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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "FR. PIUS: "I HOPE NO ONE IS RECORDING THIS."":Speaking of Archidiot Apuron; the Dungbat is now propagating that Guams Priest are the ones instigating division and that we the Laity should stay out of the fight.... These parasites are so clueless.... 


Yes, they've been doing this for awhile. It's their only hope. Those close to Apuron continue to report that he goes around blaming Fr. Paul and Msgr. James...STILL!. 

The reason is that if he can make these priests the cause of the problem then he can keep this all an issue about priestly disobedience and he will have Rome's sympathies.

If it ever gets out - and it is - that the real opposition to Apuron is coming from the laity, then Apuron would not only have no control, Rome would be forced at some point to intervene.

The problem that we've had so far is that not enough of the laity are making their opposition known outside this blog. While to us the complaints may seem long and loud, the reality is that only a handful of people appear publicly to show their opposition.

Thus Apuron can pretend to not know what we are protesting about. 

I find this fascinating because I hear endless calls for Rome to do something, but cowardice (?), laziness (?), discomfort (?), whatever....has kept most from not showing their faces. And as long as those faces do not show, then Apuron can keep up his lie that this is just a priest problem and continue to trash Fr. Paul and Msgr. James. 

The CCOG's efforts have necessarily gone quiet as they investigate legal action, but the Laity Forward Movement has stepped up to the public plate. And good for them. They have been "handbilling" different parishes after Sunday Masses. They are not afraid. They are putting their faces where their words are. 

This past Sunday, one of the Laity Forward Members confronted Fr. "Suck-the-girls-dry" Edivaldo, affectionally named Fr. O.J. (Read more here.)

Poor Fr. O.J. He was so flustered when he was confronted by Laity Forward Movement member, Theresa Tayama,  that all he could say was: "The Archbishop doesn't approve of this."

Ms. Tayama responded: "GOD DOES." 

Good for you, Theresa. 

Check out the Laity Forward Movement Facebook Page for update on their activities. And join them!


  1. This is a no brainier linking the dingbats claim that the priests are a problem and the Laity Forward Movements campaign after last Sunday's Mass. They are now trying to counter this campaign by telling everyone that it's the priests that are causing division and we the laity should stay out of it. Wake up Guam....make these parasites know that their countless web of lies ends here. We the laity must take action and let our voices be heard...

  2. So, from presbyter (I refuse to consider him a priest)OJ eduvaldo's comment, apuron DOES KNOW what we are protesting about! And this is just one more proof of what we all know: that apuron is a bleep-ing liar!

  3. If OJ says that the archbishop doesn't approve of this......what does he (OJ) mean? Didn't the archbishop say that he (AAA) does not know why we are protesting. Therefore, why should he disapprove.?

    1. Too bad OJ didn't say the truth which would be "Adrian, Diana, Gennarini and Kiko wouldn't approve."

  4. The bigger question is why has the story changed all of a sudden, The cause for the division used to be a few rebels in Tim, Chuck, and several other JW Bloggers who reveal NCW dirty laundry. Then it became CCOG and Forward moving Catholic groups, Now its the clergy? These numbnuts change their stories like they change their undergarments. No wonder there is no credibility in their story. Quoting Frenchi "Deny, Deflect and defect..or is that defacate...

    1. As mentioned, they can't do anything to the laity. The fact that they are changing the "blame" is actually a signal that they have no answer for us. So they resort to beating up the priests who cannot publicly defend themselves.

  5. The KAKA filled zombies will say anything to save thier Sacriligious way of worship.

    DianaJanuary 18, 2016 at 8:46 PM
    Dear Anonymous at 8:19 pm,

    Actually, that has nothing to do with being aggressive. Rather, it indicates their desperation! :-) As Tim Rohr admitted in his own blog:

    "The problem that we've had so far is that not enough of the laity are making their opposition known outside this blog. While to us the complaints may seem long and loud, the reality is that only a handful of people appear publicly to show their opposition."

    As I said from the very beginning, their numbers are very very very few! The jungle tried to make themselves like they are a huge number by dividing themselves into two more groups: CCOG and the Laity Forward Movement. However, they were the same people who started in the jungle to begin with.

    Furthermore, the Laity Forward Movement did not get Father Edivaldo's permission to pass out those pamphlets. As a rule, every person or group who wishes to distribute or sell something to the parishioners should FIRST get permission from the parish priest. They did not do that because they already knew that Father Edivaldo would not give them permission. Therefore, they imposed themselves on the parishioners of Chalan Pago. Why? Because they were desperate. No matter how many pageviews the jungle has, they do not have the support of the majority of Catholics on this island. Their disrespectful tactics have even turned off some of their own members.

