Thursday, March 3, 2016


Klitzkie Says Yona Seminary Property 

Title is a "Hoax"

The certificate of title that was issued by the Department of Land Management was missing key details, Klitzkie points out.
Guam - Former Senator Bob Klitzkie is taking aim at the Department of Land Management over a certificate of title they issued to the Archdiocese of Agana that supposedly proves once and for all that they own the controversial Redemptoris Mater Seminary.


"The Archdiocese of Agana declined to comment."


Klitzkie calls-out "bogus" certificate of title for seminary

Posted: Mar 02, 2016 4:12 PMUpdated: Mar 02, 2016 4:55 PM
Former senator Robert Klitzkie is calling on the director of the Department of Land Management to correct what he calls a "bogus" certificate of title for the mega-million former Accion Hotel property in Yona. The area, now known as the Redemptoris Mater Seminary, has been clouded in controversy over the last year between concerned Catholics and Archbishop Anthony Apuron.
Kltzkie in a letter from late last year is asking Borja, who he lists as the ex-officio registrar of titles to address the certificate of title. "If you look at the declaration of deed restriction, the first thing you see is it dedicates the property, the Yona property, to a corporation the Redemptoris Mater Corporation in perpetuity for uses of seminary.  But if you read a little farther and if you read something we refer to as the Bronze Opinion, it's more of a deed restriction, it is actually a conveyance in fee simple where the archbishop, a corporation sole, has deeded that property to a corporation of which he has no control. It's a really serious matter," he said.
Borja could not be reached for comment, whereas Father Adrien Cristobal from the Archdiocese of Agana had no comment on the letter.


  1. Heads should roll! Mike Borja, of Dept of Land Management, has to comment. And the guilty party(ies) involved in this hoax should be identified publicly and dealt with appropriately and publicly. This incident creates a cloud of doubt regarding all certificates of title issued by Dept of Land Management.
    The same goes for Title Guaranty of Guam. Who's going to trust their research from now on? Better to ask another company to do your title searches from now on, unless this company can publicly prove their innocence (or at least, non-involvement) in this hoax.
    As for the Chancery, would you believe anything that comes out from the mouths of those liars? A "No Comment" from Adrian speaks volumes about their involvement and guilt in this matter.

  2. As each day passes, these neocults continue to dig themselves into a deeper hole of lies. Bunch of FAKES....

  3. anyone can see that the neo cult resort to fraud in their attempts to fool the Laity of Guam. Time to put an end to this criminal empire. Attorney Klitzkie you are in the perfect position to do whatever needs to be done to bring this crime to the attention of the AG, but also make sure that it is not filed in trash bin 13. What a sad example these people are setting for Guam. To them the end justifies the means. And you Neocats are trying to attract new followers? The only means opened for you now is the jailhouse. Shameful, indeed shameful. Steal and Deny is your sick mantra.

  4. If you are not getting good customer service from any government agency let the Governor know. That is their policy. So Adelup get on the case of your Dept. of Land Management Director or is he just a puppet. He should know about customer service he use to run a gas station.

  5. While customer service is important, it is more than a welcome smile, a neat office, or a timely case management. This incident casts a pall over the very integrity of this government agency. As 6:42 spelled out, DLM has to publicly explain the procedure or lack thereof that allowed this travesty to happen. No one is above the law in their discharge of public service; and if somehow truth was compromised and certain people given wide berth in the interpretation of the law, it is a grave dereliction of duty. All along, this JW blog advocated for reliable evidence, for which reason JW is credible and enjoys the verification of truth. All the hard work that goes into investigative research can be time-consuming and extremely tricky to ferret out, so kudos to Mr. Rohr and all who seek to preserve the integrity of word and action. Continue the relentless crusade until justice and truth surface triumphant!

    1. Words like integrity, honesty and truth hold little or no meaning within the Neo cult's nest of vipers. We can expect more buffoonery from them.

  6. Words cannot express my gratitude for someone as astute as Bob Klitzkie to join our cause. I've read comments he's made in recent news reports and I listened to his interview on K-57 (including some heart-felt call-ins from fellow Catholics). I believe he's God-sent. Ti Ma Maigo Si Yu'os!