Wednesday, January 20, 2016


And this Sunday, it will be BARRIGADA.

The Laity Forward Movement will be handbilling parishioners after this Sunday's 10AM Mass at the Barrigada Parish. Those who want to join the effort in getting the word out about what is happening to our diocese can join other members in front of the church at 10:30. 

In case you are wondering why they are doing this, Archbishop Apuron himself said he didn't know why the protestors were protesting at his November 1 birthday party at the Hyatt. So a growing number of the laity are taking it upon themselves to make sure everyone knows. 

Adrian, make sure you are there. 


  1. Yes Adrian...please show up. Bring Rudy with you so the Barrigada parishoners can see the real faces of dumb (Adrian) and dumber (Rudy).

  2. Priest Anonymous but Ever GratefulJanuary 20, 2016 at 3:56 PM

    Hurrah for the Laity Forward Movement!
    As a priest I am unable to speak freely, but am delighted to see the laity fulfilling their important role in the Church. It is a role our current Pope has urged on many occasions. Pope Francis wants the laity "to tickle the ears of their bishops". So tickle away, and God bless!

    1. The Dungbat tries to correct our Catholic Priests on its blog "Prayers needed for this priest." What credentials does this self glorified KAKA filled zombie have that gives it the authority to correct or priests? Desperate times takes desperate measures...The Dungbat should be teaching brother Tony on what a shepherd is...

      From the Dungbats newest blog:
      I will also offer you my correction, Father. It is wrong for any priest to encourage the laity to oppose the Archbishop, who is the local Vicar of Christ. Every baptized Catholic does not belong to himself or herself. Through their baptism, they belong to Christ. Church teaching is very clear that every baptized person is called to obey and submit to the Church leader (See CCC 1269). And Archbishop Apuron is the local Vicar of Christ in the eyes of the Holy See.

    2. Apuron clearly and publicly rejected the Magisterium of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, not only on the radio in January of 2006, but every time he celebrates the neo-cult liturgy in a way that does not conform to what is permitted in the NCW statute. In doing so, he has de facto abdicated the episcopal chair. It is not necessary for Rome to officially remove him. Catholics, in the face of the clear disobedience of their bishop, must reject their bishop (since he is no longer bishop), and place themselves directly under the authority of the legitimate magisterium until such time as Rome can provide a solution: be it a reformed and apologetic bishop or a different one altogether.

    3. We the laity are opposing not the office of the local Vicar; rather the actions of a renegade prelate who has sold his soul for earthly gain. It was bother Tony that accused two pastors of wrong doing without due process in accordance with cannon law. It was brother Tony who gave a multi-million dollar asset without the consent of both the finance council and the Vatican. We graciously thank this priest and all priests who support our fight to undo the unjustly actions of this selfish wolf guised in shepherds clothing...BIBA Katoliko.

    4. Priest Anonymous but Ever GratefulJanuary 21, 2016 at 4:17 PM

      Diana quotes CCC 1269. While I am no canonist, my earlier comments were based on the following in canon law. Book II, Part 1, deals with the obligations and rights of the Christian faithful:
      Can. 212 §3. According to the knowledge, competence, and prestige which they possess, they have the right and even at times the duty to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church and to make their opinion known to the rest of the Christian faithful, without prejudice to the integrity of faith and morals, with reverence toward their pastors, and attentive to common advantage and the dignity of persons.
      Key here is a duty to make known to pastors and the rest of the Christian faithful...and it must be done with reverence. What I know of the LFM, they have acted respectfully, and I implore them to continue this way. God is with you when you act in charity to defend His church.
      Canon 229 §1. Lay persons are bound by the obligation and possess the right to acquire knowledge of Christian doctrine appropriate to the capacity and condition of each in order for them to be able to live according to this doctrine, announce it themselves, defend it if necessary, and take their part in exercising the apostolate.
      The key here is that all Catholics have an obligation to defend the Church, which I encourage them to do. By the way, that Jubilee prayer at the end of is illegal since no prayers are to be added to the mass that are not a part of the roman missal.
      Diana is typical of many of our protestant brothers. They look at one scriptural passage and ignore the entire text. Such is the richness of the Catholic Church that it has studied sacred scripture for two millenia, taking every piece of this amazing quilt into account. One panel cannot be interpreted without understand the whole fabric.
      So, yes, CCC 1269 talks about obedience to the Church. But if Diana could look at CCC 907 she would see that the CCC also refers to canon law and 212.3. Obedience, yes, but not blind and absolute obedience. Wrong is wrong, and we must not be obedient to wrong, no matter who is directing the wrong. Infallibility does not apply to bishops and priests, and only applies to the Holy Father in very limited circumstances.
      I wish you all luck, and encourage you to continue to spread the news, to insure the news you spread is correct, and to spread with a spirit of love...even if they spit in your face do not lose the spirit of love.
      God bless.

