Wednesday, March 2, 2016


So far, we have only been discussing the bogus copy of the certificate of title as published by David the VG in the U Matuna. 

To review, it is bogus because it leaves out the memorial showing the Declaration of Deed Restriction recorded on 11/22/2011. And as demonstrated in the most recent posts on this issue, it appears that David the VG had the assistance of Bertha Evangelista of Title Guaranty and Jackie Terlaje in his procurement of the bogus certificate. 

And to also review, there is NO WAY that Ms. Evangelista, who manages a title company, and Jackie Terlaje who is an attorney, could not have known that the certificate was in error, even if it wasn't purposely tampered with.

And, to go further, even if the certificate somehow slipped past them and on to the front page of the U Matuna, no retraction or correction was every issued, and so we have to believe that both of these persons are complicit in the now three month old hoax that David the VG perpetrated on the people of Guam.

We know that Jackie Terlaje knew that the published copy of the certificate was bogus. And I will tell you how I know in a minute. But poor Jackie, she found herself in a Catch 22.

As you may recall, on November 17, 2015, Jackie Terlaje issued a fake press release with the title: ARCHDIOCESE OF AGANA IS THE OWNER OF THE SEMINARY PROPERTY DESPITE NAYSAYERS. 

Having gone public with this opinion, and having participated in the procuring of the bogus certificate, Ms. Terlaje had a vested interest in defending the hoax once it was perpetrated by David the VG on the front page of the U Matuna on November 29. 

But things got complicated for Ms. Terlaje after Teri Untalan called out the fraud in her December 6 letter to the editor in the Pacific Daily News here. Teri is a real estate professional and knows a thing or two about titles, and apparently Jackie knew trouble was coming because she called Andrew Santos, the Deputy Registrar of Titles and ordered a "corrected" version of the certificates. 

I know this because after I confronted Mr. Santos in his office on December 14, 2015 about the bogus certificate printed in the U Matuna, Mr. Santos advised me that he was already working on a correction. In fact, the four "corrected" certificates were laying on his desk and he showed them to me. 

I asked Mr. Santos who can order a copy of a certificate of title. He replied "anybody." I said, "Great, can I have a copy of those?" - pointing to the "corrected" version of the certificates he held in his hand. 

At that point, Mr. Santos got up and started to walk out of his office with the copies in hand and said "I'll have to ask the person who ordered them." I stopped him and said "You just told me that anybody can order a copy and now you are telling me you have to get permission from the person who ordered them?" 

Mr. Santos stopped and returned to his desk. He then advised I could pick up the copies "tomorrow." 

As already detailed in a previous post, the mysterious "person who ordered them," according to Mr. Santos, was only "law offices." He couldn't remember the name of the law offices or the person who ordered the certificates even though I suggested that it might be Jackie Terlaje. 

And, as also confirmed in a previous post, the person who ordered the "corrected" certificates was in fact, Jackie Terlaje. 

Now, this is where it gets good, so hang on to your pants. (Sorry, just a fleeting thought about what happened on April 15, Agat. But never mind that for now. Courage.)

I already showed you a copy of the email that was sent to Jackie Terlaje from Mr. Santos' secretary the day after my visit to Mr. Santos. Here it is again:

What I did not show you - because I was waiting for the appropriate time - was what was attached.

I have been using the word "corrected" in quotes for a reason because the "corrected" copies - as ordered by Jackie Terlaje, were not corrected, instead - they were "a source of great mischief." And that is in quotes as well because of who said it. So let me get to that.

David the VG was not content to just perpetrate his hoax in the U Matuna, he sent his hoax to the Pacific Daily News which printed a follow up supporting story. It's a good thing they did this because this prompted a key person to become an ally: Former Senator Robert Klitzkie

"Bob" was traveling in the states at the time and found the story on the online version of the PDN. Being a lawyer himself and knowing a thing or two about certificates of title and Guam law, Bob decided to do his own investigation when he returned to Guam about the same time I did. 

With me that day in Andrew Santos' office was Former Senator Robert Klitzkie. Bob let me do most of the talking with Mr. Santos and can vouch for my recollection of that meeting as posted on this blog. 

But the real involvement of Mr. Klitzkie began the next day when he picked up the copies of the "corrected" certificates from Mr. Santos and noticed that the "corrected" certificates - which were the attachments sent to Jackie Terlaje - were not only INCORRECT, but "potentially a source of great mischief" as Mr. Klitzkie's lays out at the beginning of his first letter to the Director of Land Management in an effort to address what is either a SECOND BIG MISTAKE or blatant fraud:

To be continued. Find all previous post on this issue here


  1. The lies from these kikos grow faster than Pinocchio's nose. No wonder, with David the VG, Jackie the trained lawyer, and Tony the fool; we have come to expect lie after lie.

    I am only surprised that after all these lies they haven't learned to make their lies less obvious. I guess it's true what they say: you can't teach old dogs new tricks.

  2. Tim, ur pokin' ur stick at the ugly underbelly of the System, and the System, like the big fat snake that it is, will try to strike back.

    1. Yep. Pray for my family.

    2. your family will be CURSED Yep.

    3. Hello Rude-ee. Thanks. Right on time, by the way. LOL.

  3. Legerdemain is the word used by Robert Klitzkie Esq. when, as a senator, described some of the political maneuvering at the time. The same word can be applied to the shenanigans of Tony and his Neo cult. Great job Bob and Tim!

  4. leg·er·de·main
    skillful use of one's hands when performing conjuring tricks.
    synonyms: sleight of hand, conjuring, magic, wizardry; More
    deception; trickery.

    1. in Chamorro we say "babarias", "Kuchinadas", either way it is very descriptive of the religious leaders of our catholic church in Guam. This scandal is causing some of the faithful to leave the true church, and they will eventually have to give an account for their actions.

  5. I will pray the safety of the families that have been uncovering the lies that are coming out from our church leaders involved with the NEO Cult. The uncovered information gets bigger and bigger. Those involved first hand continue to remain silent while the little people that follows them fight their fight. Only those who pick on Tim do so because if things go down they have no other money to support them. (that's you Rudy). I wish this to end where the people's law get these crooks behind bars. They are only human that hide behind their uniform thinking they are untouchable.

    We need to rebuild, re-group and re-educate our Catholics the right way, The True Catholic Church Way.

    Flo B.

  6. Kudos to former senator Klitzkie for "calling out" DLM's Mr. Borja to correct the title for the yona RMS property. Thank you also to Mr. Tim Rohr & the CCOG for their hard work in uncovering all the bogus lies the NEOCULTs have displayed publicly. Thank you also to the laity movement for their continued protests in getting the facts out despite brother tony claiming why his flock is protesting. A true leader always knows what happens under his watch but apparently brother tony continues to play the clueless card. Maybe we can get someone to "sing" it to him since he enjoys listening to songs.