Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Apuron presided at the funeral of the Governor of the CNMI last Tuesday. A Saipan source says the family did not invite him, but that he "pushed his way through." The source says Apuron was "lifeless" and "rushed through the Mass." (We know the feeling.) 

The family wanted the Mass in English, but Apuron insisted on doing it in Chamorro. The only bright spot was that Apuron didn't give the sermon. The people of the CNMI know of the mess Apuron has made on Guam and did not want him tainting the funeral of the late governor. He didn't care. 

Apuron is heading somewhere else soon - also not invited and not wanted, but he intends to "grace" the others with his presence. But LOL. There will be a surprise waiting for him: a four page letter...in the hands of someone he is going to have to answer to. Bon Voyage, Tony. 


  1. Ooooooo....anxiously waiting with popcorn in hand....You Go, Tony!!......Really....You go....


  2. See you in the " pearl of the South" Tony.
    You have enemies in the south be careful.
    Remember the priests you destroyed .
    Well you may see them soon.
    Oh yes, I believe someone wearing a red hat looking for you.
    let's all meet in the pearl of the South.

    1. Marrakech, Morocco?
      Hyderabad, Pakistan?
      Tuticorin, India?
      Phuket, Thailand?
      Cebu, Philippines?
      Encarnacion, Paraguay?
      Cienfuegos, Cuba?
      Ponce, Puerto Rico?
      Beaufort, South Carolina?


    2. See you all in Cebu bye

  3. Dang, another teaser!

  4. I was at a retreat ceremony for my son yesterday in Malojloj. Although he was probably invited by whoever organized it, the bishop sure didn't seem to be welcomed, or welcoming.
    There was a nice merienda afterwards and the bishop was there for a short while, but he hardly seemed to care. He just sat with the priest from Dededo, and when he was done eating he left. He didn't take time to go around and greet people. But most obvious, most people there didn't seem to take time to greet him. He looked rather sad. I almost felt sorry for him, except a remembered all the terrible things he has done and my pity turned to anger. My son was so happy that the man was there, and wanted me to take him to greet the bishop, but I refused. On the long drive home I explained why I didn't want to meet the bishop. After I was done explaining the many reasons, my son asked a very astute query:
    Then why did they invite him?
    I guess it was out of courtesy, but he didn't do anything that appeared to need a bishop, except hand out diplomas.
    Maybe if no one invited him to their events he might finally get the hint. Even though he might invite himself, if you don't include him in any ceremony, then he'll stop crashing the party.
    People of Guam, stop inviting the bishop to any event, and stop inviting any presbyter. Let them focus solely on the kiko rot.

    1. Sadly, no official "Catholic" event can take place without the permission of the bishop, or at least the approval of the pastor in which the event occurs. So inviting him is part of the protocol. But yes, invite him. And let him sit. I hear even his family ignores him that way.

  5. Red hat coming to Guam?
    I hope its Cardinal Tagle.Our island could use a real man and a real leader, even if it's for a short visit.
    But if its a cardinal from Rome, I hope this one does something about our mess. One year ago Rome came to visit but so far nothing. What a disappointment for Guam.

  6. Is he heading to the International Eucharistic Congress in Cebu?


    1. I just googled the term " pearl of the south" used in the comment of 5.03pm.
      Specific poetic term to use I thought. Pearl of the south is a title used by residents of Cebu City Philippines. Yes 5.43pm there is an international Eucharistic congress due to take place in Cebu. According to what I read three Cardinals are already in residence in Makati city. May be Tony is waiting to join them. I then contacted my source in Manila who informs me Bishop Barron from La will be joining the group in Makati city. Wonder if Tony ready to gatecrash! Should be fun. Stay tuned readers. Bye.

    2. Watch for the reactions of the people hosting this International Eucharistic Congress! Wasn't there a priest from Cebu whom Brother Tony banned from the Churches here? Didn't Brother Tony order the clergy not to house this priest? Didn't Brother Tony write to this priest superior lying about him? Can't remember if this priest was Father Jerry or Gerry. Now brother Tony has the nerve to go to this priest's province.

    3. Tony is arrogant and shameless. He's so full of himself! He will return from his trip and do a victory lap. He's untouchable.


    4. Yes brother tony accused a priest from Cebu of theft .
      It was not true at all.
      Don't worry revenge soon.

  7. Caught in a big net and dragged away kicking and screaming. Tony boy, what an ignominious end.


  8. Who of Apuron's lover boys will escort him to the " pearl of the south" ?
    Is the Juice sucker escorting ?
    Is Wadeson flying in for a Philippine vacation.
    Lots of good looking men Cebu for him
    Or is Luis flying in for vacation.
    Lots of girls waiting for his oral expertise.

  9. Four page letter in the hands of someone he has to answer to?! Whew, the suspense! Excited already!

  10. i'm curious as to how neocats would deal with attending the international Eucharistic congress. must be just another show-face, PR event for them, and nothing more, especially since they don't really believe that "sacrifice" and "sacrament of unity" stuff that everybody else will be talking about. if i were a neocat who knows what the ncw really teaches, i'd feel out of place, awkward, and confused.


  11. This morning I was sent e mail comments posted by Diana's blog of the intended violence of the NCW towards the Catholic community of Guam. A blog like Diana who instills violence and hatred into the life of any community is certainly not bringing the peace of the Lord the fruits of the Holy Spirit to this community. The Intended violence, hatred, division being anticipated by the NCW is not only a concern to the authorities in Rome. It is also a concern to peace and order in our community. Allowing violence to grow Diana is never an option to peace loving members of society. Dianas blog threatened the catholic community with violence. For this reason alone when harm is threatened against the people of God along with our catholic local clergy there may well be no other option to make more formal complaints concerning Diana hate blog which is now intending to create violence in our parish communities. Archbishop Apuron as spiritual leader should address this threat of violence immediately.

  12. About two and two and 1/2 years ago, while I was being slowly sucked in this fight for justice on Guam, I was talking to a good friend of mine in Asia, who is a Missionary (a real one) from the Paris Foreign Missions Society, which is very active in sending missionaries throughout Asia. Good priests who usually spend a lifetime bringing the word of the Lord to countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and until the 50s China.
    They are known to have an excellent school for Asian languages, and send out well rounded priests.
    As I was talking to my friend, we approach the issue of Guam and what is happening on the island.
    When I mentioned the NCW, he put his hands to the sky, shrugged his shoulders in a typical French sign of irritation, and told me: " Oh my God! where ever these people go, you end up with divisions and fighting!"
    Little did I know, how accurate he was.
    As you see, from this impromptu conversation, what we are experiencing here, is nothing new. This is the reputation of that sect, within the Church.
    If you read carefully the reasons, the Catholic Archbishops of Japan decided to suspend the activities of the NCW in that country, it was because of the fracture the neos had brought to the Catholic Church there.
    This has been the same issue with many other countries, from Lebanon, to France and Germany, but also the Philippines.

    My point being, this is their modus operandi, they are not going to change. The only way to move forward is to deny them, the continued pilfering of our churches, and the destruction of the souls of the Catholic on Guam.
    Get your cameras and microphones ready, St Michael and the other Archangels will protect us.