    They showed disrespect toward Father Edivaldo. However, Kudos to Father Edivaldo in his humility. He humbled himself and did not say anything bad toward them. The fliers of LFM, on the other hand, said something bad about Father Edivaldo. So, as anyone can clearly see in this case, it is the LFM who is causing the division in the laity.

    1. I was there. He did not humble himself...he didn't know what to say...he was a coward and sent a lady out to confront the group...instead...he in fact did not defend the Archbishop instead he RAN AWAY

    2. LOL. Do you think if I was "desperate" that I'd actually post something showing that I was "desperate?" LOL. I believe such a stupid allegation shows us who is really desperate. But thanks for doing this. Apparently the Diana did not see that I was using this to rally the troops, but she has done a far better job than me. I'll make a post of it. LOL

    3. "As a rule" they must get permission? LOL. After they sucked millions out of us for over a decade? We need their permission? Hell no!

    4. By the way, nice to see that Diana reads my blog. LOL. I sure as hell don't read hers. LOL.

    5. At 2:47 PM- PINOCCHIO-TIM, don't read hers blog, LOL. your nose is going to get big, oh it's already big.

    6. Good morning, Rude-ee. "The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops and the skulls of priests are its signposts."

  6. What kind of priest is this that wears steel toe boots to Eucharist? Look again.

    1. From a retired military stand point; there is nothing wrong with the use of steel toe boots when celebrating the Eucharist....But then again, "when in Rome, do as the Romans do"; clearly not appropriate considering the attire of his parishioners. And no,I'm not a NEO....

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I decided to temporarily delete the string of comments that was originally here because they appear to be a copy and paste with no explanation about their source and they were not a direct comment on anything posted above. Feel free to resubmit them if you like with an explanation as to the source.

  8. Good for you Ms. Tayama for taking a stand and getting info out. So because the info passed is against the Archbishop and his minions then it's not right to pass out without approval? Do you think he (OJ) would have approved!? Of course not so that's why you need to step up and just do it!

  9. Tim, I was at a meeting yesterday. A staff from public health gave a presentation. The Archbishop was present. The presenter kept calling the Archbishop "Monsignor." After her presentation the presenter again said "thank you Monsignor" for having me here. The Archbishop replied to everyone's shock "stop calling me Monsignor. Throughout your presentation you kept calling me Monsignor. Don't call me Monsignor. Monsignor is the one who got into trouble." The presenter was flabbergasted by his comment.

    1. Vanity....And he calls himself a spiritual leader. Instead of trying to heal the divide, he adds more fuel to the fire.

    2. Doesn't make any difference what meeting it was. Just typical of our bloated Local Ordinary. He's been heard MANY times to correct people if they even make the error to address him Bishop. It's ARCHbishop. Arch loser. D.D.

    3. apuron's quite sensitive to that stuff, eh?

      anon @ 2:22 pm: it does make some difference what meeting it was, because it adds to the evidence of the state of mind that this archbishop is in. stories made by anonymous commenters about some "meeting yesterday" amount to little more than whispers and rumors.

      as a side note, the presenter from public health could have been using "monsignor" the way "monseñor" is used in spanish, as a normal form of address for a bishop. i believe the similar is true in italian and french. we don't use "monsignor" that way in english, however. maybe the presenter was a native spanish, french, or italian speaker?

    4. I agree, it does make a difference. And this is the kind of thing that has kept us stymied all this time. People who have real evidence but take a "it doesn't matter" attitude. Hope you're not one of them. See what you can do. Send it to me privately if you must.

    5. Point is that the self important, conceited, Arch would not have the humilitity and good manners not to correct presenter anywhere or any time. What a small man.

    6. Tim, were any of the people who went to the movies to see Spotlight reminded that doing nothing resulted in 1000 abuse cases? That movie is about us.

    7. Yes anon at 4.03, what you are underlining is right on the money.
      It is at the center of the whole racket here.
      This reminds me a quote from Richard Sipe, who is one of the
      pre-eminent specialist on priestly abuse in the USA.
      He is a retired Benedictine Monk and Priest, and CCMHC.

      Quote: Wherever abuse by a priest occured some superior
      "gave permission", either through easy forgiveness or by some sexual activity himself.
      Sexual corruption is conferred from the top down, from men in power.
      A system of blackmail reaches into the highest corridors of the American hierarchy, and the Vatican and thrive because of sexual knowledge and relationships. End of quote.

