Saturday, February 6, 2016


Here is a copy of a letter from the Congregation for the Evangelization of People's to Pope John Paul II regarding Archbishop Apuron's request to proceed with the renovation of the Agana Cathedral. 

The letter is dated August 9, 1996. 

Why is Archbishop Apuron requesting permission (through the Congregation) from the Pope to proceed with the renovation of the cathedral?

Because Church law required him to do so. 

Canon 1295 requires observance of Canons 1291-1294 "not only in alienation but also in any transaction which can worsen the patrimonial condition of a juridic person."
Can. 1295 The requirements of ⇒ cann. 1291-1294, to which the statutes of juridic persons must also conform, must be observed not only in alienation but also in any transaction which can worsen the patrimonial condition of a juridic person.
The cost of renovating the Cathedral was estimated to be in excess of $6.8 Million. Because the money would have to be borrowed, the Archdiocese would be on the hook for $6.8 Million, which, until it was paid back, would "worsen the patrimonial condition" of the Archdiocese (a juridic person.)

This fact necessitated that Archbishop Apuron follow the canonical prescripts of cann. 1291-1294, and - as this letter to Pope John Paul II demonstrates - particularly can. 1292 which required the consent of both the finance council and the college of consultors and the "permission of the Holy See" (the pope.)

Because Archbishop Apuron was then still listening and taking counsel from good people who had the best interest of the Archdiocese of Agana at heart (the former finance council), he proceeded according to the prescripts of Church law.

However, a decade later, Apuron was listening to other voices, the voices of the Kiko-sewer rats, Gennarini and Pius. And not receiving the canonically required consent of the morally-conscious members of the finance council, Apuron simply got rid of them.

Upon his being terminated, former finance council president Richard Untalan, on behalf of the other terminated members of the same council, wrote to Apuron on 01/16/12:

There is ZERO doubt that Apuron acted exactly as Untalan suspected: they were fired for their decision to oppose an act which seriously "worsened the patrimonial condition" of the Archdiocese of Agana. 

Untalan and the others would not learn that Apuron had already "permanently restricted...the use of said property" two weeks before he fired them until the Declaration doing so was discovered at the Department of Land Management three years later.

Two years after receiving permission from the Holy See to proceed with the renovations, a project entirely overseen by then-Rector, and only recently ordained, Fr. James Benavente, Apuron would issue a decree heralding all the work Fr. James accomplished (though he doesn't mention Fr. James - now Msgr. James).

Sadly, 16 years later, Apuron would cast Msgr. James out of the Cathedral like a sack of trash and publicly condemn him for the $7 Million debt that Apuron himself had sought the Holy Father's permission to incur, even though Msgr. James had, by June 30, 2014, reduced that $7 Million debt to just $1.73 Million.

The numbers do not lie. Msgr. James worked miracles. And the more miracles he worked, the more Apuron and his evil stepchildren, Adrian and David, hated him. Sort of a church version of the Cinderella story.

Note to Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples: This is one for your files.

Thank you for your contributions to keep documentation and stories like this coming. 


  1. It is truly a sad history we will have to deal with in the future. How far our spiritual leader has slide to the path of hell. The decree is truly a work of art. Beautiful prose to a fitting grand moment. Where OUR beloved Cathedral was restored and enhanced. Giving praise to God for the graces he has shown on us.

    Sad how in just 14 years our spiritual leader has been so influenced by the false "joy" promised by the neo-cult. His short memory in July 2014 causes him to lambast Monsignor James with scores of unfounded accusations. One particular charge that the debt at the Cathedral was nearly one-fourth of the total Archdiocesan debt, and how that was such a terrible crime.

    Yet, we see quite clearly how eager our former leader tony was to accept that debt, pleading to the Holy Father to allow the loan for this worthy project of restoration.

    Such evil has penetrated the highest ranks of our beloved church. It is evil of biblical proportions.
    1. False accusations against good priests with the intention to ruin them and chase them out of Guam
    2. Discharging loyal servants who had the archdiocese best interest at heart
    3. Theft of property and extensive efforts to cover it all up.
    4. Document falsification
    5. Countless violations of canon law - some out of stupidity but most out of direct intention
    6. constant lies when asked direct questions, even in the presence of the Pope's envoy
    7. failure to act on sex abuse in several cases
    8. prolonged cover up of his own sexual deviancy, and allowing himself to be blackmailed and manipulated
    9. refusing to meet with groups to try and resolve the great differences which are destroying our local church

    I will stop there, but I am sure we all have other serious issues to add to this list. But the one shining ray of hope is the display of courage to speak out by those who still know right from wrong. The letter from Joe Rivera is a beautiful document which shows a sincere effort by a trusted finance profession to resolve a horrible miscarriage of justice. My guess is that tony never even responded. But even if he did respond to Mr Rivera, he never has made an effort publicly to restore the good name of Monsignor James. Tony has never made an effort to restore the good name of Fr Paul either. And, our former leader tony has never apologized to the Lastimosa family for the terrible lies he spoke, and the public agony he created for that family.

    Just like the Cathedral incident, where pre-kiko tony did the right thing for approval and praising God for his goodness, pre-kiko tony did the truly Christian thing to allow a released felon to volunteer at Santa Barbara Church.

    But we truly see the fruits of the kiko-cult displayed by brother tony. Fire Monsignor James because of the debt tony begged for, and fire Fr Paul for doing exactly what tony did 20 years earlier.

    Disgust is far to mild a word for the anger that wells up from my deepest being.

  2. If you have not yet read the letter by Joe Rivera to the Archbishop, you absolutely must take the time to read it. While long at 6 pages, it clearly gives a picture to the real issue of Msgr Benavente. Read it, and then read your blood pressure. It is sure to be elevated because of the outrageous behavior of our Archbishop and his band of bullies.

    Pleas click on "See full document here"

  3. Just wondering if Marian Kimchee forked out meelleeeeons and meelleeeons for this particular Cathedral Project!

  4. Based on what I have gathered along the stench filled halls of the Chancery, all the money from cashee cashee kimchee is for the sole benefit of one Archbishop Anthony. Guess its good to be a corporation get to keep it all!
    Cashee cashee believes it will get her to heaven faster so the Archie Archie gladly goes along.
    Cars, money, and even medical benefits have been given in exchange for "his influence" to a higher authority. Too bad she doesn't realize he has no more influence and that her buying of influence is just a waste.

    1. Fly on the Wall: Sounds like she is trying to buy the kind of "indulgences" that Martin Luther protested against.

    2. Guess she can donate ALL her moneey to the APPEAL! Oops, moneey comee from parents' pockee! If parents knowee where cashee is giving moneey, no moe moneee in cashee's pockee. Oh what will Archee doosee if no moe moneey from cashee, cashee? Sojo anyone?

    3. Kimchee doesn't care either. Let him ask somebody elseeee. Uh, oh, Archeeeee. No more sageeeee.

  5. Curious to know exactly what is the wealth of Kimchee?
    Are her family on the richest of Asia?
    She may be rich but I don't think the super rich of Asia.
    But then again Apuron went for people with money.
    No amount of money will save him now.
    Apuron so materialistic unbelievable.
    I mean who pushes his way to preside at a funeral Mass for $100..

    1. Truly despicable and desperate this tony.

    2. Anonymous Feb. 7, 8:23 a.m. I doubt the archbishop went to Saipan just to make $100. After all he had to pay for his round trip airfare. More likely, he wanted to look important.

    3. Pay for his round trip airfare? He charges his trips from Archdiocesan coffers. Official trip as usual, even for his usual posse of boys.