    5. As one of my preferred character of the SNL comedy hour, the Church lady always said: " Is that right? Is that, not Conveeenient?
      Poor Diana forgets that the Archbishop himself, failed to abide the Pope commandments, and publicly said so...

      Since the NCW love Bible study, here is a little something for Diana to reflect on:

      Matthew 23.
      Then Jesus said to the crowds and his disciples.
      'The teachers of the Law and the pharisees sit in Moses seat.
      So you must be careful to do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach. They tie up heavy cumbersome loads and put them on other people's shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them.'

      Everything they do is for the people to see: they make their
      phylacteries wide and the tassels on their garments long, they love the place of honor at banquets, and the most important seats at the Synagogues, they love to be greeted with respect in the marketplaces and be called Rabbi by others.

      But you are not to be called Rabbi for you have one teacher, and you are all brothers.
      And do not call anyone on earth father, for you have one father and he is in heaven. Nor are you to be called instructors, for you have one Instructor, the Messiah. The greatest among you will be your servant, and those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.

      Here you go NCW members, try to really think about this, next time you read the inanities of Diana and the Joker.

      I will remain humble, and not comment any further that this on that particular subject. The words of the Lord speak for themselves.

    6. From Diana's new blog 'Responding to the anonymous priest...was the LFM literature she listed on her blog true or is it trying to instigate a riot amongst its follows?

      That is correct. The key here is a duty to make known with reverence, which is not the same as disobedience. However, you are incorrect when you stated that LFM have acted "respectfully." These are the words you will find in the fliers that LFM have illegally distributed out to parishioners:

      Are you willing to stand up? Or would you just like to find out the juicy details of Adrian's sick and pathetic little life
      Even some of the worse priest you ever met would be looked upon favorable if you had to compare them to Adrian, ethically, philosophically, humanly, or just plain commonly as a priest. Not only the man lacks any moral fiber of any kind, but he obviously suffers from psychological issues that would require prolonged professional supervision, for him to function in any traditional environment.

    7. Someone attached a copy of a comment by Frenchie to the LFM flyer. I spoke to one of the LFM members after I learned about it and learned that most of those who were handing out the flyer had not read the attached comments. I have no control over the LFM but recommended that they stick only to the facts, which are BAD enough.

      But as far as “reverence toward their pastors’ goes, canon law on this point assumes the respect of pastors in return. Years have been spent attempting to communicate our concerns to Apuron. I personally have sent several letters to him. People have respectfully asked him over and over for “the document.” And you all have seen the answer: NOTHING. Actually, it’s worse: LIE AFTER LIE AFTER LIE.

      Recently a member of the board of the CCOG attempted to meet with Apuron. As expected Apuron sent out his little footstool of a chancellor to run interference for him. Adrian had no intention of listening to the concerns as presented by the CCOG. Instead he disrespectfully kept changing the subject, kept deflecting, kept ignoring, and in so doing, showed his disdain and irreverence for the man’s time and effort.

      After years of stonewalling and lies from Apuron and his little toads, the laity must now move beyond “reverence for pastors” since Apuron and his people show NO reverence for the church or the faithful. Instead we have their “pastors” speaking publicly about sucking the juice out of girls and one actually caught in the act of doing so.