      This could not be clearer. We are experiencing it on Guam, and we have seen it exposed many times in the news over the last 25 years.
      This is one of the main reason the laity has to get involved.
      This is why the Pope himself, reminded us last year, that it was our duty to do so.

    8. here's a very recent example of perseverance and how very slowly and stubbornly the church moves. just a few days ago, the archdiocese of seattle published the list of the clergy and religious who've been accused of sexual abuse. the archdiocese was urged to do this way back in 2004, when the previous archbishop was in charge. it's speculated that the archdiocese only did it because of continuing pressure from laypeople and organizations like SNAP, and also because a new archbishop took over in 2010.

    9. The meeting mentioned by 8:45 Jan 19 was at the clergy meeting. True to form, apuron unleashed his venom when he knew the priests cannot say anything. His sense of absolute power has got to stop. What a coward, unable to face head-on the trouble he started and thus reconciliation as the Vatican prescribed, but sneaks in and out of public appearances just to remind people he is in charge. His backstabbing and passive-aggressive behavior is not the right attitude for the respectable position of a Catholic Archbishop. Unfortunately for Guam he glided easily because of the deference (sometimes faulty) that people have for religious authority. Naaaaahh!

  10. Now they will be posting No trespassing on private property plus no solicitation or handling out of flyers and pamphlets allowed. They are even gonna call the cops.

    1. Great. Yes, let's have the cops. Imagine the photo op! Imagine Rome's reaction to a front page picture on the PDN with cops beating back Catholic protestors in front of a Catholic Church. LOL Bring it on, fools.

    2. i believe the appropriate clint eastwoood line is: "go ahead, make my day."

      the neocats can try that if they really, really want bad publicity about themselves. bring it on--i'm sure people will have their smartphones ready to tweet, post, and instagram that stuff faster than you can squirt the juice out of a calamansi.

    3. Beside the obvious issues highlighted by Tim and Rey, this would fly in the face of 2000 years of Catholic tradition, that the Church is open to all comers.

      What is next? Having people register as parishioners to walk in a Catholic Church?
      Personally I would cherish such and opportunity to sue the heck out of the Presbyter and the Archdiocese.
      Lawyers are lying up already....
      What is this? Morons R Us day?
      Have Kiko, Genarini and Pius already taken ownership of the parishes'properties?
      It gets better by the minute.

    4. Is this a prediction or just you being a nattering nabob of negativism? Because nothing we have faced in these demonstrations and outreach frightens me as much as what could happen to our Catholic Church if we DO NOTHING.

      Our faith as we practice it now will be NO MORE if we wait for the likes of St. Jeanne d'Arc to save us. Guess what! She was just a girl who followed God's will.

  11. Public threats posted in the Dingbats blog from the KAKA Filled Joker (AKA: Adriana).

    AnonymousJanuary 18, 2016 at 11:35 PM

    The Laity Forward group needs to take a step backwards and rethink their approach. They cannot just show up at the Parishes and pass out flyers without the permission of the Pastor. They have no respect. For one to even compare this to the Announcement of Catechesis is ridiculous. First off, the NCW is usually requested by the Pastor with permission of the Bishop to begin the catechesis in the parish. So the invitations that are passed out have the total pre-authorization of the Pastor.
    Anyways, what did Father Edivaldo or Father Luis do? Does Tim have the response to his FOIA from GPD on the Father Luis case? Wala no Tim?

    Yes Diana, this is a clergy problem. What are the non-NCW priests doing to control this situation? nothing! Instead they are the ones promoting the anti-Archbishop rhetoric in their parishes. They have to stop. Dont they realize what they are doing?
    I have my info waiting at the tip of my tongue about their favorite priest. If they want it then they will dare to make the first move. Game on!

    -Jokers Wild

    1. Poor Adrian. He’ll never get over his hatred for Msgr. James. Sadly this is the kind of thing that takes one to hell: a smoldering hatred for a perceived wound that, in life, eats out a man’s heart and then eats the rest of him in eternity.

      But aside from Adrian’s mad desire to publish his public road to perdition, we once again see the mad rush to blame “the priests.” This is probably more telling of the last gasps of life from the other side than anything else.

      For two years now, I have been the source of all the trouble, and now suddenly it’s the priests???? LOL. That sudden switch tells me, and should tell everyone else, that they have no answer for the document after document that I have presented to back every accusation.

      They have no document showing that RMS is a corporate sole in the name of the Archbishop.
      They have no document showing the permit to vary their communion rite from the liturgical books.
      They have no document showing the affiliation of RMS with the Lateran.
      They have no document showing refuting the claims of Joe Rivera and Art Ilagan who offered proof that the claims against Msgr. James were not true.
      They have no document showing any justification for the firing of Fr. Paul.
      They have never published the financials for RMS as promised in July 0f 2014.
      They have no document (aviso) showing the assignment of several absent priests who are supposedly “on mission.”

