Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I certainly hope Mike Borja, Director of Land Management, was misquoted in tonight's KUAM story, otherwise we will have to assume that he is joining Bertha Evangelista as one of the latest casualties in this war with the Kikos. 

Tonight's news story quotes Mr. Borja as saying: " no time was the certificate of tile improper or incorrect..."

However, on January 20, 2016, the same Mr. Borja wrote Bob Klitzkie noting that the certificate of title contained "a memorial which had been entered in error," (i.e. improper AND incorrect)!

See the full letter here:

The KUAM story also says that the reason Mr. Borja, after the January 20 letter, did not return any of Mr. Klitzkie's calls or emails was because Mr. Klitzkie was not one of the "parties of interest." However, Mr. Borja never advised Mr. Klitzkie of this fact. One would think that it would have been the decent thing to do, but he did not. Now, why would that be?

There is much more to come on this. MUCH MORE!


  1. I smell a huge neo coverup. 😇

  2. Mike Borja is just another accomplice to this cover up scam. He refuses to answer Mr. Klitzkie's calls not because Bob was not one of the parties, but because his authority is being questioned. Perhaps he should get off his high horse and understand that he is a public servant, and when Johnny public is questioning improperties under his leadership, he has an obligation to provide answers to those who pay his salary. Will Mike get my title prepared and ready for my pickup, if I call it in? I seriously doubt it, why then is this practice being allowed for others? Is this preferential treatment being given to others due to familial ties? or perhaps because they walk in the same community? Do I need to be the party involved to get answers of our public servants, when they practice improper actions? Mike Borja's statements are convincing evidence that corruption is present in DLM, and he should be held accountable for all that goes on in that Agency.

  3. this is the little crack in the dam that will cause a massive flood over NCW

  4. Well, it is getting more and more interesting.
    The legislature and/or the Governor need to act fast, if they do not wish this to spin totally our of control.
    Now we have a department head, of a government administration that is at the core of the validity of all properties on the island, who is either so confused, or totally lying about the actions his department has been taking.
    We either have a case of total ineptitude, or a case of corruption at a high level.

    Either way, it is a huge affair, that will need to be clarified.
    The longer it takes, for the legal authorities to do so, the bigger the scandal shall be.

    This is not going away, by sweeping it under the proverbial rug.
    Some people will get hurt in the process, and as of now it looks like it might not be the guilty parties. Or at least not yet.

    As I said last week, this is a lot bigger that just the corruption and co-opting of a few officials in our Church, it has become a case of corruption of officials......
    The cat is out of the bag.

  5. I hope and pray it is ...

  6. Not sure if it's power, money or both that's quelled Michael Borja. That said, my observation was that he was a breath of fresh air in this administration. I hope and pray that he didn't sell his soul ... just sayin.

    1. Well, Michael should man up and do what is right. It's not looking good for him by his delayed response, and when he did he publicly stated there was no error on the title, contradicting what he had transmitted on paper earlier.

  7. What's ironic here is if mr. Kilitzkie isn't "one of the parties of interest", and Jackie and Bertha don't represent the archdiocese or was a messenger for Jackie (but PAID for a document they have no interest in), then why are there negotiations being made between DLM and Jackie? Hmmm.....? 😎

    Me smell KAKA......

  8. Borja's sister in law is Ric Eusebio's daughter.

    1. Not quite sure if Borja's parents still walk the way or are "lukewarm" neos.

    2. Let's not add family members that have nothing to do with what Mr. Borja is involved with. I too smell sometime funny with the Archdiocese of Agana, Department of Land Management, Attorney General Office, and Title Guaranty.

    3. I agree with Anon 9:10. Let's not pull family members into this fiasco. It is the individual, in this case, Mike who took the action or inaction regarding the inquiry. I also agree that the integrity of the government will forever be tarnished. I wonder if MY property is now a questionable issue.

    4. I think that it is important to determine motives for Mikey to do what he is doing, having ties to the NCW, particularily close family members can be motivation for one to forgo established guidelines, and boundaries with intent to give assistance, favors, or preferential attention, to family or someone of high stature in the community.

      We've all seen and know what this cult's MO is.

      I say we leave no stones unturned, take no prisoners, show no mercy. These people have no regard for the faithful not walking in the way.

    5. I believe the reason for the comments about Mike Borja's family were made in search of a reason for why he went from very willing to help to being essentially an obstacle...and now permitting a behind the scenes "fix."

      We all know the power of "keeping peace in the family." What may also figure into this is the tremendous power of the church hierarchy to make it difficult for you and your family.

      Let's be honest. Life on Guam, especially political life, is largely a network of IOU's...which is probably why you are not identifying yourself on this blog.

  9. One must wonder if the properties surrendered during the second scrutiny are fixed via this high level connection at DLM.

  10. Janet B - MangilaoMarch 18, 2016 at 8:10 PM

    Is this a first peek at what many have said, that the ncw is a money laundering scheme of "biblical" proportions?
    Is Guam being used as a hub for RICO activity?


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