earlier on November 22, 2011. 

Unaware that Apuron and the Vicar General had already transferred title to the property, Mr. Untalan had intended to proceed with the "proposed" transfer as an item agenda at the AFC meeting. 

David the VG knew that the transfer was canonically illegal - since it required the consent of the AFC. So to cover up, he demanded that Mr. Untalan not discuss the item and then accused Untalan and the others of "breaking communion" with the archbishop and of attempting to wound ("vulnus") him for even placing it on the agenda. 

This is sick and despicable and it shows the depth of the depravity David, the Vicar General of this archdiocese, the man tasked with upholding the church's laws,  was willing to descend to to cover for Kiko Arguello's heretical trash and Gennarini's mafioso scheme - all at the expense of not only members of the AFC, who together had given cumulatively over 50 years of their lives to serve the archbishop, but also every Catholic in the Archdiocese of Agana.

Mr. Untalan was simply shocked at the Vicar General's accusation:

As you can see, not only was Mr. Untalan stunned by the accusation of attempting to wound the archbishop, but even more stunned - though he phrases it differently - at the Vicar General's absolute STUPIDITY regarding the canon law he is supposed to have a doctorate in: the decision of the AFC in the matter of the transfer of title is NOT "consultative," as David the Liar claimed. As per canon law, the AFC decision in this matter was to be considered "binding."

Read the full email string here

But as filthy rotten as David the VG shows himself to be in this episode, this is nothing compared to what we are about to expose. And this time the bad news won't be coming just from this blog. Look for it David. Oh, and call Jackie. 


  1. David VG, you liar, liar, pants on fire! You are supposed to do your duty to the Church, not beholden to lie for your spineless boss apuron. You and your self-righteous smug self have to answer to a Divine Judge, and hopefully you get to answer truthfully and testify to your complicit wrongdoing before a civil judge. You are a criminal and a fraud for daring to con the people with a doctored document on the front page of the Church paper. What kind of a priest are you? What kind of a citizen are you? Are you as dumb as we think you are, huh?

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  3. so much corruption and the abuse of power from the very people who are supposed to protect the flock. i hope the full truth comes out and justice served.

    so it sounds like the vicar general has civil law to worry about it addition to canon law, eh?

  4. I hope he does not add perjury to his list of offenses. What a disappointment our VG is! Then again, it has been his trademark to disappoint people - except to apuron and the ncw hierarchy of course!

  5. "Vulnus" upon the person of the archbishop, my foot!!! How about the "vulnus" that his bishop has inflicted on so many other people? I hope the ghost of Agat 1977 comes forward to haunt him and rectify the "vulnus" that these young men suffered all their lives. I hope people recognize and demand justice to right the wrongs committed by a lascivious priest, and who now uses others to lie for him due to his position. Nobody hides from justice - let "vulnus" go where it needs to drop. We the people should protect the victim(s) and support its quest for justice, not lie for a despot who thinks he can maintain a facade of innocence and untouchability.

  6. Will this impending legal expose' of David the VG be the first card to fall in the Neo's house of cards? Will David the VG be strong enough to "take the fall" all by himself? Or, will he, as his defense, cry out, "The devils made me do it," pointing to putrid pius and abhorrable apuron, as he sinks to his knees and places himself at the mercy of the court of public opinion.

  7. At this point, it does not matter which card falls first, as long as A card falls, it will be enough to send the others scurrying for cover as they experience an inevitable domino-effect. Let us hope so, for the imparting of justice on this island is long overdue. If the dilemma of perjury will lead one to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, so be it.

  8. This top down arrogance and denial has to stop sometime.

  9. This top down arrogance and denial has to stop sometime.

  10. What exactly are matters that characterize them as "vulnus"? If ever, the VG ought to send the vulnus threats to putrid pius, crook kiko arguello, moneybags gennarini, gastric adrian and to himself for endangering the Roman Catholic Community. The laity are the ones receiving harm from these people - to include the vile-mouthed knee jerkers at diana's blog, etc.

