Saturday, January 9, 2016


I am happy to trot out the "priest with the ph.d" matter again...thanks to Diana.

In response to the Dungbats blog to titled 'A Priest Problem' the dingbat still remains clueless....

Father Neil has a Ph.D in Liturgy. In his letter, he stated that the Way is not violating the liturgy. (See Father Neil's Letter). Those who feel that Father Neil is incorrect are only questioning his credentials. If you think you know better than Father Neil, then FIRST show us your credentials.
Diana at 10:50 PM

Yes, when one lives falsely then numbers and credentials matter. Thus, Diana, and her sorry little tribe are forever touting numbers of this and numbers of that and letters before and after the names of their little trophy priests. (This may explain why they don't believe Jesus is God. He had no credentials.)

The priest in the above comment is Fr. Neil X. O'Donoghue. Amazingly he is still listed as one of the permanent professors at RMS even though he has not been on Guam in many years (save for short and secret visits perhaps) and is vice-rector at the Redemptoris Mater House of Formation in the Archdiocese of Armagh, Ireland. 

Obviously one cannot be a full-time vice rector of a seminary on one side of the planet and a full time professor on the other (unless you are Padre Pio), so guess who's lying? Yes, more evidence that our seminary is fake. No certificate of affiliation with the Lateran (as claimed) and a false list of permanent professors. 

But back to what Fr. Neil says: that the Way "is not violating the Liturgy." Of course he says that. He's a Kiko. But he's not a stupid Kiko like Diana. He's a smart Kiko. Fr. Neil knows on what side of the bread his slice is buttered. Position, prestige, material comforts, cushy trips, and probably a nice flow of cash from the sale of his books to little kiko's all over the neo-cult world. Why should he upset his nice little apple cart with the truth.

But while the likes of Diana are simply stupid followers, Fr. Neil, not being stupid, knows he's lying - as do most of the neo-cult hierarchy (including Apuron). They know they have no authority to alter the liturgy outside the norms permitted in the statute. But they do. And then they lie about it. Or more precisely, they go silent when asked - just as Fr. Neil did when I asked him personally last year after reading the same post to which Diana refers. 

You see, I know Fr. Neil personally. I explained how I know him personally (and many others in the neo-cult hierarchy) in my March 2014 post,  A PRIEST WITH A PH.D.

In the same month, I emailed Fr. Neil (I have his personal email) and asked this "priest with a ph.d" to help set us all right. Truly, if a specific indult from the Vatican (and it must come from the Vatican) exists permitting the NCW to celebrate an alternate communion rite, then let's end the argument over it. If nothing else, a priest of his caliber (a "ph.d") should understand the grave consequences of permitting the scandal of silence on the matter. 

Yet, Fr. Neil's response was the same as Apuron's and the rest of the neo-cult: SILENCE. Copied below is my email to him. There was NO reply.

March 9, 2014

Dear Father, Greetings from Guam, and thank you in advance for taking the time to consider my inquiry.

Since we know each other, I thought I could approach you with a simple question and get a simple answer. I recently read your response to Magister, and am left with the following questions:

In the neocatechumenal liturgies on Guam, the host is distributed in the following manner:
  1. The priest, before communicating himself, distributes the consecrated bread/host to the communicants who stand, remaining in their place.
  2. All communicants continue holding the host until all have received
  3. There is a period of reflection.
  4. The priest then consumes the host, then invites the other communicants to do likewise. 
Is this only happening on Guam or is this the way neocatechumenal communities receive the sacred species universally?

If this is a universal practice and not just a local practice, could you please advise on where this deviation from the GIRM is permitted? The GIRM requires:
  1. the priest to communicate himself before distributing the sacred species to the communicants
  2. the communicants to immediately consume upon reception.
I have studied the Statute thoroughly and not only do I see no allowance for this, I see the original instruction to conform the distribution of holy communion to the liturgical books (the Arinze letter) reinforced in footnote 49, with the only allowance being that the communicants do not process towards the minister but wait in their place. 

Sadly, this is a major point of contention in our local church because the Archbishop publicly ridiculed the "Arinze" letter upon its release and just as publicly, challenged Arinze's credentials, even though Arinze began his letter: "The Holy Father wishes you to know..." 

We are continually told that the issue was resolved with the approval of the Statute, but I see no evidence of it.  And the debate over the NCW has recently exploded here in Guam for a variety of reasons, but this is one of the big ones. Your explanation will help. 

Thank you. I await your reply and hope all is well.

Here is a link to other posts related to Fr. Neil on this blog.


Now as a small addendum to this post, let us investigate a bit into this so-called "house of formation" for which Fr. Neil is the supposed "vice-rector." 

