Monday, March 14, 2016


Update, 3/16/16

I agree with most of the comments below that Bertha Evangelista’s involvement in obtaining the false certificate of title was a bit more than just providing a courier service, as I doubt that any of us could ask her to pay for anything ordered through her company with her own personal check. 

However, that said, I have no doubt that she was simply the latest victim to be trampled on by Pius the Putrid, who, no doubt, is behind all the evil in this fiasco just as he has been behind all the evil from the beginning. Seriously, this guy makes the evil monk in The Davinci Code look like a saint. 

But also with this letter from Ms. Evangelista, we obviously have a new villain, and one who we have suspected all along: Jackie Taitano Terlaje, who seems to be just as willing to trample on people to serve her ends as does Pius the Putrid, since she obviously intended to use Bertha as a foil and someone to throw under the bus. 

I’ll have more later.

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