Thursday, March 17, 2016


Let's take a closer look at Michael Borja's January 20, 2016 letter to Bob Klitzkie.

In the previous post we addressed Mr. Borja's acknowledgement of erroneous certificates of title versus his statement reportedly made to KUAM yesterday that " no time was the certificate of tile improper or incorrect..." Let's now look at the next sentence.

Mr. Borja says that based on the advice of his legal counsel, Assistant Attorney General, Kristan Finney, and the Attorney General of Guam, Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson, and in accordance with Guam law, a person of interest or the registrar is REQUIRED to petition the court to correct a certificate of title.

A person of interest would be either Archbishop Apuron or a member of the RMS board. The "registrar" is Michael Borja, himself, and as he says, HE is required to petition the court. But did he do what was required by law? According to the following paragraph, he did. So far so good:

However, now we have to question the Office of the Attorney General, or more precisely, Assistant Attorney General, Kristan Finney, who is Mr. Borja's legal counsel. Because if Mr. Borja in fact prepared and forwarded the required petition, why was the petition NOT filed in the Superior Court of Guam?

We find the answer in what was previously noted in a letter from Klitzkie to Borja memorializing a meeting between Borja, Klitzkie, and Finney, in which Finney advised Klitzkie that she "needed to sit down and work something out with Jackie Terlaje." 

HUH? The law requires a petition to be filed in the Superior Court, but Finney works something out behind the scenes with a person who says she does not represent the Archdiocese!

And then there's this:

As we know, the Bronze Legal Opinion found that the Declaration of Deed Restriction acted as "an absolute conveyance (of title to the property) in fee simple," meaning RMS is the new title holder to the property. However, though Mr. Borja acknowledges receipt of the Opinion, apparently it is ignored. We will discuss this more later. 

Now look at the last sentence. Mr. Borja promises to "inform" Mr. Klitzkie as "additional information is available." Yet, after this letter, Mr. Borja goes silent, and yesterday, explains to KUAM that his reason for NOT informing Mr. Klitzkie is that he is not one of the "parties of interest." 

So he commits to do something and then does not, and does not even advise Klitzkie the reason for not doing what he committed himself to do. 

As you can see from the general tone of the whole January 20, 2016 letter, Mr. Borja seems eager and willing to resolve the issue immediately. And then TWO MONTHS pass without any acknowledgement of Mr. Klitzkie's many calls and emails. And then PRESTO, the problem is resolved? (Are you beginning to smell the neo-stench?)

Wow! Just Wow!


  1. Seems like having documented proof doesn't matter these days on Guam. Being honest doesn't matter in today's world and everything can be negotiated behind closed doors. All the documented proof and still, government officials can easily cover things up and deny the facts. They don't respond in a timely manner to any inquiries, yet they accept these positions not to protect the interest of the public but to protect their own salaries and give themselves a hefty pay raise. Wake up Guam!!!! Stop funding the diocese.

  2. It sound conspiratorial and even crazy to consider when looked at from afar, but upon closer scrutiny (no pun intended) they placed themselves in many influential positions on Guam beginning back upon their arrival to our island (the ncw missionary work involves infiltrating the locality, not just for evangelization purposes, but to integrate themselves into positions of favor - clergy being the most obvious) . . From UOG professors to key governmental positions, the reach of the NCW is growing more and more apparent.

    And why not especially in the Department of Land Management? With all the land grabbing they do during the 2nd scrutiny, they need facilitators in transfers and in the liquidating of these properties. It's not even coincidence; it's been deliberate.

  3. Jose, I concur. So if I had this influence would it be possible for me to "phone" in a request for a new title to a piece of property that was "given" to me after the 2nd scrutiny and bypass the need to be present and "sign" the request and pay the non-refundable fee? Apparently so. In fact I might even get a "reputable" title company to act as a "runner". Seems really convenient!
    On another note, how come the news media isn't pursuing this with investigative reporting? Isn't this a news worthy item? All they are doing is rehashing what Mr. Klitzkie is giving them. Real reporters would do some digging, then we might be able to get some real answers! Does the NCW have their tongues as well? Just asking.

  4. Excerpts from Mike Borja's confirmation for Director of Land Management:
    "He reminds us that as public servants we must work together cohesively for the public good and has continually impressed upon us the importance of providing excellent customer service to the public that we serve."
    "Mr. Borja always shows the willingness to contribute his time, expertise and energy towards helping the people of Guam."
    "Mr. Borja's ability and capability to serve and prove instrumental to and in any endeavor he attempts to take upon himself to continue with the department's goals and objectives and providing the best public service to the people of Guam.
    "Upon being willing to even take on the role of the Director DLM it is also apparent Mr. Borja would never shy away from seemingly daunting tasks. He has consistently shown a willingness to take personal charge of finding solutions and developing processes all aimed at overall improvement, higher efficiency, all for the people of Guam.,%20Michael%20J.B.pdf

    He should step down or the Governor should remove him if he or the employees can't provide good customer service which Mr. Klitzkie didn't receive.

