Monday, March 14, 2016


DIANA: "The certificate of titles have already been corrected. According to the jungle, Mr. santos was instructed to make the correction possibly by Jackie Terlaje. So, the error was already caught in time and was already in the process of correction before Bob Klitzke asked for the documents. He was given the corrected documents, but the jungle was not surprise there."

ME: Let's say that this is true, that "the certificates of title have already been corrected." Where then is the correction? Where is the edition of the Umatuna with the corrected certificate and an apology from Msgr. David Quitugua for publishing the wrong certificate?

I can tell you where they are. They are with Jackie Terlaje. She was emailed them on December 15. And here it is three months later and there is no publication of the corrected certificate. Now why would that be? And why were they emailed to Jackie Terlaje? I thought she said she was not representing the archdiocese?

DIANA: "I am glad that you do not read the jungle. So far, the media has presented only one side mainly because Bob Klitzke was the only one who was interviewed. The media has not yet heard the side of the Archbishop, Monsignor David Quitugua, Jackie Terlaje, Mike Borja (the Director of Land Management), and Mr. Andrew Santos. It is always best to hear both sides of the story rather than one side before making a judgment."

ME: If you look at the end of each news story, they all end with the Archdiocese (or the Director of Land Management) was "not available for comment." Now why would that be? 


  1. Diana is a moron. Simple as that. She assumes that only one side is heard when the faithful HAS been trying every means possible to hear the other side but the people on the hill continue to avoid or say they have no clue why the faithful are protesting.

    Com'on Diana, are you really THAT STUPID? Apparently Google doesn't teach common sense but the facts are all documented. If the corrections have been made then why not be an adult and admit the mistake. Instead since the article in the umatuna, there's been nothing. Why doesnt brother tony or quitugua just come out and admit they were wrong? The actions they are doing are evidence they are a cult set in only bashing the faithful and allowing what they want the faithful to believe is true. They are never wrong. Bunch of numbnuts that hide behind the cloth and rely on the obedience priests vow if you ask me. But what about the vows they've made to Jesus and God Himself? Anyways, it's their soul and who am I to judge what they do. Everyone isn't perfect and neither am I, but Owell.

  2. I can't help but recall after the accusations against Msgr James were made. And then the former finance council members proved them all wrong. You'd think they will respond to that. Here we go again.

  3. When writing, doesn't it require writing a rough draft before any final product gets turned in for publication. What a shame that these highly qualified people that we're suppose to trust can't be trusted.

  4. The real issue here is that the Archbishop still thinks that when he speaks the Laity will accept it without question. Their foolish attempt to dupe the Laity by publishing a "bogus" CT on the Umatuna was a deliberate attempt to deceived the Laity. Shame.

  5. Who in the f*** is ME:

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  6. Anonymous March 14, 2016 at 1:22 PM: Are you that dumb?? Who in the **** are YOU? And where in the h*** are you writing this question? LOL!!!

  7. Diana in a few words. Ask her: is it black or white, her answer will be yes..... what else can you say about her/him/it?