Monday, January 18, 2016


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "FR. PIUS: "I HOPE NO ONE IS RECORDING THIS."":Speaking of Archidiot Apuron; the Dungbat is now propagating that Guams Priest are the ones instigating division and that we the Laity should stay out of the fight.... These parasites are so clueless.... 


Yes, they've been doing this for awhile. It's their only hope. Those close to Apuron continue to report that he goes around blaming Fr. Paul and Msgr. James...STILL!. 

The reason is that if he can make these priests the cause of the problem then he can keep this all an issue about priestly disobedience and he will have Rome's sympathies.

If it ever gets out - and it is - that the real opposition to Apuron is coming from the laity, then Apuron would not only have no control, Rome would be forced at some point to intervene.

The problem that we've had so far is that not enough of the laity are making their opposition known outside this blog. While to us the complaints may seem long and loud, the reality is that only a handful of people appear publicly to show their opposition.

Thus Apuron can pretend to not know what we are protesting about. 

I find this fascinating because I hear endless calls for Rome to do something, but cowardice (?), laziness (?), discomfort (?), whatever....has kept most from not showing their faces. And as long as those faces do not show, then Apuron can keep up his lie that this is just a priest problem and continue to trash Fr. Paul and Msgr. James. 

The CCOG's efforts have necessarily gone quiet as they investigate legal action, but the Laity Forward Movement has stepped up to the public plate. And good for them. They have been "handbilling" different parishes after Sunday Masses. They are not afraid. They are putting their faces where their words are. 

This past Sunday, one of the Laity Forward Members confronted Fr. "Suck-the-girls-dry" Edivaldo, affectionally named Fr. O.J. (Read more here.)

Poor Fr. O.J. He was so flustered when he was confronted by Laity Forward Movement member, Theresa Tayama,  that all he could say was: "The Archbishop doesn't approve of this."

Ms. Tayama responded: "GOD DOES." 

Good for you, Theresa. 

Check out the Laity Forward Movement Facebook Page for update on their activities. And join them!

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