It appears that this Irish presbyter factory has the same problem as ours, and I suspect all the RMS's are the same. For what should be vaunted institutions, and for an organization in love with credentials, one would think that such credentials would be publicly trumpeted. Instead, we get the same smoke and mirrors that we have come to expect from our own RMS. 

Look up any real seminary on the internet and there is a wealth of data about its mission, curriculum, professors, published works, libraries, etc. But the neo-cat places generally have nothing more than a facade for a web site. And if it has any information at all it is usually nothing more than general information about the Neocatechumenal Way and circular links. No real information about the institution itself. 

Fr. Neil's Redemptoris Mater House of Formation is just like ours, a pretty front page, and then nothing. Here is the home page: Now check out the other links. You will see that there is next to NOTHING there and what is there at all is vague. 

Especially funny (and telling) is the link to "Seminarians and Formators." One might think that you will learn a little there about the people who attend and run the seminary, or maybe even a little about the supposed vice-rector. Nothing but a few photos. Typical neo-cult mode: clandestine silence. 

Now here is another website which from what I can tell is not linked to the main website, but discoverable through a separate search: 

Here is where we are supposed to learn of the "academia." You will note that this Redemptoris Mater has only ONE department and only ONE professor (Fr. Neil) who has produced only ONE document, and LOL, it's about bigger "altars" (i.e. a justification of the neocat table.)

Fr. Neil's "RMS" is the same scam ours is. So much for a "ph.d." 


  1. Guam needs to wake up and support the CCOG and people like Tim Rohr in ridding these Neo-fools from this island. I myself have already financially donated to the CCOG even though it's not much but I have faith in God and no matter the financial struggles, I'd continue to give to the CCOG for the sake of the truth.

    1. Yes. Just so you know, at my advice the CCOG is keeping their work under wraps for now. I'm sure you know that when we get into legal issues it is best not to go public about them until ready. Meanwhile, be assured that there is some serious work going on, and yes it will cost money. Please support however you can.

  2. Thanks Tim, It Is the Church that is the authority on the Liturgy entrusted to her by Christ. Fr. Neil, Archbishop Apuron, Kiko, do not have the Authority to alter it. Even if they have the entire alphabet after their names.
    God Bless

  3. Of course we really have to laugh at Diana's criticism of anyone who questions Fr. Neil's credentials when Apuron publicly questioned the credentials of the Cardinal Prefect for the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments when he was speaking specifically in Pope Benedict's name. See and hear for your self here: (first two items).

  4. Dungbat, just show us the approval from the Vatican. We've been asking for years and are still waiting. 2016 is the year we get our church back and he NEOS out.

  5. The photo of this "priest with a PhD" surely looks like Ms Adrian's doppelganger. Aside from physical appearance, they both have dark hearts that seek out their own advantages rather than that of the people of God. How long they can keep up appearances and deceit, only time will tell. One thing for sure, these kikobots have engraved their dark chapter in the pages of history. The next generations will judge them according to how the kikos will close their chapter. If I happen to be ensnared in this cult, I will take up the courage to alter the ending by coming clean on how we have attempted to subvert the teachings and usurp the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church only to appease a deranged kiko arguello. The notorious monster called Adolf Hitler held out like a coward in the end, while his minions suffered the brunt of humiliation and contempt of humanity, after the demise of their organization and the destruction of millions of lives. Long live Christ the King!

  6. The NCW hate you, but they still follow your blog and want to read what you have to say! They are told not to question the Archbishop and just follow whatever he says. Cult? Or brainwashing?

    1. Don't you mean they are taught not to question Adrian?

  7. I just finished reading the letters from NEO Cult Presbyter Apuron to the Priests on loan from the Philipines. How sad it is for the island where men of the cloth are threatened to either drink the KAKA or to find a benovelant bishop that would sponsor them. I applaud them as they chose to follow their faith in Christ instead of falling ill to the same evil as AAA and his NEO cult accomplices at the Chancery Office. The real victims are the countless souls in Guam that will no longer experience the Sacraments because of the continued decline of real priests. Because of this infestation, the island will soon be swarmed with NEO Cult Presbyters spreading the Gospel according to KIKO. Time to take action... It is not too late. Stop the money and support CCOG in the battle to take back our churches. This KAKA Seminary should be closed and our sons sent to real institutions that form real priests,

  8. It really goes to show how shallow these NCW cult defenders are, So Fr. Neil has a Phd in Liturgy, Does that make him the authority of the Church? pope Benedict while in office told them they must conform to the approved liturgical books. What do they not understand. Peter has spoken, that is the position of the Church. All that is required for them is to obey.

    1. Hello Ram, you do have a valid point.
      Fortunately you have to put things back in the context of our struggle.
      While Tim or Chuck for that matter, do spend a lot of time, effort and research for their respective blogs, which have brought us a treasure trove of information,and led to a worldwide audience, which is no longer in need of advertising.

