Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Apuron presided at the funeral of the Governor of the CNMI last Tuesday. A Saipan source says the family did not invite him, but that he "pushed his way through." The source says Apuron was "lifeless" and "rushed through the Mass." (We know the feeling.) 

The family wanted the Mass in English, but Apuron insisted on doing it in Chamorro. The only bright spot was that Apuron didn't give the sermon. The people of the CNMI know of the mess Apuron has made on Guam and did not want him tainting the funeral of the late governor. He didn't care. 

Apuron is heading somewhere else soon - also not invited and not wanted, but he intends to "grace" the others with his presence. But LOL. There will be a surprise waiting for him: a four page letter...in the hands of someone he is going to have to answer to. Bon Voyage, Tony. 

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