    1. You are so right anonymous@12:20 PM, as I too feel spiritually harmed by all the deception, lies, and manipulations by the archbishop and his unholy Neo masters and cadre. It is our individual Faith and the Holy Spirit that sustains us during this dark period in our archdiocese.

  11. In the past, a common defense of the kikos was the fruits - look at all the fruits of the Way, they would proudly proclaim.

    We haven't heard that so much anymore. I guess even the kikos are beginning to realize the fruits merely soured and rotten droppings from the tree.

    David the VG is just another in the long list of examples of the fruits of the NCW...rotten to the core. I honestly don't see how criminal infractions can be tied to David. BUT, I trust in Tim enough to believe that this will soon be revealed.

    I just hope that, unlike the criminal activity of a young priest almost a year ago, this criminal activity is not allowed to be swept under the carpet.

    Truly a sad state of affairs when the shepherd of the Church refuses to clean house. But then again, he has tracked more mud into the sanctuary than anyone else.

    The next bishop will need a huge mop and a lot of disinfectant. I for one hereby volunteer to help the new bishop clean every drop of dirt brought by the ncw. I only ask Rome to help me, for I am getting older. While I will always be spiritually youthful, please hurry with a new bishop while I am still physically able.

    And whatever justice is meted out to these bandits, I hope it is before they scurry off-island, so we can see justice carried out.

  12. Fly on the Wall reporting from a panic ridden Chancery enclave:

    AAA = Archvillain Anthony Apuron
    DCQ = David the Evil VG

    DCQ: My picture is on Jungle Watch again. I can't take this pressure any more. I never figured it would grow to the point where even the passive Catholic is turned against us. They show absolutely no respect.

    AAA: Certain enemies have been avoiding for some time not. But recently, I am also ignored by practically everybody. My priests talk behind my back, and even the Religious Sisters give me the cold shoulder. This is becoming terrible. Thank God I am getting ready for an off-island trip. This time I am making sure my suite does not have wi-fi, so I will not be lured to the Jungle.

    DCQ: Me, too.

    AAA: You cannot go off-island. I am going!

    DCQ: No I meant, me too, I'm addicted to the Jungle. How does Tim know so much about what we have done? I really think the fly is actually Adrian. He always was jealous of me and my position, and even jealous of you. I think he is the mole that gives Tim all the info.

    AAA: The addiction is one thing. I just wish Rude-ee and Adrian/Jokers Wild would stop the comments that just enrage the other side.
    On a different subject - is there anything to this criminal charges stuff that Tim is teasing us with?

    DCQ: You've managed to steer clear of the criminal minefield so far. You have let other people do the dirty work for you. But you still have a ton of exposure with Rome, they know what you've done because of the Jungle, and I don't know how much longer our allies in Rome will be able to protect you. Make sure your investments are liquid and remain hidden. You may need to draw them out very soon, especially if you need a canon lawyer to defend you.

    AAA: Wait a second. I thought you would find me a brother with a real JCD that could represent me?

    DCQ: Ouch. I thought you might ask me. Nevermind, forget I ever said that. I will find you the best Canon lawyer the Archdiocese can afford. The real problem is for me. I did the dirty work and now I am the one who might spend time in prison. Tony, can you help me? PLEASE!

    AAA: Yes, my son. As long as you keep the secret about 1977 I will do whatever I can to protect you. But I cannot stop the current threat about the seminary title. They already know too much. But I have been giving a lot of thought on how we can justify or mount a defense for you.

    DCQ: Yes, thank you. That's what I need to hear right now. What are your thoughts?

    AAA: I got a great idea this morning listening to the news. Your defense should be ...
    AFFLUENZA David, what are you doing?

    DCQ: I'm calling a real attorney. Hello, may I speak to Jacqui Terlaje, please.

    AAA: Why are you calling her? I thought you said you needed a real attorney.

    DCQ: Desperate times call for desperate measures. She's the only person I can afford.

    McFly reporting from a desperate Chancery.

  13. Truth be known folks! Triple A does not respect The VG at all, at all. Not worth it to start now.

  14. McFly never fails to regale us with his delicious reports! Kudos!

    1. Yes, McFly makes us smile despite our anguish. He or she is always so spot-on!