      The dingbat, poor thing, is just trying to keep the troops in line on island, with instructions from the Putrid Maltese and his Igor: Adrian the gender bender extraordinaire.
      Her main concern is to basically try to counter, as well as she can, and with the little knowledge she has, plus google, whatever Tim and/or Chuck bring forth.
      At the beginning she was just another weapon, to slender and destroy good priests like Fr Paul, and Msg James. Unfortunately for it/he/she, the continued exposure of its/his/hers lies through the Jungle Watch and the Thoughtful Catholic, have rendered her "blog" just a feeble punching bag, which only mission is to besmirch, to lie and to misinform, while trying to keep the morale of the local dwindling troops and their poorly educated presbyters, up.
      The situation is becoming rather embarrassing for the Genarinis, Kiko and Carmen; so I suspect we might soon see the likes of Genarini's son (who has an education in public communication)try to come to the rescue. (Their problem is timing, he is 14 hours behind us, and it is hard to keep up with the flow of info)
      Since they need to keep it all in the circle, and that it has led them to only trust people of mediocre caliber, in order not to feel threatened, their choices are few.
      So we keep posted and remain attentive.
      Have a great weekend, courage.

  9. No use trying to explain to neobots. They march to different drummers, a lunatic called kiko arguello and his commanders who are motivated by selfish financial reasons. It is so apt that "dingbat" has evolved into "dungbat." So funny, this diana and company are such comic relief!

  10. you know its a scam, especially when you have neo-nuts getting paid doing nothing

    Faculty Profesors

    Atienza de Frutos, David
    Philosophy and History
    Doctorate in Anthropology at the Complutense University of Madrid. Spain, 2006.

    Gennarini, Giuseppe
    History of the Church and Patrology
    Ph.D. Candidate in History of the Church at the Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome, Italy. Licentiate in Church History at the Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome, Italy, 1992.

    Sammut, Edwin Pius
    Pastoral Theology
    OCD, Ph.D. Candidate in Theology (Spirituality) at Teresianum, Rome, Italy. Diploma in Catechetics at Lumen Vitae, Bruxelles, Belgium, 1973. Licentiate in Theology with specialization in Spirituality at Teresianum, Rome, Italy, 1972.

    Secretary: Fr. Pius Sammut, O.C.D. |

    I guess 2 job titles = 2 checks
    thank you brother tony

  11. Most of those in the cult can be slightly excused because they do not have the training to understand the beauty and unity of the Catholic Church. They entered the new cult as innocent hungry lambs. Sadly they are being led straight to the gates of darkness...following a false light that shines a different course than what Christ commissioned to His Church.

    These lambs, while innocent at the beginning must now grow up and start to think for themselves about how they will be judged. Sure they were led astray, but they chose not to escape the clutches of the wolves who led them down to darkness.

    As for the wolves dressed as presbyters- for them there is no excuse. They are the ones who should know better. They cannot claim ignorance if they chose not to learn the teachings of the Church yet still went ahead with their ordination.

    Their only hope is to leave the clutches of their master Kiki and go to the Church on both knees begging for forgiveness for leading souls into darkness. This includes any of those in the Vatican that allow this to continue while souls are placed at risk.

    Presbyters and even bishops , Tony included, had a grave responsibility to bring people to Christ. Yet their focus is to bring them to Kiko.

    I take great solace in the gospel this week and pray more fervently than ever that the presbyters take the words of John the Baptist to heart-
    He must increase, I must decrease.

    As this is a proclaimed year of mercy, let the Church pray for the lambs led astray. And let us pray that those wolves who have led them to a dark road have a conversion. An epiphany that all may see that they are falling from the Church, and falling from the true path.

  12. Tim, PHD means "puru ha dinagi". Translated, "Full of Lies!".

  13. Yes, I do question his credentials, and so should everyone else. Since when does having letters behind your name make you an expert. I have a license in Sacred Theology and would never presume to pontificate; what is to be said must be said in light of the Tradition as a whole and with the humility to submit as appropriate. All the great heretics in history had credentials far better than the faithful who would otherwise follow them. Arius himself was an archbishop, and Karl Rahner the "father" of Vatican II.

    PS. There's no such thing as a PhD in liturgy. if it's liturgical, it's a Doctorate in Sacred Theology. Liturgy should be his specialty. Anything beyond that--like a doctorate in spirituality--is smoke and mirrors for comparative religion or some such drivel.

    You gotta love the Dianas: if you can't submit to the Tradition, assert the opposite and have a Sadducee back it up.

    1. Look at the Doctor of Divinity (DD) we have defending and protecting our souls. Instead of rewarding good priests for their Pasion and charisma; he removes them from their rightful office and replaces them with NEO Cult Presbyters who can't even preach. Because of this, more souls continue to be lost in darkness.