  5. GovGuam agency directors are suppose to lead by example and maintain the highest ethical standards in carrying out the functions of their agency. Their positions are by definition "public trust" positions as they really work for the people who elected their boss i.e the Govenor. When they lose that trust, it may be time for them to step aside.

    1. Please - GovGuam hierarchy! Regarding the on-going dilemma at DLM, please, don't even hint that our very own government (of any level of responsibility - from the very bottom to the very top) is complicit in this coverup! There is no other word for it - the facts all speak for themselves!
      We have been very careful not to involve our government officials (Catholics though they may) in this "holy war" we are having between us faithful Catholics against the Archbishop and his Neo cohorts - out of respect for your positions and civic duties, and out of respect for the so-called "separation between state and religion". We'll continue to fight our own battle without your involvement. But when it comes to a matter such as these - forging an official document, apparent complicity with the Chancery ("we'll have to check with Jackie first"), failing to investigate an apparent crime, failing/delaying to follow through with legal solutions, jeopardising the integrity of our government officials, covering up for an alleged official misdoing for fear of being on the wrong side of church officials -- then we have to call "FOUL".
      We, too, are your constituents, and we have every right to expect that you defend the "laws of Guam and the laws of the United States applicable to Guam". Wasn't that what every elected or appointed GovGuam official promised under oath upon assuming their responsibilities?
      Forget about the fact that we are your Catholic constituents. Just treat us far as civic constituents. Be fair! And do not be a part of the lies and deception that we have been given all along.
      Allow former Judge and former Senator Bob Klitzkie to pursue his exposé to its ultimate conclusion. - Anonymous for now as I don't want to impinge on some officials who are my close friends, but will be happy to shed my anonymity if pressed to do so.

  6. Michael Borja: Search your conciousness.

  7. like Chris Barnett would say "Malafunkshun"..

  8. I wonder if Mike Borja takes pride in the fact that he is now in the same group as Jackie Terlaje. You know, LIARS all!

    1. for: Anonymous March 18, 2016 at 7:01 AM

      relax... cut mike some slack, he's new to lying as a "way" of life...

      yes sure, count jackie in that group... remember she'd been trained...

  9. Janet B - MangilaoMarch 18, 2016 at 9:25 AM

    Sad to see so many victims to KAKA. They drink the kool-aid of Jim Jones or Kiko Arguello and they think they are invincible and above the natural law. Then they find out in very harsh reality that they followed an idiot with a good story.
    But these people are adults and deserve whatever they got themselves into. But I see the bright side in all things. When these people go to jail, that will bring the numbers even lower in the Way. But they see the bright side as well. With david the vg and tony not caught in this mess of lies and crimes, when they go to jail there will be these 2 priests who can start a neo community behind bars.
    Hope you like stripes david!

  10. Guam will really shine as FestPac approaches with 27 island nations discovering Governor giving illegal raises/bonuses, Legislature giving raises to themselves, mayors, and directors while ignoring the pleas of the people to reverse those raises, a hospital that is broke while the leaders/directors enjoying their raises, tax refunds not being released, certain corrupt government agency and an Archbishop who is a disgrace. FestPac a blessing in disguise to to let others know how embarrassing and disgusting the leaders are on Guam and injustices happening in the Archdiocese. Won't be surprise if peaceful demonstrations happen to let the world know about these issues. Good job leaders in moving Guam to the "Wrong Direction"

  11. Janet B - MangilaoMarch 18, 2016 at 8:20 PM

    Anon @ 9:31 brings up a good point. According to the paper Festpac is just 65 days away. This means a ton of media will be here to cover the event. And since Guam is hosting for the first time many guest media will be coming in advance to give their audience back home a view to life on Guam. It seems like CCOG and lfm have an excellent opportunity to show the media a world they never anticipated. Maybe the catholic nations who come can get the Vatican to act so they are not the next target of this infestation. Tree snakes are bad. Rhino beetles are bad. Kiko-roach worst nightmare of all.
    Sounds like a huge story to many nations. And all the while Guam media has slept at the wheel because they didn't want to step on an idiot's toes. (That's you tony)
    Time to prepare press packets for the soon to arrive media flood!