      The laity has decided it is time to fight back. And so they are. Here they come.

    8. I wrote the following response on the Dungbats blog in response to thier perception that the LFM caused many of us to abandon the fight...i write it here in case it chooses not to post it...
      Dear Anonymous @ January 23 at 11:55am.....I am Anonymous@January 21 at 11:26....Tim provided a response to my inquiry and NO, this incident did not change my outlook on the Division caused by the NCW.

      Message from Diana's newest blog...
      AnonymousJanuary 23, 2016 at 11:55 AM
      Yep. One of the junglefolks realize that the fliers they were passing out is just a smear mud-slinging campaign rather than giving out information type of thing. If this person can recognize that and be turned off by it, many others are lining up behind him/her and don't want to be associated with LFM, CCOG, or the jungle. From Junglewatch:

  3. Somebody better contact Batman. He will be needed when the Joker goes wild!
    As Robin the Boy Wonder would say - "Holy absurdity Batman, that Jokers Wild is insane."
    One little bit of advice though:
    Don't let Adrianne get too close to Robin the Boy Wonder. It could turn ugly for those green tights very fast. Poor Robin would never walk straight again.
    No gender/double entendre intended :o)

  4. Loser Adrian is in the Philippines with Alberto.

  5. Somebody please video the Sunday event and email it so jokers wild doesn't miss out.

  6. Are they going to the same event as Tony?
    Who is adrian's male escort/boy toy?
    Who is albert's escort/girl or boy toy?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  7. Hey Tim are you going ? are you going to bring your sign, or you going to let all these idiots do it.

    1. LOL, Rude-ee, you are so anxious to see me. Note to Laity: Rude-ee is calling you "idiots." Hope you have your ticket out of here Rude-ee. You're going to need to get on a plane fast once Apuron goes.

  8. Tim - congrats on exceeding 4.1 Million page views. It was just a short while ago that you surpassed 4.0 Million.

    On another note, browsing through the right column, I see it has now been 401 days since tony-baloney said he would find the Rome permission for their reception of communion. Hmmmm....

    tony - why don't you just admit that there is no permission from the Catholic Church. That there is only permission from your kiko church. And that the teachings like Jesus is a sinner is not Catholic teaching, but just teaching from your kiko church. At least that way we will know you're not a heretic, but merely espousing the teachings of your pope, kiko.

    Have a wonderful trip to Cebu. Watch out for those red hats coming towards you. Maybe best to just stay at the Shangri-La with your boy toys.

  9. we have someone else wading over there in the swamp?

  10. This NEO Cult Zombie from the Dungbats blog needs to retake ESL101....

    AnonymousJanuary 20, 2016 at 6:41 PM

    1. LOL. They still cannot accept - or they refuse to accept - that ordinary lay people have minds of their own and are somehow doing "my work!" I will say it again. For 30 years I have heard the most disgusting things about this Archbishop, and most of those things were said by the elderly, people who knew Apuron all his life, especially members of his family.

      They were willing to put up with all of it in the name of the Church and in the name of peace. They were willing to look the other way (even at 1977). And they would probably still be willing to look the other way at his personal failings except for the fact that Apuron (actually Pius and Adrian) have gone on the attack. While they were horrified at how Fr. Paul was treated, the thing that pushed them over the top was the purposeful and public degradation of Msgr. James in order to take him out of the list of possible candidates for Apuron's successor.

      The Chamorro culture is very tolerant and non-confrontational. And for this reason, Apuron and his idiots thought they could get away with the public trashing of Msgr. James. He underestimated their tolerance. What you see now in the Laity Forward Movement are not Msgr. James' close friends. You see people who are offended by Apuron's violation of the cultural code which is: no matter what, you keep your dirty laundry in the family.

      It wasn't Tim Rohr who published all the trash about Msgr. James in the Umatuna and the Cathedral bulletins. It wasn't Tim Rohr who sent a press release to the media with a list of lies about Msgr. James. It was Archbishop Apuron. He violated the Chamorro Code of Conduct. And now the Chamorro people are going to make him pay.