      In short, they have nothing. So they turn to the only thing they do have and the only thing they have always done, and that is to beat up the non-neo priests, and here’s the kicker: “for not doing anything.”

      This is the funniest of all. All the clergy were present at the meeting last year when Archbishop Hon gave every priest a severe lecture to stand down. There’s not a thing they can do, especially Fr. Paul and Msgr. James who have cases before the Vatican.

      Here’s what’s really got the joker scared: the laity. Real people, grassroots people, acting all on their own, doing what’s right because it’s right. You can see why Adrian and his idiots think that the non-neo priests are behind this. Because in the neo-cult there is absolute submission to authority. No one can make a move without authorization. This is why they continue to say we have to get permission. LOL. From the people who tell us they don’t need any when it comes to the liturgy. Too funny.

      But you see why they can’t even begin to imagine lay people actually doing something all on their own! Because that’s an impossibility in the neo-cult where you simply shut up and obey. So they think priests are behind this. LOL. Actually, Adrian knows better. He knows that the laity is beginning to rise up. And that has him scared as hell. So once again he threatens to release some trash about Msgr. James thinking it will make us stand down.

      Here’s some news for you Adrian. This is far bigger than Msgr. James. Most of those who are protesting don’t even know him or have never had him for a pastor. The laity are rising up because they smell pure evil. And the stench is coming from your rotting soul.

      How sad for the likes of you and Rudy. To whom much is given, much is expected. Too bad you care more about saving your neo-cult than saving your souls.

    2. "the NCW is usually requested by the pastor with permission of the bishop to begin catechesis..." Really? I don't think the original pastors of the parishes requested the ncw to come into their parishes at the onset.

      We parishioners sit in the pews while the ncw spew their filth during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We wait until after the Mass to greet parishioners OUTSIDE the church to distribute our information. WHO is being disrespectful?

  12. This is typical Adrian reaction. He never understood anything outside of his very narrow and perverted view of the world.
    Adrian has always, and most likely will always remain a small conspiring little mind.
    He always has used lies and slander to tarnish anybody he saw as a threat.
    How many people has that poor excuse of a man destroyed, in his short lifetime?
    His spectrum on life is very narrow, and it has not improve with age.
    Adrian has lived his life as a blackmailer, a backroom wheeler dealer.
    He does not comprehend any relationship outside of this narrow definition of the world.
    He always has been jealous of others for being smarter or better looking. (Easy to understand when you meet him, he never was a beauty price, even in his youth, nor a rocket scientist).
    Instead of trying to better himself, he always chose to destroy others by jealousy of their talents (real or imagined).

    In a way he always has been a Joke, rather than a Joker. If he was not so evil, one could almost pity him

  13. The Dungbat created a page titled 'How far for a loud bang?' They turn a simple act of keeping parishioners updated on what is happening to inciting violence... These parasitic zombies are so clueless..

    From the Dungbats Blog:
    Thus, those leaflets that LFM gave out to people after Mass on church property were not meant to distribute information because even an atheist living on Guam for at least the past two or three years would already know what is going on in Guam's Catholic Church through the media. LFM was not there to distribute information that is already known, but to incite some kind of "loud bang." They were also not there to rally troops because they already have the troops despite that they are very few in numbers. Their agenda is found in Tim's very own statements - to make a "loud bang" and get Rome's attention.

    1. thank you Anonymous January 20, 2016 at 9:19 AM, as you show
      ... The Dungbat created a page titled 'How far for a loud bang?...

      From the Dungbats Blog:
      "because even an atheist living on Guam for at least the past two or three years would already know what is going on in Guam's Catholic Church through the media".

      WOW!!, the diana's for sure for sure keep brother tony in the dark
      about Guam's Catholic Church, what did tony say "I don't known why those people are protecting"

      it really shows how well tony is involved in the neo-ever world, for brother tony its "neo or bust"

      its really sad when an atheist on Guam knows more about what is going on in Guam's Catholic Church, then the DUMB neo-NUMNUT the diana's call brother tony...but I know tony is a bigger liar than diana...

  14. This is the priest who I saw at dr. Landstrom's office who was twirling his cane above his head as if it was a baton while waiting for his appointment. Very immature and showed no respect for anyone else in the waiting area. In all my years on this island and abroad, I've never seen a priest who showed no regard for anyone else in the same room.