    2. The idiot at 10:07 AM Chamorro Code of Conduct? Are you Chamorro? you're just a visitor, the bishop was born there, you violated the Chamorro Code of Conduct, he lived all his life there idiot!!! Family

    3. LOL. So you have to be Chamorro to know anything about the Chamorro culture. BTW, not only is not airing the family laundry in public a Chamorro thing, it’s normally the human decent thing. And more so, it is the right thing to do in church matters where the faithful can be scandalized.

      Apuron repeatedly blasted Msgr. James in the media. Repeatedly threw his dirty laundry into the public square. Repeatedly violated every code of human decency, not just Chamorro. Repeatedly violated the sensibilities of not just the Catholic faithful, but all those on the outside looking on.

      Even if Apuron’s lies were not lies, dragging this ugliness into the public eye and purposefully berating and calumniating a priest-son, was disgusting and it pushed people over their tolerance limit. They are now fighting back in every way they know how.

      BTW, is Apuron a Chamorro name? LOL.

    4. Nice try 6:41. Your English barely gives you away as a seminarian. Lol

    5. anon at 3.24 am, sounds like a foreigner from afar.
      Keeps saying there instead of here. Probably a presbyter from the east coast.....maybe one of the new deacons of O'Malley

  11. Is someone calling the International Eucharistic Congress in Cebu a "swamp"? Hardly appropriate to describe a prestigious Catholic summit with an international attendance which centers on upholding the centrality of the Holy Eucharist in the life of Catholics. Even if Monsignor Apuron and posse are attending again "uninvited" as usual, although they do not conform to Catholic rubrics, I do not believe the event itself should be denigrated to a "swamp" nomenclature. They are nothing but bonafide and incorrigible trespassers to these events.

    1. sorry 21/1 0843... no I was not meaning Cebu. I was meaning Diana's swamp. I now see another JW commenter has suggested that someone else there seems to be making some posts which are distinctly different to the normal posts usually made.

  12. Count me in, I will be there in support of Laite Forward Movement, We want parishes with Neo presbyters to be replaced with Diocesan or Capuchins.

  13. I have edited the following comment as the last part was not needed. The main suggestion is good:

    Excellent work of the Laity Forward Movement.
    I also suggest another medium.
    During the homily of NCW Presbyters/ Archbishop
    silently stand up one by one remain standing throughout homily.
    This is a silent public protest which is now well called for.
    The Holy Father encourages Laity Forward to go out into your
    parishes and make a mess where it is needed. Guam is in a mess
    messed up by a cult of evil dangerous individuals. The army of the
    laity need to now go out create a mess in opposition to the already
    existing mess. " tickle ears of their bishop" I don't know about that.
    For sure for sure Apuron needs (edited) Bye.

    1. I've been a 'silent' observer of your blog for many months now. After learning about the many injustices that have befallen our local church, I'm more compelled to take part in the cause. While I may not be the first to stand during the homily, I would follow suit in support!

    2. On the subject of the "Jubilee Prayer", I along with others have made it a point to sit quietly as the lector and priest recite what I consider an illicit prayer. The prayer has no substance, especially when calling for mercy. If AAA is the so called leader, show by example. Thankfully my parish does not has a presbyter.

    3. You may sit 4:29pm, but at our Parish only the lector and the priest recite it.

  14. Apuron's days as Bishop is a time that will live in INFAMY. The same goes for Adrian's days as a priest.

  15. I look forward to the day those two idiots tony and Adrian become UNfamy


  16. The renegade Archbishop has turned his back on the truth of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. I have grouped him with the African Archbishop Mulinga who turned to the Rev. sun Moon for his Spiritual guidance. Guams Archbishop has renegades from Truth and Justice. For this reason Laity forward movement must be empowered to continue their work of informing the people of the renegade bishop leading the Archdiocese. At the same time I would refrain from receiving Sacramemts from him especially in danger of death. he is no longer acting with the intention of the church this raises questions of the validity of the sacraments he performs.